Review – A Suspended Drug Store with No Information about its Operation Main Page used to be an online platform for not only buying generic versions of drugs but also for getting prescriptions at a discounted price. The website has been closed now and nothing is known if it is ever going to start working again. When it was in operation, Pharma Net Rx claimed that it was a pharmacy that had been granted a license from the respective authority of the United States. The store had also claimed time and again that it only sold drugs that have been individually approved by the FDA. Pharmanet-rx also guaranteed its customers that it had no hidden fee and that it entertained an easy system for making an order online. The drug store also assured that different types of prescriptions were filled safely and accurately within a short period of time. Furthermore, pharmanet-rx also said that it served as a one-stop shop for all the prescription-based drugs for the health of pets.

No information could be found regarding the terms and conditions of It could also not be known whether the pharmacy shipped to all the areas of the world or some specific ones. The website was down and no other platform contained information regarding how to contact this company or whether it provided a refund or not. Reviews

Reviews play a very significant role to check either a website is a scam or a real one. Many of the customers online know how to assess these reviews and spot the credibility of a website. So what about a website that was devoid of any reviews? Pharma Net Rx was like one of these websites. As this online drug store lacked one of the basics needed to guarantee safe shopping, this website could never have been ascertained as a safe website. I have a personal opinion to avoid websites with unconfirmed reputation. Instead of this, I would have suggested that the interested buyers choose any other website that seems more reasonable and trustworthy. Reviews 2016

The website had not been working properly in the past so I had to check how it had worked in the year 2016. With no visible change, the website was still unable to satisfy any new customers and had no reviews on any review website. Safety Level Safety Level

Scamner had rated this website with 8% and had advised the users to abstain any kind of browsing and buying in this website. Scamner also indicated that the website had no flow of visitors which gave a clear impression that the website was just another rogue pharmacy in the online market. is an Unapproved Pharmacy Website is an Unapproved Pharmacy Website

After having a clear warning from the review sections and Scamner, I thought to check the rating by LegitScript. LegitScript had given a warning that pharmnet-rx was an unapproved online pharmacy website which had the clear intentions to just scam as much money as possible. As the website had failed to provide any data to improve its trust, I must say that the users had to remain away from the website and should have sought out a better alternative to this pharmacy. Coupon Codes

As the review section of were a complete disappointment, I went straight to its discounts section in a hope that it might be offering something good. However, the situation was completely the opposite of what I had expected from this store. This pharmacy had nothing to offer in the name of discounts or offers and nothing complimentary was being offered. This was obviously not a good indication for those who ever thought of trying out this pharmacy for the first time. This also clearly suggested that they should turn towards other vendors who are giving a lot of discounts to their customers, as it is quite clear that everyone wants to get the best at the least possible price.


Pharma Net Rx seemed like a non-existent pharmacy that had no information on the internet after its official website got suspended. There was no proof whether pharmanet-rx was a cheap pharmacy or whether it sold authentic products. I could not know for sure about the delivery services, refund policies or any other aspect of pharmanet-rx. There were no customer reviews regarding the functioning of this drug store as well. LegitScript and Scamner seemed to be highly disapproving of I could not find any discount offers or coupon codes for customers given by this store as well. Therefore, I would rate this store as 1 out of 5 since there was no information that supported the validity of this suspended drug store. If pharmanet-rx were still functioning, it certainly would not have received my approval for shopping for ED drugs.