Review – You Can’t Buy Products from the Seized Store! Main Page is a former online store which operated in 2003 and went on to serve its clients for a few years. Tristate Meds was a mail-order e-pharmacy which claimed to be the “leading” virtual pharmacy for various medical needs. Tristate Meds provided its clients with various drug options and also gave points for its service. According to former Tristate Meds e-shop’s information, it was a shop capable of “exceptional” client service, with “highest quality” medications, a store with “reliable” delivery, and an “expedited” or swift conflict resolution process.

Tristate Meds also stated that buyers were given an opportunity to save as much as 80% in cost when they choose the store in lieu of their brick and mortar pharmacy choices. However, the store made clear that it is merely a third-party service provider, which handled logistics and order processing for certain ground pharmacies. This meant that Tristate Meds was not the primary source of the products advertised on the shop, but rather a “service provider” for clients who wished to order from some offshore “pharmacy” with good prices. TristateMeds did not indicate where exactly its meds came from, but the e-store was clear on the fact that it marketed mostly generic medications which had utterly low prices for its clients.

I can shop by category on Tristate Meds as the store grouped its products by their medical significance. This arrangement made it easy for buyers to locate their meds, as they just had to browse a specific category for their medical condition. Drug groups for gout, convulsions, diabetes, birth control, allergies, erectile dysfunction, asthma, cancer, and others may be found on the store. Common products buyers bought from Tristate Meds were generic Lipitor ($129.99 for 90 tablets), generic Zithromax ($6.99 for 6 tablets), and generic Viagra ($2.66 per pill). Tristate Meds required prescriptions for all of these, so buyers had to provide valid Rx for all of their Rx drug orders.

Buyers had to pay Tristate Meds via Western Union remittance, E-cheques, and VISA cards. The store shipped its products to various places in the world, with the exception of Sweden, Africa, and Noway.

Tristate Meds today is closed. It operated from 2006 to 2013, which gave the store 7 years in the online drug service business. It is not clear why the website shut down but visiting its domain, you can see that the domain for this shop already expired. Reviews

I was wondering what happened to the reviews for Tristate Meds because only one buyer existed on the web for the store despite its 7-year service. The review was also not good, as the buyer did not commend the service of Tristate Meds but rather aired his complaint about the online store. Review had one comment from a furious client who stated that he ordered three products from Tristatemeds but only received one kind. He paid in full for all his orders but he was sent an incomplete order. There was no update from the buyer, but it seems that he did not get his refund, nor did he receive any reshipment from Tristate Meds e-shop. Reviews 2016

Was legit? That’s one of the questions I had in mind when browsing the remnants of the store. I mean, it’s good that the store ran for almost a decade, but the shop did not have reviews to “represent” its legitimacy online. 2016 was an empty year for Tristate Meds, probably because the store shut down in 2013.

Is a Fake Site?
Is a Fake Site?

Scam Adviser, though, had a score for Tristate Meds. When I searched Tristate Meds on its database, I found out that the shop only had a 32% safety score and was threat listed according to the standards of Scam Adviser. Coupon Codes

Tristate Meds had a coupon code offer 4584X for its buyers with over $150 worth of purchases. This coupon code enabled the buyers to take 10% of their purchase during the time the shop was still online. Free Samples Offer Free Samples Offer

Tristate Meds also offered free pill samples for its buyers, although there was no ample information regarding this promotional offer from the store.


The store had a long duration of service but there weren’t enough buyer comments to attest to its good service quality. There was one review, but the buyer comment was actually a complaint about its service. it is a very disturbing trend that so many online pharmacies are being removed from the business for not complying with the industry’s regulations. It feels that someone is hunting them down one by one and even e-shops with a very solid reputation are eventually are forced out. Someone truly does want you to buy cheap medications online. I’m giving this store 1 out of 5 because I can’t shop from this store anymore, so I think it is better to consider other internet drug shopping options available on the web.