Puretablets.com Review – Needs More Client Feedback

Puretablets.com Main Page

Vending cheaply-priced generics online is the shop Puretablets.com. It is a common practice of stores on the internet to sell drugs from FDA-approved Indian pharmaceutical companies, mainly because these suppliers forward their products at a largely cheaper price which equates to good savings on the clients’ part. Most of the products on this shop are generic drugs, so you can anticipate reasonable prices for most of the products. Erectile dysfunction products are the main items found on Puretablets.com, but you can also buy drugs from the categories of skincare/acne treatment, hair care, hair loss, weight management, women’s and men’s health. All the items on this store may be bought even without the provision of the needed prescriptions for the Rx items.

No information on the inception of Puretablets.com is available in its details as well as its present setting. Although disappointing, this is characteristic in most online drugstores, and maybe to evade legislations concerning online operations. We only know that this shop sources most of its products from India, although we’re not a hundred % sure that Puretablets.com is actually operating in India.

The stars of Puretablets.com are the medicines are those drugs intended for erectile dysfunction or impotence, buyers are sure to get great deals for those products on the store. An example of the low pricing of Puretablets.com for its products is its quote for Sildenafil Citrate (generic); according to the Puretablets.com price list, the generic Viagra on the shop costs $0.96 per piece. There is also an oral jelly variant, which Puretablets.com forwards to its buyers for $2.75 per sachet. The price for generic Tadalafil/Cialis, however, is a bit steeper, but still cheap at $1.43 each for the hard pill option and $3.30 per sachet for the oral jelly type. Payments for these products can be made strictly via VISA cards or VISA electron cards only. There are no other payment methods, so buyers have to have these cards in order to transact with Puretablets.com.

The postage is charged $20 by Puretablets.com and the fee is just for the regular option, which takes more or less three weeks. If buyers want a faster transit for their products, they just have to pay more for the postage although it is not indicated how much Puretablets.com charges for the faster shipping option. Puretablets.com does not accept product returns but according to the information on the shop, Puretablets.com is willing to refund the payments in full in case the buyers “are not happy” with the products. Also, Puretablets.com states its operators “strongly believe in Karma” and assures its buyers that the store does not engage in fraudulent practices. Numbers are provided for the UK and US clients, but international buyers can dial the numbers on the website. Besides the numbers, clients can also reach Puretablets.com staff via email.

Puretablets.com Reviews

Like most of the online drugstores, Puretablets.com has its own testimonial section. There were various buyer reviews on the shop which reflect buyer satisfaction from the service of Puretablets.com. We’ve managed to note a few client testimonials for Puretablets.com from its reviews section:

Puretablets.com Testimonial
Puretablets.com Testimonial

The first comment was a review for Filitra (a generic product for Levitra). According to Mark and his wife, Anna, there isn’t much of a difference between the brand Levitra and Filitra (generic). Mark’s comment stated that aside from the price, Filitra and Levitra are pretty much the same when it comes to the benefits.

Sarah McCarthy, on the one hand, praised Puretablets.com for being able to deliver her items. Sarah also was grateful for the discount coupon the store gave her.

Besides these good client reviews, there were more posted on Puretablets.com, but though true, there is still a small percentage of risk that these reviews are somehow manipulated since they only come from the store’s own page. This is not me saying that the reviews are entirely not true; I am just somehow unsure of the credibility of the client comments posted on any web store instead of third party sites.

Puretablets.com 2017 Reviews

I did look for buyer reviews for the recent years but there weren’t any. Constructive or not, buyer reviews for online pharmacies from platforms aside from the store own are highly essential, as they give other clients a real view of the store. But because there weren’t any other existing reviews intended for Pure Tablets, let’s just take a brief look at what Scam Adviser had to say about Puretablets.com:

Puretablets.com is in Threat List
Puretablets.com is in Threat List

This result indicated that Puretablets.com is not popular and has a low website value ($576.73), although I really have no inkling what this amount refers to. Puretablets.com was rated 59 on a scale of a hundred and it was also given a threat status. Also, according to the result for Puretablets.com, the store’s location was detected in Canada, although there is information that the shop may also be located in the United Kingdom.

Puretablets.com Coupon Codes

If you’re looking for coupon codes, you won’t actually find some on Puretablets.com. However, you can still avail some form of discount when your order total exceeds $200 (see image below):

Puretablets.com Free Shipping Offer
Puretablets.com Free Shipping Offer

If you love discounts, though, you won’t find any here on Puretablets.com since the store only offers free shipping for a certain order amount. Buyers with orders exceeding the $200 amount are entitled to saving $20 since Puretablets.com charges buyers with $20 for the regular shipping.


If you’re looking for a place to buy your erectile dysfunction drugs from, then you can certainly rely on Puretablets.com to fulfill your orders. However, it is still unsure whether Puretablets.com is capable of giving buyers a satisfactory purchase experience due to the absence of valuable reviews for the store from the Internet. The store has reviews on its testimonial page, but there are no third-party mentions for Puretablets.com on the internet.

Because of this, we cannot just recommend Puretablets.com for your drug needs. It is regretful to award only 2 out of 5, but should better and more reliable reviews surface, then Puretablets.com will be given a better score in the future.