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Pharmacy Mall is a network of web-based pharmacies where customers can find low-cost but effective medicines. They specialize in generic meds, analog versions of the expensive branded medications but have the exact same formulation, effects, and potency. In providing their customers generics, Pharmacy Mall helps them purchase more of their needed medicines and save money at the same time. Pharmacy Mall also provides branded meds on their stocks but at much lower prices, as much as 70% cheaper compared to the ones that are sold by the local pharmacies. The reason for this is they have reputable pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers as their direct suppliers, enabling them to sell their meds cheaply.

As an online Canadian pharmacy, Pharmacy Mall was among the pioneering stores in the business. It has been operating since 1997 and it still continues to be a dependable pharmacy up to this date. Customers will find a wide variety of pharmaceutical products here for different uses and applications and navigating them is easy since all of its medicines are categorically and alphabetically arranged for the customer’s convenience.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Because of their good experience with Pharmacy Mall, many customers have left their testimonials at Pharmacy Mall’s page for other customers to see. Below are some of those reviews and let’s see what the customers have to say:

Pharmacy Mall Customer Review
Pharmacy Mall Customer Review

What pleased Jacob was the speedy service that he has received from the very helpful customer service personnel of Pharmacy Mall. For some reasons, he encountered some problems on its website as it couldn’t get his orders processed. This is a big problem because if his orders don’t get processed, he won’t be able to purchase his needed medicines. So what he did was he contacted the customer support hotlines on the top part of Pharmacy Mall’s homepage. His call was immediately received by a representative who sorted his order issues out in no time.

Although he only availed the regular shipping option, Jacob found it quite quick and he received his order much earlier than what he expected.

Pharmacy Mall Feedback
Pharmacy Mall Feedback

Mark who was from Germany had an opportunity to visit France and tried ordering his meds there at Pharmacy Mall’s site. He stayed long enough to be able to order twice and on both occasions and he has successfully received his orders. It only took him ten days of waiting time for each order to arrive which is pretty fast. His orders were also handled properly by the courier and it encountered no problems, passing through customs like a breeze. The delivery and the handling of his orders was good and the quality of the medicines that he has purchased is also good, effective for the treatment of his health condition.

Pharmacy Mall Online

It may be surprising for customers to see two different domain names containing the same webpage of Pharmacy Mall but this is perfectly normal. Pharmacy Mall has numerous domain names under its pharmacy network and they are all centralized which means that all of the orders and the purchases made in those different domain names will all be processed on just one server. Pharmacy Mall made it this way for them to be able to reach out to more customers that need high-quality but affordably-priced meds.

One of Pharmacy Mall Domain Names
One of Pharmacy Mall Domain Names

The domain names may vary from one another but they all contain the same information. They all have the exact same selection of medicines, prices, product information, customer service hotlines, and many other similarities. Buyers can try and compare them to each other but they will find no incongruities, all of them are one and the same, all being operated by Pharmacy Mall as a large network.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Pharmacy Mall Special Offer
Pharmacy Mall Special Offer

To give its customers more opportunities to save money, Pharmacy Mall gives special sale offers such as the offer shown above where 10 Viagra 100 mg pills and 10 Cialis 20 mg pills are only for a special price of $46 USD. At local pharmacies, this offer would already amount to hundreds of dollars but Pharmacy Mall is very much willing to sell these high-value pills at a low price. Other bonuses that customers can take advantage of at Pharmacy Mall include bulk purchase discounts, free shipping on orders and free additional pills with the meds that they bought.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

To help customers with their questions or to assist them with the necessary processes on its website, Pharmacy Mall has provided phone hotlines that customers can contact. These support hotlines are always open to receive calls and support representatives are always ready to answer them to provide the answers that the customers need. For customers that don’t have phones, Pharmacy Mall can also be contacted through email on its Contact Us page. Customers can expect to receive a response to their emails within just a few minutes.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Pharmacy Mall is a company that respects its customer’s privacy and it would not send spam emails to its customers or flood them with unnecessary calls. Customers can only expect to receive calls when Pharmacy Mall updates them with the status of their orders or they can also opt to be informed through email.


Pharmacy Mall is truly an impressive collection of pharmacy stores that have a lot of offers available to its clients. With its cheap prices, effective products, and additional opportunities for discounts, choosing Pharmacy Mall would give a world of benefits to the customers. Additional discounts can also be availed by the customer with the use of very helpful discount coupons. As a whole, Pharmacy Mall gets a score of 5 out of 5 stars.