Texaschemist Review – A Network of Pharmacies to Shop from Confidently

After being in business for a decade and 2 extra years and offering services and meds to people from all parts of the world, Texaschemist med store network has managed to maintain a clean record. While writing this review, we searched online to find out whether this pharmacy network has been involved in any malicious business dealings. We could not find anyone complaining.

When we say that Texaschemist is an online pharmacy network, what we mean by this is that the company that runs Texaschemist has a large number of domain addresses which load the same website. This is usually done in order to try and gain as many customers as possible. What the websites in the pharmacy network do is that they will collect orders and relay them to a central processing point which is being run by a team of qualified pharmacists.

If you are new to shopping on a pharmacy network, it is advisable that you avoid using random web addresses because they lead to a pharmacy website that resembles one that you know. We have noticed that scammers have started replicating network websites design and look and placing them on their own domain addresses. When you use these pharmacies, you will get conned.

Texaschemist Reviews

One thing that will never mislead you when you are trying to figure out whether a pharmacy is real or it is a fake is the reviews. People express their feelings about a business in their reviews. They let other people know what they went through when dealing with the pharmacy. The following are the testimonials for the pharmacies in the Texaschemist network:

Texaschemist User Feedback
Texaschemist User Feedback

Jan indicates that he had already received his order by the time he was writing the review. The only problem he had was that the courier wanted to deliver the package to his home while people are not there in Jan’s home always. The parcel had to be delivered to Jan’s office instead. Jan indicates that it would be a good idea if the packages could be delivered to the postbox.

Ken had ordered Cialis. He received the 10 pills and tried them. He says that the pills worked well. Ken confirms that the Texaschemist customer support team is top-notch. Mark confirms that Texaschemist is an impressive company. They are good with follow-ups. They followed-up and ensured that his missing package reached him. The customer support team helped him.

Texaschemist Online

This pharmacy network is one of the few networks which provide customer support to their clients around the clock. You will have the ability to reach the customer support team regardless of the time zone you are in. This is because they always have someone in the office to answer your questions. The pharmacy network has kept their websites very simple. This ensures that anyone regardless of their age or internet savviness can place their order without wasting too much of their time trying to figure out what to do.

Texaschemist Main Page
Texaschemist Main Page

Although the pharmacy does not require a prescription from you so that they can dispense your medication, they advise you only order medications that you know how to use. They indicate if you are not really sure whether the medication will be good for you, you will need to contact a physician and have a consultation session with him or her. The pharmacy has really cheap medications. Some of the medication prices are as follows:

  • A tablet of Levitra will require you to pay $2.08.
  • If you need generic Priligy, you will need to pay $2.33 for each pill.
  • Generic Propecia will require you to pay $2.00 for each pill.
  • Kamagra oral jelly will require you to pay $5.43 for each sachet.

If you look at the Texaschemist network pharmacy catalog, you will notice that the largest percentage of medication that they carry is made up of impotence medications. The medications are over 90% cheaper than the brand name medications. The pharmacy claims that they have a secure method of billing and hence their customers should not be worried when dealing with them.

Texaschemist Coupon Codes

Texaschemist offers their customers a lot of chances to save on their meds. The first type of discount you will notice is the bulk buying discount. As the number of pills you purchase increases, the price for each pill will decrease.

Texaschemist Discounts
Texaschemist Discounts

The other discount that you get is for when you shop more than once. For a customer who is buying for the second time, you will need to pay only 95% for your drugs. if you buy for three times, you become eligible to receive a 7% discount.

Texaschemist Phone Numbers

If an online pharmacy is good enough, it should give you the ability to talk to someone when you are buying your meds or even after you have paid for your meds. This is exactly what Texaschemist pharmacies allow their customers to do. They have +1-702-965-3395 as the phone number you can use. You can start an online chat on their website as while you are shopping. You can decide to send them an email through the contact form they have placed on their contact page.

Texaschemist Spam and Phone Calls

After dedicating a large portion of our time to try and find out whether there was anyone who had received either unsolicited emails or phone calls from Texaschemist pharmacies either marketing their products and services or asking for anything else, we came up empty-handed. This led us to believe that Texaschemist is not associated with any spamming.


From the evidence contained in the consumer comments, it is very clear that the pharmacies in the Texaschemist pharmacy network are respectable. They do not spam their customers. The products they ship are all 100% genuine. They have a great customer support department. In short, the Texaschemist network pharmacies can be trusted by anyone. Due to managing to retain a great reputation even after being in business for years, we rate the pharmacies 5 stars.