Review – Reliable Shop Moved to a New Domain Main Page has gone out of business after serving its consumers for years delivering low-cost yet high-quality medicines from India. Trusted Tablets is gone now, but the store just moved its service to another web address so buyers can benefit from its service more.

Trusted Tablets Online started early and was one of the first online pharmacies that catered to international consumers. All one could know was that Trusted Tablets Online was selling generics that were of Indian origin and came with tits FDA’s guarantee of safety and quality.

One could see a large section of medicines at Trusted Tablets Online. It had medicines to treat serious health issues like Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Neurological Disorders, and moderately serious ones like Cholesterol, Asthma, Erectile Dysfunction, etc. There were also analgesics, Antibiotics, Anti-Inflammatories, etc, were for sale here:

The section of Erectile Dysfunction contained popular generic medicines like Viagra and Cialis. 10 tablets of Viagra equal (100 mg) were available for $29.95 (or $3 per tablet). 10 tablets of Cialis equal (20 mg) were for sale for $34.95 (or $3.50 per tablet). These medicines were available in varied strengths as well as buying options.

Customers who wanted to place an order at Trusted Tablets Online only had one way to pay for their orders i.e., through their credit cards. Trusted Tablets Online e-store had two shipment ways to send customers’ medicines. The Airmail shipment fee happened to be $10 with longer delivery time i.e., between 10 to 21 days. Express shipment method was quicker and delivery was promised in 5 to 9 days, with tracking.

In the case of queries, customers were given the contact numbers. The second method was to send an email to site admin through the contact us section on the site.

Trusted Tablets Online was most possibly issuing refunds in the case of a customer’s lack of satisfaction. Reviews

Trusted Tablets was able to gather buyer reviews for its service and surprisingly, the store’s comments were positive and all praised the store’s overall performance. Testimonials

David who bought his ED medicine from Trusted Tablets e-store considers it as a “superb” and “true to your [its] word” source. He pledged to give “reference” to others for this source in future.

Another customer, Carlos, narrated that he was able to order his ED treatment medicine from here smoothly and found it to be “excellent” he too had “recommended” this site to his friends and coworkers. Mike was also a customer who affirmed that the order came “quick” enough.

Besides these reviews, there were more buyer comments available for the store Trusted Tablets, from buyers who were pleased with the shop’s shipping and products. Reviews 2016

Apart from the reviews from the previous years, Trusted Tablets also had buyer testimonials from the present year. One of the reviews which struck me well was the one from a buyer named “James”. Here is James’ review: Testimonials 2016 Testimonials 2016

A customer who identified himself as James was applauding Trusted Tablets e-store for the “great” job of delivering his needed medicine to him. He found the “quality” of medicine to equal to the medicine he was buying from his pharmacy but he had found Trusted Tablets e-store to be helpful in making “better afford” his medicine. Coupon Codes

Trusted Tablets e-store had lots of discount offers and a bonus for those who were to buy from it. The bonus was in shape of free Viagra equivalent with every order. Then all orders that amount to $150 were qualified for no-charge shipping. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer Free Shipping Free Shipping

Trusted Tablets e-store was also promising its loyal customers 5% to 7% discounts on their future purchases. A more handsome discount of $10 used to be reserved for customers who were to give away the names and email addresses of their friends to Discounts Discounts

Conclusion has gone out of the scene but merely moved to another domain. Whilst this store is currently closed, the shop still has a pool of excellent buyer reviews directed at its good service, efficient deliveries, and most of all, cost-effective products. Since complaints about this store are non-existent, we can say that Trusted Tablets was able to serve its customers excellently through the years and hence merits a score of 5 out of 5. Albeit non-operational, you can visit Trusted Tablet’s new domain and enjoy the same old good service from this web pharmacy.