Review – Possible Shut Down Due to its Countrified Medicines and Spamming Main Page is yet another online pharmacy that is no longer operational and has been shut down. When it was online, it had a specialty that is, dealing with insomnia and depression treatment pills.

There wasn’t much information about it online and all I could learn was that was an online offshore pharmacy claiming to supply “high-quality products” from suppliers from UK, Europe, and other parts of the world. Nothing was mentioned on the site of Sleeping Tablets-Online store about the FDA status of these medicines. It wasn’t also specified whether these medicines were brands or generics but the assumption is that these were brand medications. When I looked at the list of medicines available here, I could see separate areas dedicated to Sleep Medications, Anti-Depressants, and Anti-Sickness medications. The names of specific medicines related to each condition were mentioned under each area. I couldn’t find any medicines for the treatment of impotence here.

As far as payment methods were concerned, was accepting credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and JCB as well as debit cards and pre-paid credit cards from its customers. The only exception for the US customers was that they couldn’t pay through VISA/MasterCard used the following delivery route: firstly, it would send medications via Airmail and then the country’s destination postal service would handle the order and deliver it to the customer. For the USA-based customers, it was supposed to be USPS and for UK-based customers, it would be U.K Royal Mail. Sleepingtablets-Online shop also defined that this service was nontrackable. It would take nearly 4-7 days for an order to reach to the UK and Europe, whereas it would take 7 to 28 days for a delivery to reach the USA and the rest of the world. The shipping prices hadn’t been specified on the site of Sleepingtablets-Online shop.

Curiously enough, Sleepingtablets-Onlineshop was found to have very limited means of communication that is, prospective or returning customers could send an email to the site admin through the site or on the given email address. There were no phone numbers listed on the site or live support option given.

As a rule, was not accepting refund requests. It, however, told customers to let it know about the problem so each case would be reviewed in its own background and the validity of request could be judged. Reviews

Customer reviews related to an online medicine store posted on independent review sites are helpful in determining its genuineness and popularity level. If the store has closed down, one is still able to determine the worthiness of its products and services and some idea into the possible reasons behind its demise. In the case of, I was able to find only two reviews on Pharmacies Review: Testimonials

One reviewer by the name Rachel wrote on 13 January 2013 that her order reached her in 3 days and the packaging was sophisticated enough and didn’t seem to from an “overseas’ company but a “genuine product” from a manufacturer based in the UK. But what an earlier reviewer wrote on 23 October 2012 appeared to be in contradiction to the earlier quoted review. According to this unnamed reviewer, the Zopiclone pills that he ordered from here were fake and ineffective, so must be a “scam website”.

These reviews paint a mixed picture of Maybe the negativities associated with it lend towards it eventual shutdown. Reviews 2016

Another way I could check the legitimacy of to check its reputation on Scamner: Safety Rating Safety Rating

Scamner helped me establish a few facts related to For instance, it stayed in business for three years before going down. Although Google hadn’t marked an unsafe site, still it was not considered “trustworthy”. Some of the reasons could be that the site wasn’t generated much traffic and the site owner was involved in sending spamming emails. It had also hidden the details which could have identified its whereabouts through a software. Due to all the afore-mentioned reasons, Scamner didn’t recommend users to buy from here.

Is a Fake Site?
Is a Fake Site?

Scam Advisor’s statistics were more or less the same. It confirmed that the site owner had hidden the real location of its site. It was rarely visited as well. Thus, Scam Advisor didn’t consider it a trustable and genuine site, safe for users to browse. That’s no longer a worry because is no longer in business. Coupon Codes Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

People wanting to save some bucks during their online shopping can benefits from features like free samples, saving through coupon codes, and slashing of shipment charges, etc. also had a few schemes of this kind: For instance, it was offering users to buy 4 packs of Zopiclone and get a 5th pack free of charge, giving them a chance to save $62. The 2nd offer was buying three packs of any product and getting one’s shipping fee ($10) waived. The 3rd offer was a 10% discount on the purchase of Zopiclone for customers who had placed their orders at the site at least 6 times in the past 1 year. These customers were supposed to email to the site admin in order to receive a discount code.

Conclusion was an offshore online medicine shop specializing in provision and sale of sleep management and depression treatment medications. But it was doing so without taking prescriptions from the patients. The abuse of anti-depressants and sleep medications can lead to suicidal tendencies, so its practice had serious implications for vulnerable patients. Luckily, is no longer operational. The reviews related to it were scanty. One review was positive but the other was negative and branded as a “scam” site selling counterfeited sleep medication instead of genuine one. Its real location was well concealed by its owners. They were also involved in spamming the inboxes of users. All these offenses were serious enough to give it a rating of 1 (poor). That’s why didn’t enjoy a trustworthy position and eventually got shut down. The world is a safer place without online entities like