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Trust Pharmacy Home Page

Trust Pharmacy is a reliable source of effective medicines online. It has already been operating for almost two decades with origins that date back to 2001. From then until now, Trust Pharmacy has already served more than a million customers not only from Canada and USA but also to customers from the other parts of the world. It is able to do so since it partners with trustworthy courier services that are able to reach remote places just to deliver the medicines that the customers have ordered.

What makes it stand out from other pharmacies is the fact that the prices that it has are very affordable. Many people struggle not only with the health conditions that they have but also from the costly prices of medicines both in the local markets and also at other online pharmacies. For all of its pharmaceutical products, Trust Pharmacy makes it an aim to sell them at prices that the customers can afford. This makes them a wiser option for customers to choose since they are after giving more value to their customer’s money and not so much after profit.

The affordable prices for its products do not mean that what they sell are below the quality requirements. They have the manufacturers of the medicines as their direct suppliers, enabling them to get the medicines at factory prices rather than the marked up prices that the distributors have.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

In order for customers to know what kind of products they will be purchasing or what quality of service will they be receiving, the quickest way to know is to go over the customer reviews and see what the other customers have to say. For Trust Pharmacy, here are some reviews from the customers who have been satisfied with entire experience:

“The order came sooner than expected and was as advertised or better. I am 100% satisfied.” – Barbara from Sweden

Barbara was surprised that the meds that she has ordered from Trust Pharmacy came sooner than she has expected. Maybe Barbara thinks that her purchases will arrive in a much later time like other online deliveries but she was wrong. The drugs that she has purchased arrived quicker than what was advertised on its website. Because of this pleasant experience that she had, Barbara ends her review by saying that she was 100% satisfied.

Fast service…… I phoned and got great help and speedy delivery….” – Jacob from France

A customer from France who was named Jacob was delighted by the swift and very helpful service that he has received from the customer service people of Trust Pharmacy. He needed assistance with the processing of his orders because for some reasons, he was unable to get it done. He called the customer service department using the numbers that are provided on its website and his problems were sorted out by the support team. And like Barbara, he also received his orders in a quick manner because of the reliable delivery service provided by Trust Pharmacy.

“I like this company, they keep you updated, send things fast and have a great selection.” – Alex from France

Alex is confident with the entire ordering process that Trust Pharmacy has because he has received a constant update from the website concerning the status of the medicines that he ordered. Fast deliveries are also one of the reasons for the review that he has given and the other one is its great selection of pharmaceutical products available.

Trust Pharmacy Online

Customers may become bewildered on the fact that Trust Pharmacy has various domains available such as the images above. The first domain is different from the second one but it has the same Trust Pharmacy page. Buyers need not worry since it belongs to the same pharmacy.

Trust Pharmacy Domain -
Trust Pharmacy Domain –

There may be some variations in the domains but as long as it’s Trust Pharmacy, it is centralized. It has the same customer service, email team, exact same prices and products and the discounts and the freebies also similar.

Trust Pharmacy Domain -
Trust Pharmacy Domain –

These domains have the exact same web content and customers will not be lost even if they will be using a different domain name registered to Trust Pharmacy.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are one way to get great discounts in purchasing meds at Trust Pharmacy and these discount codes can be found on its affiliate websites. In using them, buyers simply need to put the codes in the box supplied on its checkout page and the discount on the code will be applied on the total amount of the items that they have purchased.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes
Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Another way of getting great discounts at Trust Pharmacy is through bulk purchases where customers can get appealing discounts that can reach up to hundreds of dollars in total. Purchasing in great quantities will reduce the price of the drug per pill, making them cheaper as the number of purchase increases.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

The phone numbers on all the domains of Trust Pharmacy are all the same: in the US dial (+1-718-487-9792) and in the UK dial +4-420-3239-7092.

The domain names may be different but they use the same web content since all of Trust Pharmacy’s domains are centralized. When they contact these numbers, they reach the same customer service department.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Trust Pharmacy values the privacy of its customers that’s why it won’t send spam email letters or bother their clients with repeated phone calls. All the information provided by the clients stay confidential and these will be kept safe by Trust Pharmacy. The customers will only be receiving emails from Trust Pharmacy as confirmations of the transactions or as a response to the queries that they have sent.


All in all, Trust Pharmacy is an excellent website to shop meds from. Great deals and discounts are waiting for their customers on top of the cheap prices that they already have. Customers are also guaranteed to receive the best service from its customer service personnel and their orders will be processed and shipped swiftly. Trust Pharmacy has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.