Tadalafil 20mg Buying Guide: Skip the Nameless Generics and Experience the Quality of Tadapox!

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis and all of its generic forms and is what drives the male response to these medications. It is one of the best treatments known for men with Erectile Dysfunction, or ED and is very popular. In fact, it’s so popular that there are a lot of sketchy companies and online pharmacies that sell generic Cialis that is of unknown origin and of questionable quality to make a dirty dollar. These nameless drugs can be useless or even harmful to your health and should be totally avoided. A better option is to use a quality generic Tadalafil medicine like Tadapox, made by RSM Enterprises, a well-known pharmaceutical company in India. It is safer, stronger, and less expensive than those generic unknowns could ever hope to be.

Tadalafil 20mg Blister
Tadalafil 20mg Blister

These drugs only exist because the worldwide demand for ED meds is so strong. It motivates those with criminal tendencies to take advantage of men with ED who might not know how to buy safe generic drugs online. There is an astounding amount of counterfeit Cialis out there and you don’t want to use any of it. Quite often, the fake meds do not meet WHO and FDA standards of safety and are made in unsafe facilities without any active ingredients. A totally phony e-pharmacy may take your money and simply send nothing. Hopefully, you now understand why finding a good online store is such an important thing.

PharmacyMall Main Page
PharmacyMall Main Page

PharmacyMall is the kind of store you want to find. It has been online since 1997 and has served over a million happy customers. You will see the many 5-star reviews customers have left when you visit the site.

Tadalafil 20mg: The Good and the Bad

There are both good and bad parts of buying Cialis, Tadapox, or any generic ED drug via the Internet. You need to know about them to make an informed decision. First, let’s talk about the good parts.

  • The same active ingredient is inside!

As stated earlier, all Cialis-type meds contain the compound Tadalafil. This means that, in a perfect world, all the generics should work equally well but that is not the case at all. Cheap, nameless generics from unknown companies may contain no Tadalafil at all. Tadapox, on the other hand, not only contains the same 20mg of Tadalafil but also has 60mg of Dapoxetine to protect against premature ejaculation. Plus, Tadalafil drugs are stronger, safer, and less costly that Sildenafil Citrate drugs such as Viagra.

Tadapox 10 Tablets Blister
Tadapox 10 Tablets Blister
  • Low generic pricing!

Men are tempted by these too-cheap generics because real Cialis is very expensive, often selling for $40.00 per pill and up. There is no reason to buy unknown Cialis meds because Tadapox sells for a small percentage of Cialis and is potent and safe. PharmacyMall always sells Tadapox at low prices, as you can see below!

Brand Cialis 20mg Average Market Price VS Tadapox 80mg Price from PharmacyMall

Pills per Package Brand Cialis 20 mg Average Market Price

(3 Stars)

Tadapox 80mg Price from PharmacyMall
(5 Stars)
Amazing Savings!
30 $198.52 $58.91 $139.61 Do it Today! Try!
60 $296.52 $87.99 $208.53 Do it Today!
90 $394.52 $117.07 $277.45 Do it Today! Big Favorite!
120 $492.55 $146.16 $346.39 Do it Today!
180 $688.59 $204.33 $484.26 Do it Today!
270 $982.62 $291.58 $691.04 Do it Today! Bulk is Boss!
  • Made by a good company!

Tadapox is made by RSM Enterprises in India, not some unknown firm hiding in the shadows. RSM is known to produce quality medications that meet all global standards for safety. Don’t take a chance on meds with who-knows-what inside of them!

At this juncture, we must now discuss the bad parts of buying generic ED meds online. Here we go!

  • Not for sale!

Generic types of Cialis are not sold in local stores and must be bought over the Web. This means men wanting these drugs must plan well in advance and locate a trustable online drugstore, which is not always easy.

  • Delivery time!

Most generic Cialis comes from India, so international shipping time is part of the process. You can wait anywhere from a week to over a month, depending on the store, to receive your medication. A good store will always deliver as quickly as possible.

  • Getting scammed!

Online scammers have wormed their way into all parts of Internet life and prescription drugs are no exception. A poor merchant may sell you meds that are ineffective on your condition or that may even cause you harm. Super cheap generic medications have the potential to be toxic and shouldn’t be used. Be careful if the seller has lots of bad reviews from past customers or has only been open a short time. Both are red flags that something is amiss. PharmacyMall has twenty years of experience to back up every prescription it fills, which should give you peace of mind. Look it over today at !

How to Buy Tadalafil 20mg Online from a Seller You Can Trust and Rely On

The market for phony Cialis is gigantic and global. However, a little research will usually show you who the good and bad sellers are. Look for lots of 5-star reviews, first of all, and a well-established business. Too many bad reviews are a sure sign that something is wrong and the store is not to be used. PharmacyMall has been getting great marks for both price and service since 1997, so you know it’s a store you can depend upon.

PharmacyMall always sells Tadapox for the right price, even compared to other online stores. This is because it buys in bulk quantities and ships to anywhere in the world. Take a look!

Average Market Price Tadapox 80mg VS Tadapox 80mg Price from PharmacyMall

Pills per Package Average Market Price Tadapox 80mg (3 Stars) Tadapox 80mg Price from PharmacyMall (5 Stars) Amazing Savings!
30 $77.17 $58.91 $18.26 Do It Today! Try!
60 $115.26 $87.99 $27.27 Do It Today!
90 $153.36 $117.07 $36.29 Do It Today! Big Favorite!
120 $191.46 $146.16 $45.30 Do It Today!
180 $267.67 $204.33 $63.34 Do It Today!
270 $381.96 $291.58 $90.38 Do It Today! Bulk is Boss!

PharmacyMall is among the best drugstores on the Internet and has been since 1997, delivering price and value every day!

PharmacyMall Pricing For Tadapox 80mg
PharmacyMall Pricing For Tadapox 80mg

Tadalafil 20mg Alternatives

Tadalafil was invented by Lilly ICOS and has always been marketed as Cialis at high prices. At $40.00 a pill, it’s cheaper than Viagra (safer and stronger, too) but is still too expensive for many guys, especially long-term patients. Those high prices make the too-cheap generics quite enticing, but Tadapox still beats them on price without giving up strength and safety. The Dapoxetine part of it is like an added bonus! Look and see below!

Pills per Package Average Market Price Generic No-Name Cialis 20 mg (1 Star) Tadapox 80mg from PharmacyMall (5 Stars) Amazing Savings!
30 $70.10 $58.91 $11.19 Do It Today! Try!
60 $104.70 $87.99 $16.71 Do It Today!
90 $139.31 $117.07 $22.24 Do It Today! Big Favorite!
120 $173.93 $146.16 $27.77 Do It Today!
180 $243.15 $204.33 $38.82 Do It Today!
270 $346.98 $291.58 $55.40 Do It Today! Bulk is Boss!

Ultra-cheap generic meds are too big a risk to take with your health. We advise you have nothing to do with them at all. RSM Enterprises is a strong company, so you know Tadapox will work well and be safe.


Unknown Tadalafil generic meds should not be part of any treatment program. They can be toxic, useless, and sold by online criminals. Tadapox is a much more sensible option for ED symptoms and it includes Dapoxetine to ward off premature ejaculation. All this happens for a low price that will make you smile!

Despite the risks that are part of buying meds online, PharmacyMall will make the entire process easy, safe, and trouble-free for you. It’s a store with a long and wonderful reputation for price, care, and service and can always be trusted. Tadapox prices are always very low on the site and there are sometimes limited-duration sales to save you even more! Get over there now!