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Pharmacy Mall happens to be one of those online vendors with a solution to the constant race against the decision and action of the big pharmaceutical companies to sell pills at very high prices to customers. This solution, which comes in the form of Pharmacy Mall, is being operated out of Canada. They are listed to have been in the business since the year 1997, and their copyright of the online vendor starts counting from the year 2001.

For pills, they have quite the array available for sale. Even though the most highly advertised pills on the platform are those of erectile dysfunction, they offered way more than that. For one, you could go on to and get medicine for anything ranging from men’s health, allergies, women’s health and migraines to the common cold.

Their pills have not only been certified by the FDA, but they have also gone on to receive certification from many independent bodies. Of this impressive list are CIPA, MIPA, and

Ordering Viagra pills from the website would set the customer back a meager $0.27. Personally, this is the best deal that I have seen on this ED pill from any online vendor. The closest substitute to Viagra being Cialis, I was equally wowed to see a capsule of this being sold for $0.68. Payment methods accepted for placed orders are limited to just credit cards. VISA and MasterCard issued cards are the widely-accepted credit and debit cards on the platform.

The FAQ page does answer a lot of questions. Shipping can be done in a couple of ways. A customer could opt to get goods delivered via Airmail, taking 2-3 weeks to arrive for a fee of $9.95.

EMS Courier delivery is faster (3-8 business days) and as expected, charges a higher rate ($19.95). Their customer care service does not integrate a LiveChat support. Instead, makes use of toll-free numbers and a generic email form.

It was not stated whether or not a refund policy is supported. if you have questions about refunds, get in touch with the Customer Support Team. Reviews

To gauge the service of the drugstore Pharmacy Mall, I checked available customer comments for the shop. I’ve found customer comments from the previous years and all of them were positive about the store’s credibility, products, and service. Reviews Reviews

Customers praised Pharmacy Mall for giving them a better store experience compared to their local pharmacies. Charles mentioned that by shopping at Pharmacy Mall, he’s maximized his savings as opposed to shipping at his neighborhood pharmacies.

Buyers were all praises for the product prices on Pharmacy Mall, much like the buyer Jessica. According to her, Pharmacy Mall had great prices for the products she planned on purchasing.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews 2018

Pharmacy Mall also had good reviews for its service for the year 2017—the store still offered great service to its consumers, hence the good reports from the buyers. Here are some of the customer comments for the present year for Pharmacy Mall. Reviews 2017 Reviews 2017 Testimonials 2017 Testimonials 2017

Michael appreciated the store’s low prices. According to him, he’s tried other online pharmacies before, but the shop Pharmacy Mall turned out better than the others. He also mentioned that the shop was able to ship his orders on time.

Barbara, another client, was also happy with his order turnaround. According to him, he’s 100% satisfied with the shop’s performance because her order came sooner than anticipated.

Overall, buyers were happy with their experience with Pharmacy Mall and most of them are declaring their intent to reorder from the shop given their need for other medicines in the future. Coupon Codes has quite the deals to keep its customers glued. A quick look at the popular coupon codes and promotions on the internet vendor’s website shows that there are daily savings options activated on some medicine. This is done with a progressive savings package, ensuring the buyer saves more with increasing order. Discount Offers Discount Offers

Apart from the discount offers, the shop also had free pills shipped with every buyer order, regardless of their order quantity or order size. However, larger purchases are given more freebie pills by Pharmacy Mall. Free shipping is also granted by the shop to its buyers, as long as the buyers have orders greater than $150. Buyers can also anticipate special discounts and promotional offers during holidays and other occasions.

Conclusion has to be one of those online pharmacies proud to showcase many good reviews. The promise of FDA approval alongside certifications from other bodies inform of a business worth approaching, which make the store reliable enough when it comes to online product purchases.

In a way, Pharmacymall looks like the best place to get supplies from—I recommend buyers to shop from Pharmacy Mall due to the excellent prices for the products. The store Pharmacy Mall has the best erectile dysfunction product prices—much lower than the mainstream Viagra drug. My rating for this shop is a good 5 out of 5.