Review – Expensive e-Store with No Valid Proof of Authenticity Main Page is an online pharmacy that is committed to providing best medications at the lowest possible prices to the customers residing all over the world. The company claims to sell the drugs manufactured by licensed and well-reputed pharmaceutical companies only. There is also a mentioning of these medications being approved by the FDA. The main assortments of this store include anti-depressants, antibiotics, anticancer drugs, antifungals, and drugs for hair loss, erectile dysfunction, asthma, arthritis, malaria, hypertension and a lot more. The company is selling drugs at an expensive rate with a 25 mg generic version of Viagra costing 1.15 US Dollars.

The company delivers to the USA, Canada and most of the European countries. Free standard shipping service is utilized for this purpose which is given for free. The only mode of making payment is by using a Visa or a MasterCard which might be inconvenient for those customers who don’t own it. Delivery process can take as long as 21 days. For contacting the company, a toll-free number, +1-800 -897-1053, is provided for the US and the Canadian residents. Rest of the clients can email the company which will be responded to within a time span of 24 hours. Reviews

Safe Meds 4 All e-pharmacy has received a few responses from the customer’s’ side. The majority of the reviews regarding the working of this pharmacy are quite positive and depict it as a good option for online drug shopping.

James Owen is a customer of Safe Meds 4 All e-pharmacy from the/United States of America who has thanked the drug store for providing “excellent customer service”. He emphasized his point by saying that finding a pharmacy that offers good customer care is rare. James further mentioned how safemeds4all was the best pharmacy because of its great services and excellent rate lists of the drugs. He ended his comment by saying that Safe Meds 4 All had all it takes to be a great online shopping website and he absolutely loved his experience as a customer. Consumer Reports

Donna Balley belonging to Wisconsin, USA thanked the drug store for supplying her “quality products”. She also mentioned that Safe Meds 4 All e-pharmacy offered a good customer service and shipping that can be tracked by the customer at any time. She further said that the two generics that she ordered from the drug store were of fine quality and were so cheap that they saved her lots of money. She called herself as a new “dedicated customer” and thanked Safe Meds 4 All e-pharmacy again for everything. Richard Carol was a contented customer from North Carolina who was really happy for the “incredible service” provided by Safe Meds 4 All. He shared his experience by telling that his shipment arrived only in 7 days and he was really happy with it.

As per the comments received by safemeds4all, it can be said that it is a good pharmacy that is absolutely safe for buying drugs online. But it is to be seen that these reviews exist only on the vendor’s own website which means that they might be forged. Hence, it is not advised to trust it on the basis of these reviews alone. Reviews 2016

Safe Meds 4 All has also received a few user reviews from its clients in the year 2016. These reviews were also positive and presented the site as a great pharmacy working online. Richard Carter from North Caroline, USA said that he had been ordering from Safe Meds e-shop for about three years. The company had a “fast delivery” and a service that kept on getting “better and better”. Consumer Reports in 2016

Anna Pensula from America called it a “legitimate” pharmacy operating at an international level. She also said that she had a “positive” experience upon ordering drugs from Safe Meds 4 All. The delivery was fast and drugs were fairly priced. Anna finished off by recommending the website to others. MM Graff said that the company was “responsive” and had cheap drugs that saved his life once. They further provided discounts to old customers. These reviews are quite good but again are only present at the company’s official website which rules out their value in determining the credibility of the store. Customer Experience in 2016

From an independent source, some reviews were derived for Safe Meds 4 All. In one of these reviews, the customer called it a moderate level website but with a slow shipping and some other complications. Another customer called it a good website.

Based on these reviews, it can be said that Safe Meds 4 All can be given a try but not as a primary option. Coupon Codes

Safe Meds 4 All provides a number of discounts to its customers. Free shipping is provided on all the orders irrespective of any conditions. Discount Offers Discount Offers

The website has amazing prices for drugs and further gives a ten percent discount to all the customers who reorder from this website. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

A coupon code that reads as 874543 can also be availed to get 5 percent off on all drugs.

Conclusion does not qualify as a good company because it is an unauthentic pharmacy with very expensive generic products. The user reviews are mostly confined to its official website only; therefore, they cannot account for the store’s credibility. Moreover, there is no live chat and the delivery can take very long. Safe Meds4All also does not ship to all the countries. Discounts are available but cannot account for the extremely high prices. Therefore, I would give the store 1 out of 5 and would ask the customers to avoid it for their own good and search for a better alternative in order to buy ED medicines.