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The first thing that caught me back about the business being operated at was the innovative and beautiful layout that the website had. Before I get carried away, this is a top solution for some people when it comes to getting their generic and brand medicine online. The vendor also gives the promise of this medicine coming cheap – way cheaper than the buyers would have gotten them from the local pharmacies or big pharma.

From the information provided on the About Us section of this website, it is seen that they have been in the business since the year 2004. Thirteen years is more than enough time to have gathered a sea of experience, no doubt, and all of this experience is processed in their headquarters located in Mexico. Even though the exact location hasn’t been given, the business does promise that it is a licensed pharmacy operating out of Mexico.

There is a wide catalog of pills, and they looked to treat quite anything and everything. There was no limelight on one certain product, making the store a diversified one when it comes to the pills it offered. It is noted that all of the pills, which are distributed within Mexico and Mexico alone, are certified by the FDA. The main aim of the vendor is to sell and supply its drugs within Mexico only, giving the Mexican’s the chance to have up to 80% off all orders as compared to the standard international prices.

While the average Viagra pill from this vendor sold for nothing less than $6 per pill, the Cialis option is also a good buy at just $9 per pop. It gets better. The customer is allowed to choose what brand/ pharmacy they want to buy from, making the internet pharmacy business further transparent.

While the credit card is in favor with this vendor, they also happen to accept alternative forms of payment such as Bitcoin and Money Order. For the credit cards, supported options are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. As soon as the order is paid for and processed, it is sent out to the final customer via registered mail. This means that customers would have to sign to get their packages. While there’s no express information on the shipping costs, delivery is surely expected to take up to 20 business days.

The customer care agents could be reached via the option of toll-free numbers or the generic email form. There is more than one email option available, each suited to whatever need it might be the customer requires. While returns cannot be accepted, the vendor would ship a new package to customers who didn’t get their orders. This is if they don’t want to be refunded the full price of their orders instead. There is no info on the cancellation policy, so it is safe to assume there’s none. Reviews

I would not lie, but I was amazed at the kind of rave reviews that this internet vendor has. What made it even more amazing is the fact that they are not from the testimonial page, but from an independent source. Customer Experience

According to a certain Sue who left her comment on, she had ordered twice from the business and thinks that “it’s how they take care of the problem that matters.” This is in relation to an issue she had with her ordered package which was promptly attended to.

Another reviewer, simply identified as HT, admitted to the fact that Mexmeds4You had a “prompt shipping” plan, and the package “crossed the border [with] no problem.” Reviews 2016

After such an interesting run of user comments, the internet vendor wasn’t so successful with independent review websites. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website

Coming up first was the review from which deemed the website as rogue. This often means that doesn’t conform with all of the guidelines that LegitScript has set up for an internet pharmacy to be approved. Safety Level Safety Level

Next is the opinion of, where a 22% overall score (both trust and popularity) was arrived at. While it was advised that users not buy or browse on this website, it was also determined that the pharmacy doesn’t have that many visitors, to begin with. Coupon Codes

Surprisingly, there were no coupon codes or discount offers on this domain. Thirteen years in the business is a lot, and it is expected that there should be at least one thing to get the business going. If not coupon codes, maybe it’s the pricing that this vendor manages to use to keep its customers glued.


Starting off on the right foot, never looked to put the wrong foot throughout the journey. Even though it got some glitches on independent analysis sites, the rave reviews it got on third party review platforms was more than enough to erase that.

More than a decade of experience is never something to be swept under the rug. No to mention is the transparency of this business, earning it a deserved 5 of 5 stars. If I happen to be in Mexico, I would surely love to do some business with this vendor.