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International pharmacy or states that it is the “#1 Internet Online Pharmacy” although there are also some other drugstores claiming that status. Official Drugs Store is known for its generic Rx and OTC drugs and offers to dispense these medications without a prescription. Official Drugs Store has a weekly bestseller page where the most-bought drugs are indicated and also a featured space for its medicines for impotence.

Official Drugs Store Shop is operating from India, the largest country in terms of pharmaceutical product output. Official Drugs Store has generic meds from the country’s premier manufacturers which are capable of producing less costly but effective medications. However, it is not known when Official Drugs Store started its operations, as there was no indication of its beginning anywhere in the shop. Official Drugs Store claims that it has catered to half a million clients since its inception, which is a good indicator of the store’s popularity.

Although it is known that Official Drugs Store is offering products from the generic line, the prices from Official Drugs Store were not as cheap as our previously reviewed online shops. This is so because unlike the others, Official Drugs Store is offering its generic impotence meds from $4.50 to $5.50 each (for Tadalafil and Sildenafil, respectively) and not around $1-$2 like the common offers from other shops. However, the shipping cost charged by Official Drugs Store for its clients is minimal and only $10, regardless of international location.

The money-back guarantee of Official Drugs Store enables its buyers to procure their meds stocks from the shop without fear. Buyers can return their items without being asked, given that they do so in a certain time period. This money-back guarantee includes items which were misplaced during travel or those orders damaged during transit. Payments are done via credit cards and e-cheques so payments are also no-hassle on If you need clarification for the order process, simply call the number published on Official Drugs Store or use its email service. Official Drugs Store does not support a live chat option, though, so you have to use the numbers or wait for the mail reply from Reviews

As an avid internet shopper as well, I find reviews decidedly essential especially for websites which look new. I am used to shopping my stuff from known online brand stores for clothing and gadgets, but when it comes to new shops such as pharma products, I usually tend to do more research, as the products I buy from online drugstores can affect my health in the long run. Also, another reason why I need to research for reviews is that there are too many bogus sellers when it comes to pharma products.

For Official Drugs Store, there are no reviews on its store or from any reference whatsoever, which for me is a negative point for the store. We can still assume that Official Drugs Store was able to cater to its buyer’s needs properly, but its lack of documentation of those instances makes the store relatively hard to trust. Reviews 2017

Maybe Official Drugs Store did not have buyer reviews during the past because it was a recently incepted store. But that’s highly doubtful because 500k is a hard number to achieve within a single year, to think that Official Drugs Store did not have the lowest prices on the web. None of the 500,000 clients served cared enough to leave their comments for Official Drugs Store, which led me to visit Scam Adviser instead. Trust Rating Trust Rating

I hoped to bring good tidings regarding the status of on Scam Adviser, but the store did not have a good reputation based on the analysis done by Scam Adviser. This score is based on the check conducted by Scam Adviser for Official Drugs Store, which includes evaluating the domain values and connections for the shop. Official Drugs Store scored a low 15% and was labeled a site “not safe to use”. Coupon Codes

Buyer coupons were not available on which is not too good as many clients love discount vouchers. However, Official Drugs Store offers 2nd timers and returning clients with 5-10% discounts on their orders depending on how much of the items they are willing to purchase. Discounts Discounts

For orders with $200+ totals, Official Drugs Store is also offering free shipping for the items. Apart from the conditional free shipping and the 2nd-timer discounts, there were no other options, though. Newbies would have to purchase the second time around before they can avail of the lowered prices from Official Drugs Store.


No buyer reviews from anywhere on the web is usually not a good sign. Although there may be a myriad of reasons why a certain store failed to have its reviews from any platform, it is still a negative thing for to not have anything referring to its service. It is puzzling that the shop claims to have served half a million clients to date, but no one dared to create a review for the shop. For now, since the reviews for are non-existent, we can’t be expected to recommend this shop for the risk of bad service. We’re not saying that Official Drugs Store is a scam site, but we need to find more buyer reviews for the shop to establish that it isn’t. Official Drugs Store may only be given 2 out of 5 today.