Trust Pharmacy Review – A Pharmacy Network to Shop for Your Meds with Confidence

Trust Pharmacy is a drugstore network that started its service as early as 2001. The network is made up of different sites which have the very same look. These sites have different domain names. There are two benefits of using different domains to access a core pharmacy site. These include getting more customers and ensuring that the main server does not get overloaded and hence becoming slow which can lead to a bad user experience. The fact that there are numerous sites on the web with the look indicated below does not affect the reliability of the Trust Pharmacy drugstore network.

Trust Pharmacy Home Page
Trust Pharmacy Home Page

The benefits that we have noted when shopping for meds using the Trust Pharmacy network is the fact that you can rely on the network to deliver your drugs on time, charge you the lowest prices for quality medications, and keep you updated during the delivery process. There are scam sites which have been developed using the design that Trust Pharmacy sites utilize. Therefore, judging sites based on the looks that they have is something you should avoid. Instead, focus on landing on any of the Trust Pharmacy websites using proven web addresses.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

The best way through which you can know whether you are dealing with a genuine pharmacy network or a scam site is through looking at what people who have dealt with the pharmacy network before have to say about the experience they had. We found a large number of consumer testimonials on the web. 100% of the reviewers had positive comments to give. Here are some of the consumer comments:

Trust Pharmacy Feedback
Trust Pharmacy Feedback

People don’t want to order from complicated sites. They pose the threat of wasting their time. Trust Pharmacy sites are created in such a way that it is straightforward to figure out what you should do to place your order successfully. Kaiman confirms that he had the ability to place his order with ease. This order was not delayed. It was processed immediately.

The second reviewer has enjoyed doing business with the Trust Pharmacy drugstores. Dorothy is happy because her order was dealt with in an efficient manner. The service she received was excellent. The prices did not drain her pocket. The medications she received from the network had the value she had been looking for. She states that she enjoyed her money’s value.

Trust Pharmacy Online

There is no difference in all the pharmacies which form the Trust Pharmacy network. Therefore, taking a deeper look at one of these stores will give you the perfect idea of what all the other stores in the pharmacy network entail. We have already indicated the look to expect on any one of the Trust Pharmacy network sites. As this look depicts, they don’t have flashy animations and numerous graphics as present-day websites. This may because these pharmacies were established early. For some consumers who are more visual, Trust Pharmacy websites may look disappointing to check out. However, these pharmacies usually make up for that by providing a large assortment of meds which are all high-quality.

To ensure quality in their products, the Trust Pharmacy network focuses on sourcing all their meds from the manufacturer directly. They don’t involve a middleman since they are aware that this may lead to low-quality products which wouldn’t do them any good in retaining their hard-earned customers. The pharmacies have managed to maintain a clean record even after being in business for so long and serving a lot of customers. The Prices are really enticing at Trust Pharmacy stores.

The generic Viagra pill is worth as little as 0.27 dollars. Amoxil is as cheap as $0.39 a pill while generic Cialis costs only $0.68 per pill. Your privacy and money security are guaranteed given that your meds will be delivered in a non-disclosing package and your payments are handled using a 256-bit encrypted server. You will pay using credit cards which makes it easier for you to dispute your charges if the need ever arises. However, since the Trust Pharmacy network offers both free re-shipping and refunds for non-delivered products, you will never have any need to dispute these charges.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

The coupon codes for this network are usually seasonal. When we checked there were no codes available. During the special occasions when these codes are available, buyers usually enjoy 5 to 10% discounts using these codes. Other offers include the following:

Trust Pharmacy Free Pills
Trust Pharmacy Free Pills

The above pills are added to every order you make and you won’t have to pay for them. Also, the sites grant discounts to people as they increase the number of pills they purchase. This gives the largest discount to the person who places the biggest bulk order.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

It is on very rare occasions that online pharmacies get to advertise their phone numbers on top of their website page. Trust Pharmacy network drug stores have nothing to hide. This is why they have placed their numbers at the top of their page. The numbers to use are +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092. The network allows their buyers to send them an email by making use of the contact form they have on their contact page.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

We could not locate any buyer complaints online which could indicate that the pharmacy network was spamming their customers. The pharmacy network does not offer faulty services. The store network makes sure that their customers are satisfied.


Although pharmacy networks such as the Trust Pharmacy network may be confusing given that you will find numerous sites having the same look, products, and prices although they are being accessed via different domain address. The Trust Pharmacy network should not be alarming to anyone. The network has already rendered its services to more than a million customers. People have not complained about the drugs or the services. This shows that the pharmacy deserves a 5-star rating.