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Nmihi.com Main Page

The platform we’re discussing today is unique and unlike any site we’ve discussed before. This website, Nmihi.com (which stands for New Medical Information and Health Information) is an informational website with a database of more than 500 articles for various clinical conditions. NMIHI aims to educate individuals concerning the medical conditions they are currently facing by providing relevant and well-researched facts which may help the patients cope with their diseases.

Nmihi.com, according to its Scam Adviser information, has an age of 17 years, which is consistent with the age of the web archives for the web page (NMIHI records date as early as 2000-2001). Since NMIHI is not an online pharmacy like the pages we’ve previously reviewed, you won’t find any material on the store suggesting that it is selling any product. When you visit NMIHI site, you can see that this store has information for pain and arthritis, digestive health, weight and obesity, food and nutrition, infectious diseases, and finally, skin and hair care. Patients can search the database of NMIHI using the search tool provided on its homepage, although buyers can search their meds or their medical conditions by their beginning letters.

I tried out the search function of NMIHI to search for “Viagra” and true enough, NMIHI results yielded relevant information concerning Viagra. The search turned up articles for Sildenafil Citrate, impotence, Raynaud’s disease and phenomenon, and several other relevant informational materials related to the topic Viagra. I can’t say that the information is complete, but almost all you need to know about any medical topic can be found on the database of NMIHI.

Albeit NMIHI is not an online store, it has a function similar to an online portal to relevant stores. For instance, during my search for the term “Viagra”, besides the pieces of information pertaining to the topic, NMIHI also provided a link to the store where I can purchase the product Viagra. There was a button with a label “click here to see prices for this drug” which led me to the online shop Mypillsbox.com, which offered generic Viagra at good prices. The store (Mypillsbox.com) sold the generic Viagra product for $36.10 for a pack of 10 pills for the 100 mg product.

I tried searching for other terms on NMIHI to see whether it only links to one online site. After my Viagra search, I tried using the keyword “Cialis” to find out what Nmihi.com has for the term. NMIHI also turned up relevant results for Cialis and gave adequate information for the product, its history, manufacturer, and almost everything I needed to know about the drug. Like Viagra, Cialis also had a link to an online store. I was expecting to be led to the previous site, Mypillsbox.com, but NMIHI linked me to Mydrugsbox.com, which is a store different from the former, and sold Cialis in several variants and had the price of $56 for 10 pills of the 20 mg drug.

Since Nmihi.com was not an actual online store, there was no shipping information or policies for refunds and returns. NMIHI is merely an informational site with ties with several online drugstores which allows the visitors to access listings to the drugs related to their medical conditions.

Nmihi.com Reviews

NMIHI did not have buyer reviews for the reason that it is not actually an online drugstore. Informational online platforms such as NMIHI do not usually have their own reviews from clients since they merely provide information. However, Nmihi.com allows its visitors to cast their votes for certain products available on the platform.

Nmihi.com Patient Score

Although I’m not too sure how this rating for Sildenafil is relevant, NMIHI health store collects votes from visitors per topic on its site. For instance, NMIHI allowed individuals to vote for Viagra on a scale of 1-100. The current score for the topic is 53/100, based on the average of 3597 votes for the topic.

Even if NMIHI offers a pool of information for various medical topics including drugs and diseases, if you’re not too sure about the information it provides, you can always do cross-referencing to reputable sites or online medical databases with verified facts.

Nmihi.com Reviews 2016

NMIHI had evaluations from other review websites, but those reviews mostly reflected positive impressions for the platform because of its nature as an informative website. But as a force of habit, I had to check NMIHI against the records of Scam Adviser to see how Nmihi.com fares against the analysis site’s database:

Nmihi.com Trust Rating
Nmihi.com Trust Rating

Viewing the result from Scam Adviser, NMIHI had a lot of visitors checking out its contents. However, it is perplexing that NMIHI site was rated low by Scam Adviser although it is not clear why. According to more details from Scam Adviser, NMIHI health store is already in its 17th year but the platform is associated with reports of malware, is rated “rogue”, and also from a high-risk country.

Nmihi.com Coupon Codes

Like reviews, NMIHI did not have coupon codes for the reason that it is not an actual store. The stores which NMIHI link to, however, had offers, but since they are not technically a part of the health store, we can’t include the voucher offers from various online sites linked to NMIHI.


Nmihi.com is a brilliant option for those seeking information on several products and medical conditions, as a supplement to the existing hefty and voluminous data on the internet. We’re rating this platform 4 out of 5 as we think it’s safe and it offers relevant information for buyers without giving them a hard time via spams. However, it is one point less than the perfect score due to the unknown reputation of the web stores it links to. Nevertheless, you can pay Nmihi.com a visit whenever you have questions about your clinical conditions or if you want concise yet relevant information for any topic related to healthcare.