Review: The Store Is Down but Where to Look Next? Main Page was one of the most top rated online pharmacies in the internet. The store was a reliable resource for many people in different countries, especially for men who suffered from erectile dysfunction. This drugstore was so popular until it disappeared almost inexplicably. The domain can no longer be found. When trying to access the store, we can see the website is unreachable. is completely impossible to track down, not even via wayback machine.

The main reason why online pharmacies exist is to provide medicines at a more considerable cost than the ones bought locally. However, these online pharmacies are considered to be a threat to larger pharmaceuticals because of its high competitive market. Large industries simple find a way to shut down these websites completely. Thankfully for, the store was only closed and not seized by the government, otherwise they would suffer serious legal issues. Nothing explaining the exact motive why the store closed was available on the internet. Reviews

This Canadian online drugstore was operating for more than 11 years, having served a significant number of customers worldwide. Many medications were distributed by this company, including meds to treat medical conditions such as neurologic diseases, mental disorders, weight loss, and erectile dysfunction. The store bestsellers were mainly generics to treat impotence. Unfortunately, the store is not available anymore on the wayback machine so we couldn’t check how the website looked like. Although the store was incredibly popular, the store used to be listed as a non-recommended website in the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy for lack of compliance with federal laws. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The online drugstore had some, although limited, customer reviews in the past. The store, founded in 2003 sold FDA and CPA-approved generics. According to some bloggers, had some good reviews, where customers claimed to have received their orders within the advertised time. The store was also rated quite well on websites such as Scam Adviser. was highly recommended by many bloggers who completely trusted the pharmacy and its medications. Previous customers used to come back for the amazing low prices and warm customer service. Alternatives

It is always unfortunate when good online pharmacies are closed. When this happens, we need to start thinking on the best alternative to buy our medications. Finding good and trustworthy online pharmacies can be very comfortable, since it saves money and time when buying the necessary medication to make our lives better. It is a pity that a store with such good reviews ceased to exist without any explanation.

The past must remain in the past and we must look for another good source of economical medication. And we can help you with that. We go through various online pharmacies websites, and we thoroughly evaluate them in order to choose the safest and the cheapest ones. With this list of reliable vendors, you are able to choose your new go-to pharmacy that only sells certified and approved medications. We are committed to bring affordable healthcare to people, and protect you from frauds. You can read a description of our reviews, so you can understand why we chose to trust in certain stores.