Review – Closed Company with Misleading Information Main Page is a closed store that used to provide different herbal supplements manufactured in various facilities approved by the FDA. These manufacturers were said to be located in different parts of the United States, Europe and Asia. The company also used to provide information to the customers regarding these drugs and properly guided them. Meds Buy also used to guarantee customer satisfaction by offering high-quality drugs. There used to be a lot of drugs for both men and women’s health in this store. The drugs offered here for ED were quite unusual and I could not know about their prices, given that the store had been closed.

All credit cards used to be accepted at this store including Visa, Master Card and American Express. Worldwide shipping was offered but no information regarding it had been achieved on the internet.i was also unable to find whether MedsBuy offered any refund policy. Similarly, no information regarding how to contact the company could be recruited. Reviews had never been able to secure any customer review in its favor. This is a sad situation as most of the time, the pharmacies with no customer feedback are usually found to be a scam. Customer reviews are said to be a proof that Meds Buy did not have a big customer pool. It did not use to entertain many customers while it was still operative which implies that there was some kind of problem with its functioning. Such type of stores is unsafe for buying drugs and are usually seized or terminated at the end just like MedsBuy. If it was still working, I would have advised the customers against it as it is not a wise decision to buy drugs from a store that does not have a proof of its credibility. To check more about the popularity of Meds Buy e-store, I decided to check Scamadviser. Reviews 2017

After finding nothing regarding customer reviews for, my next stop was Scamadviser. Scamadviser is a scam detecting software that analyzes every e-store and reports if it is worthy of buying drugs or not. Trust Rating Trust Rating

As I proceeded to check the report published by this store, I was shocked to see that Scamadviser had decided in the favour of Meds-Buy. It had been given a high rating and the customers had been asked to use it without a doubt as there was no risk attached to it as per Scamadviser. Additionally, it had been mentioned by Scamadviser that it was a new site. This was a strange situation in which Scamadviser had decided in favour of a drug that was new and without customer reviews. I was not satisfied and decided to check the authenticity of this store from Scamner. Safety Level Safety Level

Scamner had given a totally contradicting judgment about Meds Buy rendering it as an unsafe platform. The store had not been able to receive any trust rating about 0 percent. Additionally, the store had been rendered as unsafe for browsing and especially for buying any type of drug. This report was in accordance with my findings related to Meds Buy, so I eventually settled down for it. Coupon Codes

It was now time to investigate the status of Meds Buy in terms of discount offers and coupon the looks of this store, I had made a guess that it did not use to offer good discounts to its customers every and I was right. After checking the website of the pharmacy, I was only able to find one offer which too was not explained completely. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

The store had mentioned that it used to provide free shipping to all the customers irrespective of the area they belong to. This implied that every customer who placed an order was to achieve a free shipping service. However, I sensed that there must have been other conditions that needed to be fulfilled in order to avail it. Another confusing statement had been posted by the company next to this offer that 99 percent of the drugs available at this store used to be available for global shipping but had not specified the 1 percent that was not a part of this offer.

Conclusion had proven itself to be a confusing store that could not be able to provide simple and direct information to me. There were a lot of ambiguities regarding the authenticity of the store. Meds-Buy lacked customer reviews but at the same time, it was rendered as a safe choice for shopping by Scamadviser. Its discount section was poor and consisted of one unattractive offer only. The more I dug into it, the more it confused me. So, I decided to vote against this drug store and give Meds-Buy a score of 1 out of 5.