Ourmeds.org Review – Seized Domain which Scammed Previous Buyers

Ourmeds.org or Our Medications was yet another online store shut down due to legal reprimand, and to be specific, due to “willful copyright infringement”, according to the notice you can easily see on the domain itself. It seems that lately, more and more online shops are getting reprimanded for the same reason; some are lucky to close down their shops before being legally shut down, while others like Our Meds e-store are not so lucky. The shop Ourmeds.org began its operations in 2010 (or at least the earliest record for the store says so); but, in a span of few years, the shop closed down and has lately been legally seized by the US Customs.

Typical online pharmacies stock products for various clinical areas of concern. Most claim that they sell both generic and branded drugs, but in truth, the products in the shops are really generic brands. Products found on Our Meds are items such as Cephalexin, Wellbutrin SR, Albenza, Ventolin, Antabuse, Clomid, and other medications. As per usual, Ourmeds stocks generic erectile dysfunction meds such as generic Sildenafil Citrate, generic Tadalafil, and generic Vardenafil HCl and since these products are generics, the prices are low and affordable for the buyers. Unfortunately, since Ourmeds is now offline and there were no records of the previous prices for these ED medications, I was unable to search for the actual prices of the famous meds. But to give you a hint on how low the meds prices went on Our Meds e-store, the Ventolin inhaler costs only $17.06, Cephalexin costs as low as $0.53 per pill, while the oral contraceptive Yaz (Dronis) costs $1.34 each only.

Ourmeds.org offers free pills on every order; buyers were able to get free Viagra 100 mg pills or free Cialis 20 mg pills on their every order. Our Meds e-store was able to ship orders worldwide via various couriers (EMS, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post). The shipping cost is not free, so buyers had to pay a minimal fee depending on their courier choice. As for the payment methods, Ourmeds credited credit cards with the MasterCard logo and VISA, and also electronic checks.

Unlike other online stores, the e-store accepted product returns, as the store offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a hassle-free return policy for its buyers. Ourmeds is offering a refund for the returned products as well.

Ourmeds.org closed due to its domain’s seizure and there is no current update regarding where the store migrated or merged. Usually, closed domains tend to merge with parent or sister companies, but there were no hints of a possible domain migration or merger.

Ourmeds.org Reviews

I did not expect Ourmeds to have reviews from any online platform, but I was surprised that the store had one review from Trust Pilot. However, the buyer comment was not good, but that’s not really a surprise considering the current status of this store.

Ourmeds.org Feedback

Ourmeds.org had a review from Phil, who posted his review on Trust Pilot in November 2014. According to Phil, he ordered from Our Meds e-store and the store charged him more than the cost of the product but did not receive any confirmation message from the store stating that his order was received or processed by Our Meds. He tried asking the store’s staff for his order’s status, but the shop’s support was nonexistent. Phil ended up canceling his order and requesting a refund, but there was no update whether the issue was settled or not.

Ourmeds.org Reviews 2016

Ourmeds did not have further reviews for the existing year, probably because during 2016, the store was already suspended by the ICE-Homeland division of the US Customs. But, Ourmeds shop still had present records from Scamadviser.com for its status:

According to the result present on Scam Adviser, the shop was labeled “unsafe” and given a 44% safety score. The location of Ourmeds was pinpointed in the United States, although the result for the actual location of Our Meds e-store was not definite. Although the store’s current status is seized, Scam Adviser still failed to reflect the actual standing of this website.

Ourmeds.org is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy
Ourmeds.org is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

As for the rating of Ourmeds from Legitscript.com, the shop was given a rogue standing for its inability to comply with the set policies for the benign website operations. The store was reviewed for its compliance; however, Our Meds e-store did not reach the standards set by Legitscript.com.

Ourmeds.org Coupon Codes

The store presently does not have any coupon codes for the buyers, mainly because the store does not exist anymore. Today, the shop stands as a seized domain, as the US Customs seized the domain due to legal charges.


Stores are one by one being seized by the US Customs Department due to accusations of fraud and willful copyright infringement. One of the examples of the seized domains is Ourmeds.org; the store operated for some time but ended up being shut down by the government. I looked for records stating that the buyers enjoyed their experience with Ourmeds, but the only data I saw was the complaint by a client in Trust Pilot. Because Ourmeds.org is now a seized domain, I’m rating the gone shop 1 out of 5.