Review: Are You Worried Where to Buy Your Medicines Now? used to be a vendor of generic medicines but sadly has gone out of business now and its domain name is for sale. Since it stayed online for sometimes, one can deduce that it had some customers. Main Page

Online pharmacies and generic medicines came into existence because consumers’ needs for affordable medicines weren’t been met and served by big and established pharmaceutical companies. Everyone knows that the brand medicines produced by them are fairly expensive and not easily obtainable. That’s where online pharmacies selling affordable generic medicines as well as brands came in the picture, and lots of customers began preferring them over their brick and mortar pharmacies. That’s the reason why authorities conduct frequent crackdowns against fake online pharmacies but sometimes also end up shutting down genuine online pharmacies in the process. As for, according to a source, since its domain was blocked permanently, it moved to a new domain, which too was eventually shut down. So it appears from the history of repeated shutdowns of not one but two domains associated with that the authorities were hard on its heels. Reviews used to call itself a “drug mart”. It’s not clear for how many years it was in service or from where it was being operated. It claimed to be a global store providing customers medicines, both brands and generics, at extremely low prices. was primarily selling ED medicines but one could also find some medicines in the areas of Baldness cure, Women’s Health, Anti-allergens, Blood Pressure Lowering medicines, etc. featured its buyers’ endorsements on the site, along with their pictures. But if you look for unbiased testimonials on other websites and forums totally unrelated with, you won’t find anything. There is a small chance that these reviews were removed, as the domain got blocked but that’s just a possibility. Scam Advisor was able to find out that when was functional it appeared to be run from Netherland but its actual location was being hidden. It couldn’t be established whether there were actual visitors to or not. Trust Rating Trust Rating Alternatives

As is no longer available as a possible option for your generic medicines, it’s time to see what other alternatives are available in its place and how trustworthy are they. While it’s true that there are online medicine marts that are scammers or whose business practices have been less than transparent, there are exceptions in the shape of genuine online stores that sell generic medicines manufactured in other countries that cost way less than their brand equals. They also carry brand medicines at a price cheaper than the market. Where to find them is the question.

We have taken the guesswork out of this by compiling a comprehensive guide of online medicine marts that carry genuine products at an affordable price. These verified online medicine stores have real customers who have shared their experiences of ordering at these places. Furthermore, you can get to know the prices of medicines, ways to make payment, time of delivery and refund policies of different online pharmacies and make an informed decision.