Review – 9-Year Store with a Strong Customer Base Main Page is another affiliate marketing website with generic products sold at great prices. Affiliate marketing websites are marketing arms of one larger pharmaceutical distributor; these online stores help the sale of the main online pharmacy and its operators earn in return. Although may not look like the typical online shops, but its content is as typical as the other online stores in the market. information mentioned that the shop is already 9 years in the business, which means that the store has enough experience when it comes to the online sale of medicines. I also assume that this store has a large fan/customer base due to its online tenure, although we have to prove this hypothesis through the existence of user feedback for this shop.

The store, though, did not state where it operates from. However, like the usual sites for various medical needs, the store ships its products from India, as most of the online stores with generic products for sale source their meds from generic manufacturers located in India. As for the products, only sells items with FDA approvals. has products for various clinical conditions, from the basic pain relief meds to the hard-to-find meds for HIV, cancer, and impotence. All of these products are grouped per medical category for easier access. And because erectile dysfunction meds are the products I am mainly looking for in every online pharmacy, I checked the offers of for these erectile dysfunction meds. The minimum order amount for generic Viagra is 10 pills ($29.95) for 100 mg; for Cialis (generic), the minimum order amount is also 10 pills for the 20 mg product ($34.85); and for generic Levitra, the minimum order for the 20 mg is also 10 pills ($34.95).

Shipping is not free on, but the clients have the option to use either of the two couriers, the Express International Mail and the Standard International Airmail. The express option costs $30, while the standard option costs $10. As for payments, takes payments from credit cards alone. Live Support Live Support

Returns were not discussed (although by default online stores are unable to accept medicine returns), but the shop allows refunds in the event of non-delivery. If you have other questions, you can always ask customer support, as has a live chat option with 24/7 online operators. Reviews had reviews from its clients and these reviews available were about the excellence of this web shop’s service. These are some of the examples of the buyer comments available in the shop: Customers Experience

Iryna F gave her comment for and it read that this client was able to get her package on time. She also appreciated how had a “great” customer service. She also mentioned that she’s a customer for life.

S.F., another client, thanked for its service and good product quality. She did not expound more, though.

Lisa T, on the other hand, thanked for its staff’s quick response. The buyer was not yet able to receive her order, though, but she mentioned that she will give an update when the order is received. Reviews 2017

Besides the past reviews for the store, Safe Medicals also had good reviews for its service for the present year. Like the testimonials for the previous year, the store Safe Medicals was appreciated by the customers due to its reliability and the effectiveness of its products: Reviews 2017 Reviews 2017

Philip wrote to appreciate the shop’s “great service” especially for seniors like him. He mentioned that the shop enabled him to afford his medication when his healthcare refused to shoulder part of his medical expenses.

Dave, on the other hand, confirmed his receipt of the products. Although there appeared to be a delay in his shipment, Dave would still reorder from this online drugstore. Coupon Codes

Like the usual online store, did not have coupon discount offers available for the buyers. Clients, however, had to make do with this offer of freebie pills: Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer offers extra pills for clients with orders of a minimum of 20 pills. Besides this freebie offer, the company also waives shipping charges for clients with orders with order amounts of more than $150.

Conclusion is another online shop offering a wide range of products intended for various medical needs. The store has a friendly customer support team, which is one thing I really appreciated about the store. The store also had positive consumer reports from its clients, indicating their liking for Safe Medical’s service. I expected no less than good comments for this store, though, since the store features a 9-year selling history. Overall, because of this store’s good reputation, excellent products, and good service, I am rating the shop 4 out of 5.