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Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra products are the ones visibly available on this shop, If you’d ask me, I think the prices on this store are great as you can avail of Viagra (this is generic, I presume) for less than $0.50 and Cialis (generic as well) for lower than a dollar. The prices for the brand products from Pfizer and Eli Lilly are sky high, which are a pain to afford. However, online stores such as make it easier for the buyers to afford medication not only for their embarrassing impotence problem but also for their other existing conditions.

According to, it offers drug prices which are 70% less than the market price, so if this shop is really trustworthy, we’re in for great savings should we buy from this store. It is noticeable that apart from the low prices of products in the areas of erectile dysfunction, general health, allergy meds, diabetes meds, and what not, is also giving away free pills on every buyer order on the shop. This may be a way of thanking the buyers for visiting or may also be a marketing strategy for buyers to be encouraged to purchase from the shop.

There was no location information anywhere on, but its certifications from CIPA and other Canadian Associations are an indication that is operating from Canada. However, the shop sources its products from international locations other than Canada (from India mostly), as there are other locations where generic products are less costly. All the drugs sold by are Indian FDA approved according to its information, which means that these products are generally safe to consume and are also effective. Another feature of the store is its capacity to offer all of its medications, over-the-counter or prescriptions, even without the buyers producing the written scripts for all the medicines.

In case you’re interested, the payments accepted by are only those done via credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa payments. If you’re looking for other avenues of payment, you can simply contact using its numbers or its ticket system.

Concerns for damaged and lost parcels are handled gracefully by by offering free reshipments for the items. However, if you want to return the medicines, you won’t be allowed to return what you’ve bought from since the shop abides by the international law which disallows the return of medicines to the original dispensary. Reviews

Luckily for me, had its own testimonial page I can refer to and most of the user comments regarding their experience with were surprisingly nice. Consumer Reports

For instance, the buyer “John” was happy about his no-Rx purchase from the store. He even mentioned how relieved he was when his order indeed arrived. He initially thought he was going to be ripped off by, but he was glad that the shop was definitely legit. Reviews

A Spain-based client (Eric) mentioned that he ordered some pills from while on vacation and he was surprised that his orders arrived safely even on his absence. He liked how gave him freebies and thanked the online shop for its “generosity and professionalism”.

Albeit these reviews were sure fun and encouraging to read, I am still in the middle concerning the integrity of because the reviews on the store were unverifiable. These comments may be true, but they may also be altered at some point by the shop. Nevertheless, we cannot know for sure. 2017 Reviews

Scam Adviser is one of my favorites when it comes to verifying any store’s status. Although I can’t say that Scam Adviser is a hundred percent reliable, we can still use the data found on Scam Adviser for evaluating stores without existing web buyer reviews such as Trust Rating Trust Rating

Given the low price offers on, I was hoping to see a good rating coming from Scam Adviser for But, I was sorely disappointed due to the high-risk rank and the zero score which obtained from Scam Adviser. It is also notable that instead of locating in Canada, the shop’s location was traced to either Lithuania or China, which means that was not entirely truthful on its claims on being a member of Canada pharmacy associations. Coupon Codes

About the coupon codes (I’m sure you love coupons too), did not have buyer coupon codes for discounts on the shop. But, there were nice offers which all the buyers are entitled to such as the free pills offer. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

Whether you purchase a huge amount of pills or you just want a-test-buy from, you can qualify for its free Viagra pills offer (check my checkout photo below). Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

If you try and purchase items more than $200, not only are you going to be given free shipping, but you’re also qualified for a 10% discount on your items. This offer is great when you have a friend of family member with drug orders too, as you can do a combined order and avail of this 10% discount from


Who doesn’t love good deals? I myself love great deals regardless of product. offers ultra-low prices for its medical products, and the store is basically a gold mine for buyers looking for cheap deals for erectile dysfunction products. However, I cannot totally recommend the use of for your orders despite its tempting prices because the store did not have recent buyer reviews from actual buyers outside the store. For now, we can rate 2 out of 5 and wait for user comments which may be helpful in uplifting this store’s online reputation. For now, my advice is to take precaution in dealing with this store and make sure you are prepared for the consequences should you decide to order your meds from