Neotrex 10mg/20mg Pills Versapharm Reviews: Acne Medication with Similar Ingredients as the Branded Treatment

Neotrex by Advaita Pharmaceuticals

Neotrex 10mg/20mg pills belong to the category of drugs indicated for the treatment of recalcitrant and severe forms of acne in individuals [1]. What makes the product effective in its treatment of severe acne is its Isotretinoin content, which is the main ingredient responsible for the elimination of acne in patients [2]. The product Neotrex is from Mexico and is made by Advaita Pharmaceuticals/SOMAR Pharmaceutical Group located in the country.

Capsule form is the only available form for Neotrex made by Advaita/SOMAR. Neotrex comes in two formulations, the 10 mg, and the 20 mg formulation. Some companies make more types of Isotretinoin for patients, but the most common form of Isotretinoin is in either capsule or soft capsule form.

Isotretinoin products are recommended by dermatologists for the treatment of very hard to treat acne due to its effectiveness. But Isotretinoin products are used on a prescription-only basis due to a large number of considerations its use entails. Although patients can buy a number of Isotretinoin products online, patients should never self-medicate on Isotretinoin due to its known adverse effects, like its teratogenicity and its possible effect of depression in patients.

About SOMAR Grupo Farmaceutico

SOMAR Pharmaceutical Group is one of the manufacturers of Neotrex. The company’s headquarters may be found in Mexico and is now a part of the Endo Group of companies [3], which is located in Mexico too. SOMAR Pharmaceutical Group is a producer of generic pharmaceutical products which are focused on the areas of Dermatology and infectious diseases [3,4] and OTC medicines for women’s and children’s health [3]. Aside from the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, the company is also involved in the production of surgical equipment like surgical sutures and needles [4].

SOMAR Grupo Farmaceutico Office
SOMAR Grupo Farmaceutico Office

SOMAR began in 1948 as Serral Laboratories, but as the company expanded, it became a group of companies having several shareholders [4]. The company has been completely acquired by Endo International plc, which is comprised of several companies all aimed in the manufacture of high-quality, branded/generic pharmaceutical products [5]. On the company’s website, there is no information on the approvals and certifications of the company from the drug regulating agencies. According to SOMAR, though, all of its products are manufactured in high-quality standards compliant to local and international manufacturing standards [6].

Scientific Studies on Isotretinoin

According to the study by Bagatin e al in 2010, “Dermabrasion for acne scars during treatment with oral isotretinoin”, Isotretinoin is the standard in the treatment of severe and scarring forms of acne [7]. Within the period of the 1980s and 1990s, it has been reported that Isotretinoin use is associated with exaggerated and abnormal scar formations in patients [7]. The study of Bagatin aimed to evaluate lesion/scar healing in patients taking oral Isotretinoin post localized dermabrasion [7]. Manual dermabrasion was employed on all patients and after 6 months, a reepithelization follow-up was conducted [7]. The result of the study showed that the patients had normal scar formations (cicatrization), and no keloid or hypertrophic scarring was not observed [7]. The authors concluded that the 6-12 month wait for the dermabrasion post acne treatment should be re-evaluated and it is recommended that doctors should perform a small abrasion test as a predictor of wound healing in patients, so that scar treatments may be performed earlier [7].

In order to make the standard Isotretinoin treatment more bioavailable, micronized Isotretinoin formulations were made. The study of Strauss et al in 2001, “Safety of a new micronized formulation of isotretinoin in patients with severe recalcitrant nodular acne: A randomized trial comparing micronized isotretinoin with standard isotretinoin” studied the effect of the new micronized Isotretinoin formulation and compared it with the original Isotretinoin formulation [8]. 600 severe nodular (recalcitrant) acne patients were treated with the new micronized formulation of Isotretinoin and regular Isotretinoin and divided the patients into 2 groups, with one group taking the micronized formulation without food (0.4 mg/kg/day), and the other half were administered with the regular Isotretinoin formulation (1 mg/kg/day) and with food [8]. These patients were observed within 20 weeks of treatment [8]. After 20 weeks, it was determined by the authors that the patients taking micronized Isotretinoin generally showed lesser side effects that the patients treated with the regular Isotretinoin dosage [8].

