OK-pharmacy.com Review – A Former Online Shop Turned Informational Site

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OK-pharmacy.com is not an actual online pharmacy, but an online shop with information available for various products related to general health and other medical conditions. I thought that OK-pharmacy.com was an actual store, but as I browsed the site, it became clear that OK-pharmacy.com was not an actual pharmacy, but an informational website for medications.

There are only a few products listed on OK-pharmacy.com and the top products described on the store are meds for erectile dysfunction. OK-pharmacy.com offered data for Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil HCl, which may help patients in deciding which drug to buy from other online stores. I was thinking that OK-pharmacy.com may have links to online stores for its products posted on the website, however, there were actually no store links anywhere on OK-pharmacy.com, just information for the products at hand.

Besides the products for erectile dysfunction, OK-pharmacy.com also offered information for drugs intended for the following topics: antidepressants (Zyban, Effexor, etc.), acne (Roaccutane, Retin-A, etc.), antibacterial products (Cipro, Cephalexin, etc.), blood pressure and cardiology (Isoptin, Lasix, etc.), cholesterol reducers (Lipitor, Vytorin, etc.), general health, herbal meds, men’s health (Kamagra, Finpecia, etc.), and many others. OK-pharmacy.com offered product descriptions for each listing, basic dosing, known contraindications, and side effects of the products.

Besides the product discussion, OK-pharmacy.com also offered guides in purchasing meds online and also offered discussions on generic brands, impotence, male pattern baldness, premature ejaculation, and other health topics. You can’t find any store information on this shop, store links, policies, or anything that would suggest that the platform is selling something. However, OK-pharmacy.com provided a way for visitors to contact its support, as OK-pharmacy.com provided an email box for inquiries and other concerns.

OK-pharmacy.com Reviews

There is information that somehow, OK-pharmacy.com was an actual online pharmacy during the past few years. However, today, it seems that this platform is reduced to an informational hub for generic and branded medications. Blog articles point out that OK-pharmacy.com was previously an online shop, but they did not reflect how the online pharmacy became a mere data hub for visitors

There were no buyer comments existing for OK-pharmacy.com on third-party platforms, which may mean that during its service as an online shop, OK-pharmacy.com had not been too popular. However, I partly did not expect to find anything for OK-pharmacy.com, as today, this website has nothing but information for the drugs published on its pages.

OK-pharmacy.com Reviews 2016

Because OK-pharmacy.com was not an actual online store, there were also no current reviews or buyer testimonials and comments for OK-pharmacy.com. However, the shop still had a report from Scam Adviser, one of the web’s trusty analysis websites.

OK-pharmacy.com is in Threat List
OK-pharmacy.com is in Threat List

Based on the result, OK-pharmacy.com is a threat listed website. It may also be based on Barbados or the United States (the platform is having a hard time deciding where the site is really located). As for more information, OK-pharmacy.com was identified to have a lifetime of almost 9 years, and this website was indeed previously an online shop. Scam Adviser notes that OK-pharmacy.com may have been threat-listed sometime during its almost 9-year life and that OK-pharmacy.com was also linked with malware reports, which may indicate that the platform is not 100% safe to use.

OK-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Due to the nature of the site OK-pharmacy.com, there were no buyer coupon codes presented on the platform. There were no external store links, which means that OK-pharmacy.com purely had information for the products listed in its database. No coupon codes for any online shop were available on OK-pharmacy.com, so if you need buyer coupons, I suggest you look somewhere else.


OK-pharmacy.com is not an online store; it is only a platform with a database of medicines. OK-pharmacy.com may have previously been an actual online shop (as implied by the blog comments for the website noting the prices of its products and several pieces of information for its store operations), although there is no hint on the domain that it had been an actual store. We have no idea what pushed OK-pharmacy.com to revert to being an online informational site, but the reason may not be pleasant. Today, since OK-pharmacy.com is not selling anything and only gives information regarding products, I am giving this platform 3 out of 5. You can use OK-pharmacy.com for information regarding any of its listed products, however, you can’t find any store link embedded in the website.