Review – Delivered Empty Packages to its Buyers Main Page, today, is now an unreachable website. This online shop had records from 2013 to 2015 but ultimately disappeared from the online pharmacy scene early late in 2015. There was no update why the shop closed all of a sudden; there was no hint of the store being closed down by the government or any legal agency, it just vanished and was never heard from again.

This online store claimed to sell medications approved by the drug regulating agency, FDA. The products were typical—there were the generic ED (erectile dysfunction) meds, birth control pills, drugs for depression, muscle relaxants, women’s health drugs, ADHD medications, hemorrhoid meds, and other products. Meds 247 Online proudly offered these products at a much lower price than the online drugstores and even asked for no prescription for the Rx medicine types. It was also significant that mentioned offering informational materials for its products, which may have helped the buyers learn more about the products they thought of buying. Meds247online also stated that it promoted “zero tolerance” when it came to medicine quality compromise. According to the store’s information, it only stocked quality medications from renowned manufacturers.

Meds 247 Online catered to most of the countries of the world and was able to ship the products within 24 hours of placing the order. Refunds were allowed by the store, so buyers were able to get their money back due to the store’s hassle-free money back policy (or so the store claimed).

According to Meds 247 Online, it was able to cater to some 5000 clients, with 3000 of them located in the United States alone. We can’t prove if that claim is true or erroneous and it does not seem to matter now that the shop’s already closed. No reports of this shop’s closing were found on the web, so it is still baffling why this store closed despite its claimed popularity amongst users. Reviews

Good reviews online were not available for Meds 247 Online. Complaints, however, existed for the shop, such as this one from Consumer Reports

According to the buyer, he sent money to the shop Meds247online using Western Union. He was able to receive the package, although the package is piece of paper. The buyer was truly disappointed with Meds 247 Online and based on the more detailed account of the buyer, he was already skeptical of all the online shops existing on the web due to this bad service from Meds 247 Online. Review

A buyer replied to the complainant and agreed that the shop was indeed a scam site. This buyer did not delve into details, though, and presented a competitor’s link, which the online platform redacted.

Besides these unpleasant reviews, there were no other third-party platform reviews available for Meds247online shop. Although Meds 247 Online had a few years of service online, the shop did not have good reviews from its former clients. Though these complaints from exist, they still do not represent the entirety of the buyer reviews available for Meds 247 Online. 2016 Reviews stopped working during 2015, so client testimonials were not found from the succeeding years of the store’s operations. There were reports for the domain of this store, though, and one of the examples of these reports was from Scam Adviser: Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scam Adviser rated Meds 247 Online 0/100 and mentioned that the shop cannot be trusted. Scam Adviser also noted that the store is currently offline, but had a lifetime of almost 4 years. The shop’s domain was located by Scam Adviser in India and its owner was detected as Amit Kumar. Meds 247 Online was linked to malware reports and was also identified as connected with other high-risk sites. Coupon Codes

Due to the store’s offline status, we can’t present buyer coupons or discount codes for clients. Since no user testimonials also exist for, we were also unable to evaluate whether Meds 247 Online was able to offer discount codes or freebies during its past service.


The domain of is now unreachable as the store was out of service for several years. We do not know why exactly Meds 247 Online went out of service, and there were no trails or clues as to why the store lost its domain. Meds247Online had bad reviews from buyers, though, which may indicate that the shop was put down due to its illegal activities. However, we can only assume, as there is no concrete evidence regarding this store’s disappearance. 1 out of 5 is the rating appropriate for this shut-down store.