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Of all the non-functioning stores I’ve been to, the shop was the only store which had a warning/maintenance message for its shop. According to the warning message, the staff is currently working on its shop and that Pharmacy Online 365 “will be back soon”. The store also provided an email address to contact customer support ([email protected]) for client inquiries. Pharmacy Online 365 also apologized for the inconvenience it caused its buyers.

Due to the store’s current status, we can only evaluate the shop’s service based on the archived data for the store. Fortunately, there was retrieved information for the e-pharmacy during the time it was still completely functional. The archives, however, did not show the origin of the store or where exactly Pharmacy Online 365 operated from. The e-shop did not also disclose where it sourced its meds from, although it is rather obvious that Pharmacyonline365 sells FDA-approved generic products which were mostly from Indian manufacturers.

Pharmacy Online 365 stocked internet-famous drugs such as meds for ADHD, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, muscles, weight loss, pain relief, sleeping, and smoking cessation. The shop listed the products Modafinil, Adderall, and Klonopin as its “popular treatments” and not really the drugs for impotence, as in other online pharmacies.

Although the shop’s now closed, I was somehow able to discover that the price for generic Viagra or Sildenafil Citrate on Pharmacy Online 365 was from $3.43 to $3.96 per pill, depending on the product quantity the buyers bought. As for the other famed erectile dysfunction product, generic Cialis, the price was $3.71 to $4.30 per pill. Pharmacy Online 365 provided dosing information on all its products, as well as all you need to know for each product regardless of kind.

Pharmacyonline365 e-vendor took buyer payments via the common MasterCard and Visa credits but also took payments via Bitcoin and Western Union. Shipping was charged $29 for each order and the store did not offer any free shipping promo to help the buyers cut costs when it came to their products’ shipment. So far, these data are the ones I was able to source for Pharmacy Online 365—pretty limited due to the current status of the shop. Reviews

One interesting review was available for from Here is the actual review published by the user on the forum website: Customer Experience

As it can be read from the client’s comment, the buyer ordered from Pharmacy Online 365. Thinking that the shop did not send him his package, after a month of waiting, he aired his complaint on PayPal and the client got his refund. However, two weeks forward his receipt of the refund, he received a “wet” package of pills without any “pharmaceutical packaging”. The buyer reordered for another set of pills, but in the end, he only got half of what he paid for. He concluded his comment by telling other buyers not to use the website.

Besides this interesting buyer review for Pharmacy Online 365 from, there was no other constructive or destructive review for this online store, which means that this complaint is our only basis for the integrity of the site. Reviews 2016

Searching the web for “newer” reviews, I was unable to find online comments existing for this online shop. The buyers seemed to forget to place their reviews for Pharmacyonline365, or the buyers were shooed by the previous ugly review. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Although the store did not have user comments for the year 2016, Pharmacy Online 365 was included in the report from Scam Adviser. According to the assessment done by Scam Adviser, the shop is not safe to use due to its low trust rating. The store was also identified in either China or Panama, which are deemed high-risk countries for online store setups. is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

The shop also did not have a good rating from the report available on Legit Script, one of the internet’s famous online sites for domain analysis. Based on this investigation result from, Pharmacy Online 365 was a “rogue” website as a result of its failure to match the online verification standards set by the online platform. Coupon Codes offered buyers a 15% discount regardless of their order. Clients were encouraged to enter the coupon code DISC15 during checkout so that their orders will have 15% less. Coupon Code Coupon Code

Besides this 15% voucher code for clients, Pharmacy Online 365 did not have other offers available for its buyers. Also, since the shop is currently undergoing maintenance (indefinitely), we’re not sure whether this coupon will still function when the store goes online again.


The only buyer feedback available for was not too good; although the client was able to receive his order, he was sent with pills of unknown origin, which were also damaged during transit. The same buyer was also sent only a partial order despite his full payment for the product he ordered from Pharmacy Online 365. Today, we can’t technically pay Pharmacy Online 365 a visit due to its system maintenance/upgrade. According to the shop, it will come back soon, but the site’s leave seems to be indefinite. can only be given a grade of 1 out of 5 because of its present standing.