According to several studies, retinoids like Isotretinoin are able to influence T-cell differentiation in patients. Studies like the one conducted by Karadag et al in 2012 entitled “Immunoregulatory effects of isotretinoin in patients with acne” aimed to determine the effects of Isotretinoin when it comes to immunoregulation in patients [9]. 37 patients with acne vulgaris were treated with Isotretinoin and the values of the biochemical parameters were measured pretreatment and post-treatment (3 months) [9]. According to the results of the study, the TNF (tumor necrosis factor), IL (interleukin), and IFN (interferon) levels were found lower after treatment with Isotretinoin [9]. According to the researchers, they have failed to demonstrate that Isotretinoin redirects T-helper differentiation in patients treated with Isotretinoin for acne [9].

Description and Mechanism of Action of Isotretinoin

Isotretinoin works by inhibiting the activity of sebaceous glands in patients with acne problems. Why Isotretinoin targets the sebaceous cells are unknown, but it is seen to act in the production of sebum in patients with hyperactive sebaceous glands. It is known that the main culprit in the blockage of pores, glands, and follicles in the skin is the excessive production of sebum, so the fact that Isotretinoin deals with the sebum surge helps much in the treatment of acne in patients.

Isotretinoin is not an antibiotic agent, but by dealing with sebum production in the skin, it seems to have an antibacterial property too. P.acnes, the bacteria responsible for skin inflammation in moderate-severe acne cases is limited when Isotretinoin lessens the sebum production in the skin. The bacteria are oil-loving as they feed on the sebum produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, so the suppression of the sebum production leads to the management of the bacterial population in the patients’ skins.

Dealing with the excessive oil production leads to the normal cell differentiation of the skin and the management of the bacterial presence which exacerbates the inflammatory response of the body for acne. With the excessive oil and the bacteria gone, the skin can start healing and the acne lesions can start to heal up too. Without the massive oil production, comedogenesis is prevented, so good skin integrity is maintained.

Neotrex Effects for Acne/Wrinkles

The drug Isotretinoin is widely used for the treatment of very stubborn acne due to its benefits in the clearing of the acne lesions in the skin. Although Isotretinoin’s exact mechanism for acne treatment is unknown, the before and after results observed in patients are a testament to its effectiveness as a treatment for even the most severe of acne cases.

There are studies which state that Isotretinoin improves acne and acne scars in patients, as Isotretinoin also aids in the healing and regeneration of skin fibers which improves the skin’s appearance. Due to this, there is a movement in the use of Isotretinoin for the general improvement of acne scars, wrinkles, and even stretch marks in and for other cosmetic purposes. The treatment for the reversal of skin aging still needs to be approved by the dermatological society and the drug regulating agencies, though; but the cosmetic use of Isotretinoin in patients still carries on.

Recommended Doses and Duration of Therapy

There is no allotted permanent dosage administration for Isotretinoin treatment in acne patients, but almost all treatments involving Isotretinoin starts with 0.5 mg/kg/day. From that value, depending on the client response, the dose may be titrated according to the treatment needs. The initial therapy length is just 4 weeks, in order to see how well the patient tolerates the medication. If a myriad of side effects occur, the dose may be adjusted and be formulated in a lesser concentration, while if patients see no effect using the initial dose and no side effects are noted, the dose may be increased.

Debates noted regarding the perfect dose for Isotretinoin treatment, but the recommendation is really based on the doctors’ prerogative and the patient tolerance for the medication. Both high and low dose formulations are amazingly effective, so patients can benefit from Isotretinoin no matter how high or low the dosage is, and no matter how long the treatment would take. Patients just have to be 100% compliant for the medication to work.

