Netlook 20mg/40mg Tablets Andalous Review: Medication with Powerful Ingredients for Acne Relief

Netlook by Al Andalous Medical Company

Netlook 20mg/40mg is a drug formulated in two different forms which are tablets and capsules. This gives its customers a choice to choose whichever form suits them best. Having isotretinoin in its formula, Netlook works actively to get rid of the recalcitrant form of acne that is not responding to other topical treatments. Stretch marks are faded, wrinkles disappear and scars are gotten rid of all by using the same drug. This can hence, be called as a multipurpose drug that can prove as a savior for the people who are tired of their skin problems. Netlook is to be stored at room temperature but away from moisture and light. Expiry date must always be checked prior to using it. People using tetracyclines and vitamin A supplements should avoid the use of this drug.

About Al Andalous Medical Company

Al Andalous Medical Company is an Egypt-based pharmaceutical company that took origin in 2001. It launched its first product successfully in 2004. By far, this company has 25 products registered under its trademark. Its very own manufacturing industry was established in the year 2007.

Al Andalous Medical Company Office in Egypt
Al Andalous Medical Company Office in Egypt

The company has four regional offices which control the working and operations of this company in the whole of Egypt. Al Andalous Medical Company claims that its manufacturing plant is approved by the Egyptian drug regulatory body i.e. MOH while it also fulfills the requirements set by WHO and GMP. The vision of this company is to provide its selected section of doctors with the best quality drugs in order to fulfill their needs. It also aspires to become a leading name in the pharmaceutical world of Egypt by providing its customers with cost-effective and beneficial drugs. The categories of drugs Al Andalous Medical Company deals in are drugs related to CNS, genitourinary tract, CVS and alimentary tract. It also has various hormonal preparations, food supplements and cosmetics in his stock. [1]

Scientific Studies on Isotretinoin

A study named “Elevated plasma homocysteine levels in patients on isotretinoin therapy for cystic acne” by Kleopatra H. Schulpis et al discussed the effect of isotretinoin on the homocysteine levels in the plasma. Isotretinoin is used by patients to treat their nodular acne but the use of this drug has also been related to a lot of side effects, these side effects include abnormal levels of lipids in serum and liver enzymes as well. The plasma levels of homocysteine were also thought to get disturbed due to a disturbance in vitamins and enzymes of liver induced by isotretinoin. The purpose of this study was to check how isotretinoin was affecting the level of this amino acid in the blood. For this purpose, twenty-eight people who were getting 0.5 mg per kg of isotretinoin for their cystic acne were evaluated both before and after the treatment. The levels of homocysteine along with vitamins such as vitamin B6, folic acid, and vitamin B12 were to be checked specifically. It was observed that the patients who were undergoing a treatment with isotretinoin had their homocysteine level elevated. The levels of other vitamins associated with its metabolism were undisturbed while liver enzymes were also altered to a higher value. Methionine loading tests were performed on nine of these patients receiving isotretinoin and results were found to be abnormal after they were finished with the treatment. It was concluded that these high levels of homocysteine in these patients observed after 45 days post-treatment were probably due to inhibition of enzymes of liver needed for its breakdown. These people are advised to take vitamin supplements day in order to prevent from unwanted diseases. [2]

“Oral lichen planus treated with 13-cis-retinoic acid (isotretinoin): effects on the apoptotic process” by Adriano Piattelli et al was another effort to determine the therapeutic effects of isotretinoin. The intention of this study was to authenticate the usefulness of isotretinoin in a disease named oral lichen planus (OLP). It was a double-blind study in which 10 patients with biopsy-confirmed Oral Lichen Planus were treated for a period of four months with 0.1% potency of isotretinoin gel. Another group of ten patients with considered as placebo. The first round of observation ended and the patients who had been a part of the placebo group were provided with isotretinoin for additional 4 months. A complete response was considered when the lesions of OLC disappeared completely on an assessment made by inspection. A partial response, on the other hand, was established as a result in which almost 50 percent of lesions are resolved. The patients who were receiving isotretinoin showed improvements in the severity of OLC while the patients belonging to the placebo group did not show any reduction in the lesions of these patients. The nine patients who received additional isotretinoin after being treated with placebo were also showing signs of reduction in their lesions. Ten complete and 10 partial responses were seen as a result of these trial based studies. These lesions were subjected to histological as well as immunohistochemical analysis with the help of antibodies directed against Ki-67 and bcl-2. Ki-67 and bcl-2 were found to increase in their concentration after the treatment, while a decrement in the number of apoptotic bodies was seen. It was thought that these factors were responsible as a whole for treating the OLP disease. The augment in Ki-67 cells depicted that the epithelium demands improved production and healing. These results exposed a distressed apoptotic system in oral lichen planus that could give rise to abnormal differentiation of the epithelium. It was concluded from this study that isotretinoin actually improves the condition of people suffering from OLC. [3]

