Texaschemist.com Review – Good Store Now Closed

The shop Texaschemist.com is currently closed, so I had to search the web for archived data for this online store. Unlike the other websites, Texaschemist.com was not shut down by the government; the shop merely changed its web address and moved to another domain to serve its buyers better. As you can see in the banner inscription, Texaschemist.com was a US-based online pharmacy that catered only to buyers in the US.

Texaschemist.com shipped its products from the USA but sourced its products directly from India drug manufacturers. It had 9 years of online selling experience (based on its 2016 archive data), which was longer than the average online pharmacy lifetime. The store sold only generics and marketed the erectile dysfunction meds the most. Products on Texaschemist.com encompassed meds largely for the impotence condition—there were other products in the shop, but they only included generic Xenical, generic Proscar, and generic Lasix. Some products on the store require Rx, according to Texaschemist.com.

Texaschemist.com had generic Viagra, generic Cialis, generic Levitra, plus their Indian analogs. Besides the no-brand generics, Texaschemist.com had products such as Kamagra, Apcalis, Eriacta, and others. As for the prices, the lowest Texaschemist.com sold generic Viagra for was $2.08 per pill, while it sold generic Cialis for as low as $2.08 as well. These prices were lower than the usual local pharmacy prices for the brand analogs of these medicines and helped the buyers maximize their savings on the store.

Texaschemist.com catered only to buyers located in the United States. The orders were accomplished using USPS courier and the buyers were charged $35 per delivery. Texaschemist.com took payments via credit cards and accepted the typically used cards like VISA and MasterCard. Refunds and product replacements were credited by the shop, so buyers had no worries about their products arriving damaged or not arriving at all.

Texaschemist.com Reviews

Texaschemist.com had on-site comments but I was more interested in external reviews for its service. I was able to find several 2015-dated reviews on the web, which I thought were helpful in forming an impression for Texaschemist.com:

Texaschemist.com Customers Experience
Texaschemist.com Customers Experience

Several users from an online forum gave good ratings for Texaschemist.com. Heisenberg gave the store 4/5 stars due to its good product quality. This user even compared the meds he received from Texaschemist.com to other online stores he was able to order from in the past.

Newman mentioned that he ordered generic Propecia from Texaschemist.com and he was “very happy”. Based on this user’s comment, the meds were in good condition with clearly printed expiry dates. Among all the good things he mentioned, the user was clearly glad that he got the orders in just 3 days.

Texaschemist.com Reviews 2017

The store Texaschemist.com also had other comments from the same external platform and they were still great.

Texaschemist.com Customers Satisfaction
Texaschemist.com Customers Satisfaction

A user named Batman conferred Texaschemist.com a score of 5/5 and related how the meds were effective.

Bob, also a user from the same forum related how he trusted Texaschemist.com for his orders. However, unlike the other buyers, he complained about being unable to receive his items within a 3-day time frame. This delay, though, was not entirely the store’s fault since the shipping and delivery are out of any web drugstore’s hand. Overall, Texas Chemist reviews prove its credibility as an online pharmacy.

Texaschemist.com Coupon Codes

Coupon offers were not popular on Texaschemist.com, but the shop did have free shipping offers for clients able to purchase meds totaling $200+.

Texaschemist.com Discounts
Texaschemist.com Discounts

Freebies were unavailable, but returning clients were rewarded with discount offers on their 2nd and succeeding purchases. An offer of 5% discount will be awarded for 2nd timers while an offer of 7% discount will be given to buyers on their 3rd and further purchases on Texaschemist.com.


Texaschemist.com may have been a good store to shop from even if it did not have the lowest prices on the web. Since Texaschemist.com did have excellent client comments for its previous service, I gather that the shop still merits a 4 out of 5 score for its service. The shop’s now non-functioning, so I am endorsing the use of its new website for generic medicine purchases.