Review – Web Store with an Inconsistent Service Main Page is an online shop located in Mexico. The store functioned since 1999 and sold both brand name and generic Rx and OTC medications. According to the shop, it sources its products from its “registered Mexico pharmacy” and also are “federal regulated”. Meds Mex happily announced that the shop helps its buyers save from 70% to 90% of the drug costs compared to the drug costs of the ground pharmacy process. Although MedsMex offers low-cost meds, it assures the authenticity of the products sold in its online store.

Various drug products are found available on MedsMex e-shop. The store has peculiarly arranged its items by drug name and not by their treated medical conditions. This is odd since most online shops group their products by name for easy access by the buyers. Because erectile dysfunction products are the hype at the moment, we were able to find these meds on MedsMex. Both branded Viagra (Pfizer) and generic Viagra are available on MedsMex and the shop sells its Viagra 100 mg for $114.77 for 4 tablets, but the store sells one pill for $60.29 (buyers can save purchasing the 4-pill pack). Eli Lilly’s Cialis is also available on MedsMex and the shop sells the 4-tab pack of the 20 mg variant for $159.36, while the single pill costs $44.26 each. These meds, along with all the prescription meds on the shop may be bought even without prescriptions. accepts payments from credit cards from the companies MasterCard, Discover, and VISA. E-checks were also accepted by the store, so buyers can use their e-checks here as well. According to MedsMex, there are no hidden charges passed on to the buyers. For instance, its $24.95 shipping fee is indeed what the buyers will pay for during checkout. Orders typically take up to 30 days to arrive, so buyers are encouraged to wait for the expiration of the 30-day period before airing their complaints about this online shop. However, it the package fails to arrive, is willing to reship, provided that the buyers shoulder the shipping expenses. Product returns are allowed and the store is willing to refund the wrong orders 100% after the store receives the returned products.

No phone numbers are found on, but the shop advertises its emails ([email protected] and [email protected]) for its buyers to use. Reviews

It was amazing seeing buyer reviews provided for this online shop. had a flurry of reviews for the online store, but the reviews were a melange of positive and negative reviews from buyers. The earliest review for this online shop was from 2004, and the reviews continued until 2016. Testimonials

Shel48 posted in 2004 and gave the store a rating of 1 out of 5 stars. According to this buyer, he never received any product from MedsMex and despite his repeated efforts to contact the shop, the store did not entertain his prodding. Shel48 urged buyers to refrain from dealing with MedsMex.

Despite the bad review, a buyer gave MedsMex a rating of 5 out of 5 stars in 2005, a year after the online complaint. According to KittyKaboo, Medsmex shop was able to deliver his meds in 10 days and helped him save more in cost when it came to medications.

More reviews continued for, but the reviews made us indecisive since the reviews were a hodgepodge of both good reviews and complaints from buyers. It is somehow puzzling that both good and bad service came from only one shop. This means that the service from MedsMex was inconsistent during the past years. 2016 Reviews

MedsMex reviews were as inconsistent as they have been during the earlier years. Some buyers praised the store for its job well done, but buyers were also furious about the crappy service rendered to them by this online store. Testimonials in 2016

The review from Cruzn was the most recent review for Meds Mex. He wrote to quiet all the doubts other consumers may have had due to the past negative comments on the same online review platform. According to this buyer, he was able to receive the correct medications and was given an excellent customer service. Based on his statement, he was treated with “utmost respect” and was given updates for his order. This buyer said that he will use the store again. Feedback in 2016

On the one hand, another 2016 review for Meds Mex existed and it was not as good as the review above. According to BillTempo, he ordered meds worth $236 and was ironically sent with pregnancy pills, even though those meds weren’t his order. Also, the shop was not able to process his refund and the store did not respond to his emails.

Even if Meds Mex had good reviews from the third-party platform, the shop also received a considerable amount of bad reviews from its former clients. Although the satisfied buyers kept on telling the prospective clients that the store gave them good service, the unpleasant reviews for the store’s incompetence should also be considered. is in Threat List is in Threat List

Scam Adviser found that was consistent with its 19-year claim of service. The store was also indeed located in Mexico and not some other offshore location. The store was detected as a “rogue” pharmacy and also identified with links to malware reports. Due to these results, Meds Mex was only awarded a 63% rating for its reliability. Coupon Codes

The shop Meds Mex has a special area for its “special offers”. However, the shop does not have any deals present for its buyers to use. Meds Mex did not have coupon codes or any other discount offers which can help buyers to save, so for the meantime, the clients may just have to rely on the store’s low product prices for their savings.

Conclusion is one of the few web stores with reviews from external sources. However, the online reviews existing for Meds Mex were mixed; a significant number of buyers were infuriated with the awful service they’ve received from Meds Mex, while other buyers were happy with the products and the service they have received from Medsmex. Due to this, we can only give 3 out of 5, with a warning that the store’s service may be inconsistent. Research the shop and ask around to make sure that you’ll find great value for your money on this shop. Goodluck!