Review: Your Reliable Pharmacy According to its Verified Users Home Page is a popular online pharmacy known for producing and selling cheap generic medicines. It started operating in 2005 and since then, it has been continuously patronizing Indian-made generic medicines. All products dispensed by this e-store are from India and are Indian-FDA approved. There are some medicines produced by large international pharma houses as well such as GSK and Pfizer.

Different medicines from different categories are also on sold in this visual dispensary. They offer collections of erectile dysfunction medicines, from branded to generic ones. They also have other medicines such as drugs to treat acne, bodybuilding supplements, emesis, and treatment for clinical conditions. Searching for a medicine to purchase is not hard with Reliable Rx Pharmacy as they have a search option. Just click on it and type in the name of the medicine you are looking for. This internet drugstore is compliant with international medical laws hence they do not allow the return of medicines and they do not dispense prescription medicines with a prescription. This online pharmacy does not offer web consultation because they want a real prescription from a valid doctor. If you need a prescription medicine, you have to send your prescription to customer team for validation before they can dispense your order.

Affordable medicines are the main offer of this online pharmacy and they have shown it with their generic Viagra medicines. The regular price of their generic Viagra is $2 per tablet while Tadalafil (generic Cialis) is sold for 3.6 per tablet. The generic erectile dysfunction drugs offered by Reliable Rx Pharmacy are known for its effectiveness and safety.

The shipping rate of depends on the country of destination of the order. The shipping rate varies from $5 to $12. Another consideration for the shipping rate is the worth of products being shipped. For payment, any credit card is accepted to complete the payment process.

For inquiries, concern or problems with your order, you can contact the customer support team at Their toll-free number is 1 855 870 5513 and 1 213 391 0788. They also have a contact us page in case you have no means to make an international call. Reviews

When searching for customer reviews, we always rely on third-party reviews because they sound more reliable. Fortunately, we found a third-party review for Reliable Rx Pharmacy. Customer Review Customer Review

Michaelmiller gave Reliablerxpharmacy a rating of 5-stars not just because most of his friends recommended it but because it was indeed reliable like its name says. Michaelmiller purchased migraine medicine from this store. He ordered Naprosyn, a prescription medicine for a migraine plus Suminat (a nasal spray). Michaelmiller finds the website easy to use and the ordering process a child’s play. He also said he received his order in time and he appreciated the packing. Michaelmiller was not just thankful for having his order in time but also for the fact that he was able to make an order at home. Reviews 2018

For this year, here are some of the shared stories that customer shared online. Reviews 2018 Reviews 2018

Logan from the US said ordering from Reliablerxpharmacy was his first time to do so. He was doubtful at first because of online scams but then he tried because of the reviews he has been reading about Reliablerxpharmacy. Logan loves the pricing and said he will order his Retinol again from this e-store. He also cited that he received his order in time, which is 15 days since he placed the order.

Denise who was also from the US appreciated the fact that Eric of customer service tracked and checked her order. She said Eric reordered her package because it was returned to the warehouse for some reasons. Denise had some issues with the customer support she was receiving until she got Eric. Denise is just glad for Denise and promises to order again in the future.

The last review we found that was written this year was from Aaron. According to his story, he was surprised with the great customer service and reliability of Aaron said that they indeed proved their reliability and their name by being such a cool online dispensary.

Denise, Logan, and Aaron just cited things that we want to hear about online pharmacy. If we need to order in the future, we might be checking out if these things are true about Coupon Codes

As of this writing, Reliable Rx Pharmacy doesn’t have any coupon codes for their customers to use. What they offer are discounts as long as you meet some requirements.

One example is the $12 shipping fee for eligible customers who ordered at least $150 worth of products. If your order is more than $150, the shipping fee is reduced to $5 only. For people that believe that every cent counts, this is a good promotion already.


After checking all the information we found about, we believed that this e-store deserves a rating 4 out of 5. It has good customer reviews, both on their own page and from a third-party site, they have good pricing and they offer some discounts worth considering. If you are looking for a reliable store to use, check