Side effects and Warnings

Almost 100% of the patients observe that upon their Isotretinoin intake, they experience side effects related to the dryness of the mucous membranes. The dryness is typically observed in the lips, the nose, the eyes, and in almost all of the body parts. In some cases, patients also experience erythema, itching, dermatitis, pruritus [1], and skin sensitivity while taking Isotretinoin.

Aside from the complaints of general dryness of the skin, the patients also experience problems with the GI tract, headaches, nausea, anemia, pain in the muscles and joints, epistaxis, hair loss, and many others [1]. But the most significant effect of Isotretinoin in patients is its effects on pregnancy, as Isotretinoin is notorious for causing the termination of a number of pregnancies and producing mutations on the developing embryo causing birth defects in children. Women should only take Isotretinoin under strict monitoring of the dermatologist, and women who are planning to bear children or get pregnant during the course of treatment should be excluded in Isotretinoin treatments.

Drug Interactions

Toxicity can be caused by taking drugs with Vitamin A content (or by taking Vitamin A itself) during Isotretinoin therapy. Other acne medications should not be taken with Isotretinoin, even the seemingly harmless topical variants. There are topical treatments advised by dermatologists for patient use even under Isotretinoin therapy, but these meds should be used as per prescription basis and are not meant for patient self-medication.

Other drugs which interact with Isotretinoin are oral antibiotics, especially those belonging to the tetracycline family. Patients should also take progesterone and other hormones with caution, as these medications affect the potency of Isotretinoin in the body. Antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs should also be left alone, along with a number of herbal medications and supplements, as these medications can cause harm when taken in conjunction with Isotretinoin without the advice of a physician.

Customer Reviews

Although Neotrex 10mg/20mg pills are available in several countries like Mexico, the USA, the UK, and EU countries, there were no patient reviews available for it on the web. Patient reviews for Isotretinoin products like Neotrex has to have reviews from patients as reviews form an integral role in product evaluations. Isotretinoin products may be the same in their active ingredients but some patients recognize the effectiveness of other brands over others for some unknown reason.

Still, although Neotrex did not have patient reviews available, I still think that the product is effective to some extent due to its Isotretinoin content. But, it really would have been preferable to view a number of user reviews and comments regarding the actual effect of Neotrex in patients treated with it.

Price, Available Forms and Dosage

Neotrex is available online in local Mexico-based online drugstores like The cost of the product is $56.71 for 30 capsules in 20 mg form. The price is good and affordable, though, and compared with the brand-name product for the same Isotretinoin ingredient, patients can save if they decide to purchase Neotrex.

Neotrex Cost
Neotrex Cost

The product is available to ship in the Mexico area only, although the product is known to be available in several countries aside from Mexico, although shipping is unavailable in those areas. Online ordering is available for patients around the area. Patients in the USA, Australia, and Canada can also purchase the product, but not online, as shipping to international countries are still not offered by the vendors.

Conclusion and Rating

Since there is no actual information on Neotrex 10mg/20mg pills online, we can only assume that the product is as effective as other Isotretinoin products in the market. There are a lot of reasons why reviews are unavailable for a certain product, but there is no discounting the fact that the product is effective in terms of acne treatment due to its Isotretinoin content. But as I mentioned earlier, reviews are essential for actual product evaluation as there may be variations in the response of the patients for specific products and for unknown reasons.

As for my rating, since no reviews were available, I can only rate Neotrex 3 out of 5. The company which manufactured the product did not also specifically disclose its approvals and certifications, so whether the company was US FDA approved, WHO-GMP or ISO certified, we do not know. The product is still worth trying, though, as since the product contains Isotretinoin as the active ingredient, the product remains to probably be effective in acne treatment.

Neotrex Wiki Facts

  • Brand: Neotrex
  • Active Ingredient: Isotretinoin
  • Treatment: Acne
  • Manufacturer: Advaita Pharmaceuticals/SOMAR Pharmaceutical Group
  • Country of Manufacture: Mexico
  • Availability: USA, EU, UK, Mexico

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