Description and Mechanism of Action of Isotretinoin

Isotretinoin is an agent derived from vitamin A. It works to remove acne by reducing the amount of fat produced by the virtue of sebaceous glands on the body. It also improves the rate of regeneration of skin hence, skin renews itself at a quicker rate. The sebum produced by sebaceous glands is also reduced so clogged pores are unblocked and skin gets clear of acne eventually. [4]

Netlook Effects for Acne and Scars

Isotretinoin has a vast range of clinical benefits that range from treating to fading stretch marks. Many customers have experienced the strong effect of isotretinoin after comparing their before and after results. Scar marks are also gotten rid of using this agent. Wrinkles and other signs of aging can also be taken care of simply by using this powerful retinoid. Blemishes and tiny bumps on the skin are also treated and some types of skin cancers also require isotretinoin as a part of their chemoprevention and therapy. [5]

Recommended Doses and Duration of Therapy

Netlook must always be taken orally. The capsule is to be placed on the tongue and it must be swallowed immediately using a full glass of plain water or milk. Alcohol beverages must be avoided as those can interact with the pharmacokinetics of this drug. The capsules can be taken once or twice per day as instructed by the doctor. Therapy has to be continued for 16 to 24 weeks to obtain the desired results. [6]

Side effects and Warnings

Common side effects of using Netlook include dry skin, itching, and rashes. Complaints about dryness in nose and bleeding from it are also received from the patients using Netlook. Cracks might be produced in the corners of the mouth of patients using it. Mouth and lips also become dry paired with peeling of skin. The whites of the patient’s eyes become inflamed. Eyes become dry and may suffer from conjunctivitis. Pain in joints and muscles is also felt by people who use this drug. Dizziness, drowsiness, and nervousness are also some neurological defects of Netlook due to isotretinoin in it. Changes in the nails of fingers or toes can also be seen in some patients. [7]

Drug Interactions

Netlook 20 mg is thought to interact with a number of drugs like Acitretin. Therefore, prior to using it, the patient must inform about any drug, supplement or herbal product that he is using at the same time. Netlook is not advised to be used with alcohol as it can interfere with its normal absorption. Birth control pills containing estrogen or progesterone can be rendered useless if taken along with Netlook due to the cross reaction. Corticosteroids such as prednisone also have a tendency to interact with Netlook. Other drugs that must be avoided because of this risk include tetracyclines, other retinoid drugs, vitamin A, St. John’s Wort, Porfimer and multivitamins containing vitamin A. [8]

Customer Reviews

Not many reviews were available for Netlook 20 mg. Only one comment involving this drug could be extracted that too was actually a question asked by a user.

Netlook Consumer Report
Netlook Consumer Report

The question was asked by a 28 years old user of Netlook from Egypt. He told that he was using Netlook 20 mg since the start of the year 2013 and he “cleared out” soon after. His pimples started to appear again two years after in 2015 when he took “5 pills of 40 mg” again mentioning that he was 92 kg old and 170 cm in height. He asked if he could undergo a laser treatment after consuming 5 pills of these drugs or when would be the right time for it. The question was yet to be answered.

Customer reviews about Netlook could not tell for certain about the efficacy of this drug hence, the customers should not use this drug without getting the assurance of its safety. Meanwhile, they should look for other drugs with isotretinoin for their acne.

Price, Available Forms, and Dosage

Netlook is available for purchase online in the form of capsules. The capsules can be bought in the form of packs where each pack comprises of 20 capsules of 20 mg of Netlook. Price per pack is estimated to be 5.28 US Dollars.

Netlook Cost
Netlook Cost

No information regarding the delivery of this drug could be found anywhere. Very few online pharmacies have it in their stock and none of them is providing delivery services for Netlook to the customers residing in other countries like America, Canada, and Australia. No store even ships it locally within Egypt so no clue could be found so as to predict the charges of its delivery if it ever becomes available for it.

Netlook is manufactured in the form of capsules as well as tablets. Each capsule has a potency of either 20 mg or 40 mg of isotretinoin. Isotretinoin must always be given in a dose between 0.1 to 1 mg/kg as it is the maintenance dose for the majority of the patients. Some of the patients might require adjustments in this dose according to the response made by the body in response to isotretinoin.

Conclusion and Rating

Netlook, in any potency, has not proven to be any different than any other average drugs present in the market for the same purpose. It has customers talking about it but none of these comments are of any worth as those only consist of questions regarding this drug and none of them actually tells about the authenticity or safety profile of Netlook. I also could not get my hands on any information on the shipping procedure of this drug that concludes that the drug is only available in the local markets of Egypt. This makes Netlook an unavailable drug for the international customers. I certainly cannot put my faith in this drug just on the basis of the presence of isotretinoin in it. Therefore, I will rate Netlook as 1 out of 5. According to me, the drug has nothing that makes it worth recommending to anyone especially when there are a lot of other drugs that the customers can totally rely on for the treatment of acne.

Netlook Wiki Facts

  • Brand: Netlook
  • Active Ingredient: Isotretinoin
  • Treatment: Acne
  • Manufacturer: Al Andalous Medical Company
  • Country of Manufacture: Egypt
  • Availability: USA, Egypt, EU, UK

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