Review – Rogue Internet Pharmacy Taken Down Main Page, now unavailable, was an internet vendor that sold pills to those who wanted to get the job done online. Even though no one knew why this business packed up, they started their operation in the year 2012 and stayed on until the year 2016. This was a timeframe in which they operated out of an unknown location.

While the vendor sold drugs that cuts across diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skin care and what have you, they did have their main focus on the ED pills. With a tagline that read “70% less than your local pharmacy,” I sought out to get the prices of these drugs but could not.

Being off the internet, it was even hard to determine whether the products they had were approved by the FDA. Since their generics are being shipped out of India, it is just logical to assume that they would have promised an Indian FDA approval on all of the medication sold. Payment methods accepted by the vendor is restricted to credit card options only.

During its hay days, My Health24 would ship orders to customers either through the Regular Airmail Service or via EMS. While the latter require that the customer wat for less time (and pay more) the former is the direct opposite. From what was left of the vendor online, there wasn’t anything to suggest the presence of a live chat board.

Naturally, they would have been disposed towards the use of a toll-free number system and generic email form instead.

Since the website is not inaccessible, there was no information on the kind of moneyback guarantee (or lack thereof) that the internet vendor might have had in place for its customers and their orders placed. Reviews

Like has been earlier said, this vendor has taken its entire business and domain of the interest. There is no reason anywhere to suggest why, and there is surely no trait of the website anymore. For a site that must have been around for a while, it is expected that I, at least, get some independent user reviews on the kinds of services they used to offer back in the day.

Lack of this suggested that the vendor might have been unpopular during its operational days. Furthermore, this observation suggests a vendor which cannot be fully trusted. Reviews 2016

It is not surprising that thinks this internet vendor is worth no more than 0% rating on both trust and popularity. Safety Level Safety Level

From the independent analysis website, it was made known that the online pharmacy lacks an SSL certificate, the domain just got registered and doesn’t have a long-life expectancy. Well, truth on the last point now that the website is off the web. Trust Rating Trust Rating

ScamAdviser thinks nearly the same thing as the former website, rating the internet vendor very low on trust. It was also determined here that the website might not be safe to use. As if that isn’t enough, Scam Adviser goes on to suggest that the vendor of my interest is truly from Holland while the true location is being hidden. Coupon Codes

From, there is proof of one of the discount options that used to exist on the internet vendor. According to the tagline seen when accessing the website back then, the customer is promised up to 70% savings off products. 70% Discount 70% Discount

This, it is continued, is in a bid to better the offer that such customers could ever get from their local pharmacies

Conclusion has not done anything since the beginning of this review to appeal to me. Getting into the website proved abortive now that they have been taken down, due to one reason or the other. They failed to make up for this in part by the absence of the customer reviews, either on the platform before its demise or on independent review websites.

All of these culminated in the bad reports that the vendor got from analysis platforms. At this point, a rating of 1 out of 5 looks more than what the vendor deserves at all. Personally, I would not want to have anything to do on this website. Good thing they are now off the web.