Review – Good Store Turned Inaccessible Main Page

Online stores come and go, and one of the online shops which formerly were active and now inaccessible is This online store started its operations in 2007 (according to the store’s information) and ended its service in 2014. Very much like the typical online shops, My Secure Tabs went away without a trace. No news concerning the disappearance of was available, so we are not certain why the shop just vanished. My Secure Tabs has its office located in Mumbai, India, and ships the products internationally from the same location in India.

The main products sold by the now-gone store were those intended for erectile dysfunction. According to My Secure Tabs, all of the generic products found on the store were manufactured by the famed Indian company, Cipla. Various types of erectile dysfunction meds were accessible on My Secure Tabs, such as super active, soft gel, and other variants of generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra were available in the store. Besides these products for male impotence, buyers were also able to secure products for viral infections, bacterial infections, depression, weight loss, skin care, hair care, and other products.

The generic Viagra product from Cipla costs $38.90 for a pack of 10 pills of the 100 mg product. My Secure Tabs e-store offered 6 free pills for the purchase of one pack of this generic Viagra product. Generic Cialis 20 mg was sold by My Secure Tabs for $39.70 for 10 pieces of the 20 mg type. Like the generic Viagra product, My Secure Tabs offered 6 free pills for the minimum purchase. The shop offered up to 30 free pills to its clients, depending on the quantity purchased by the buyers. The e-vendor did not require its clients to present their prescriptions, as the shop offered the buyers free online consultation.

Besides the freebies for every purchase, My Secure Tabs offered free shipping for its buyers. If the offers weren’t still enough, My Secure Tabs offered a “price match” guarantee for lower-priced medications from other online shops (as long as the meds satisfied the conditions set by the store). As for payments, My Secure Tabs accepted payments from credit cards.

Because My Secure Tabs is now offline, we weren’t able to gather other information pertaining to the online store. There were a few reviews available for the online shop, and we’re discussing them in the next section. Reviews

The online store My Secure Tabs had one buyer comment from 2013 and from Trust Pilot, one of the reputable third party review websites for online stores. Customer Experience

According to Stephen Walker, the client, the e-shop of My Secure Tabs was consistent with its service. Stephen mentioned that it was his second order from the store. Based on Stephen’s statement, his first order lasted for nearly two years due to the incredible shelf life of the products he ordered from the store. He did not mention any negative thing about the store, save for taking the 100 mg Viagra in one go, since the product is potent and takes effect quicker than he anticipated.

Besides this good review, there were no other reviews for My Secure Tabs during the past years. This sole mention for the company does not reflect the shop’s integrity as a whole since this was a single review for the shop. Nevertheless, it is good news that My Secure Tabs had good feedback even from a single customer in the past. 2016 Reviews

Since the shop My Secure Tabs closed down in 2014, there were no available reviews for this shop for any period beyond 2014. What we have instead is an analysis report from, an online platform which has a database containing information concerning almost all web domains existing on the internet: Trust Rating Trust Rating

The information on Scam for indicated that the shop My Secure Tabs redirects its clients to a new page, It is true that when you visit, you’ll be redirected to the page; however, this page is not a store and is not selling anything. It is odd, however, that instead of detecting My Secure Tabs in India, the store was located by Scam Adviser in the Czech Republic or the United States and not in India. Coupon Codes

Past information on My Secure Tabs suggested that the shop did not offer special coupon codes; instead, the shop offered bonus pills, free shipping, and a price match guarantee for its buyers (which I personally think are better deals than any coupon code).

However, MySecureTabs is now offline so buyers are not anymore able to avail anything from this store. Today, the domain My Secure Tabs redirects to another page, which is not even an online store. I wonder why.

Conclusion was formerly a good store as evidenced by a good review on one trustworthy online platform. Besides the good third-party buyer review, My Secure Tabs data from blogger opinions were impressive too—most authors gave the shop a 5-star rating for its integrity. However, since this shop is no longer accepting orders and is no longer online, we can’t give it the same accolade it had before; we’re awarding My Secure Tabs a mere 1 out of 5 for being an inaccessible online shop.