Review – Closed Down Internet Pharmacy Main Page

Going by the name, this domain belongs to an internet vendor who used to offer its services as a location for people to get their medicine. The tagline on the website used to read “Safe Generic Medicine.” Now that they are off the internet, this and the remnant information about them on the webs suggests that they were in a business of generics.

Taking a quick look at this domain would show a banner which has been put in place by the ICE – Homeland Security and Investigations, after the closing down of the domain.

Of course, the seizure is on the back of a court order which lines up the operators of this vendor as having been found guilty of copyright infringement. For this crime alone, the owners of this website could be looking to face up to ten years in prison. That isn’t mentioning the maximum $2 million fine that could be paid likewise.

However, the business itself had been operating since the year 2008, according to the copyright information that used to be on its website. It can also be concluded from this same copyright that they year of seizure by the authorities is 2015. In that space of time, the business was operated out of an undisclosed location. However, they did mention that the medicine they sold was brought from India. Not that this is a surprise, afterall, they are generics.

During its time of operation, the vendor used to sell a wide variety of pills to customers. Since their medicine cuts across a lot of remedies and treatments, it was not hard to find erectile dysfunction medicine lumped somewhere on there. They even took the centerspread of the website, advertised as some of the bestselling medicine from the vendor.

Looking at the prices that made the deal so sweet, Viagra from this vendor went for just $0.9 per pill. Nestled very close to it is Cialis which sold for $1.38 instead while the far-off Levitra was offered to customers for a meager price of $1.97. The closeness of these prices, and the fact that they are way lower than one can get elsewhere would have endeared the vendor to a lot of its customers.

There is a promise of FDA certification on all of the pills sold on the website. This is in addition to a claim of conforming with global WHO standards as to the manufacture and distribution of medicine. When a customer is done with placing their order, the internet vendor has made the provision for credit cards to be accepted. Of these, the major card issuers are welcome on the platform, since they didn’t state otherwise.

Packages are sent out on shipping – via either the Regular Airmail Service of EMS Courier Option – after the order has been approved. The EMS option is better priced than the Airmail, and it takes the package 5 – 9 days to arrive. The Airmail, which allows for more savings on shipping costs than the former would require the customer to wait for nothing less than 14 – 21 days.

There is no use doing a real-life customer test for a website that has been taken off the internet. When Private Pharmacy was still in operation though, they offered toll-free calls to the US and another contact line for the citizens of the UK. That is not to mention the generic email form which can be filled by such customers too. Fortunately, there was a moneyback guarantee. The caveat is that this can only be activated when the customer fails to get their package, not on returns. Reviews

The time from 2008 through 2015 is a long while to have been on the internet without any review. Not even on the website can be found a single user comment about the kind of service that they got from this vendor.

Looking at the circumstance that surrounds the exit of this vendor from the internet, it could be assumed that such user comments might have been deleted off with the entire database. But again, independent user reviews should have at least, existed. Reviews 2016 did exceedingly more than expected on ScamAdviser. Getting out of the red zone, this internet pharmacy is associated with only a small amount of risk. Trust Rating Trust Rating

It was deemed highly popular and with lots of visitors back in the day. To cap off the interesting run of events, this vendor managed to get a 74% safety rating. This puts them out of the red and yellow zones. Safety Level Safety Level

The story changes with which would neither advise buying nor browsing on the vendor’s website. Well, not that any of both is possible now. The review website went on to give this pharmacy an 0% rating on both popularity and trust. Again, the latter point is not shocking since the vendor has been off the internet or some two years now. Coupon Codes

There was a coupon code on the website (or what’s left of it) which they used to keep the customers happy. This discount offer allows clients to save up to 35% of the actual order when they were buying prescription medicine. Discount Offer Discount Offer

There was also the provision of an eHealth Savings Card, whatever that was supposed to mean, which could give the buyer up to 40% off on orders to be placed. It thus looks like a membership (and membership fees) are required if a customer wants to enjoy such benefits.


While this vendor has done everything in the book right, it gets it wrong with the authorities. Looking at the kind of information I could get about the vendor (or lack thereof), there was not even a single customer review to justify the seven years of service that it did enjoy on the internet.

True, it had lots of visitors and was even rated safe by an analysis website, but copyright infringement is a heavy one. The case is not even helped by knowing that they are now off the web. I have no other conviction that this vendor deserves no more than 1 out of 5.

A company that is found out on the wrong side of the law, such as this one is not one I would want to buy from.