Review – Closed Store with a Rogue Status Main Page was an online store that used to offer different drugs at very cheap rates. The company did not demand a prescription and shipped medicines to everyone who placed an order on it. No membership was required and the customers could directly order whatever they wanted without getting themselves registered first. The medicines were said to be 100 percent effective and cheap. Additionally, Med Personal ensured that the customers had a completely secure environment for ordering medicines with respect to their personal information such as credit card data. Drugs related to angina, allergy, antibiotics, birth control, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, etc. were offered here. I was able to find the generic form of Viagra that used to be sold at this store. The price of 50 mg generic Viagra pill was 3.5 US Dollars which was quite costly according to me.

For payments, customers could use E-checks, money orders, American Express and credit cards. Delivery was made worldwide and the orders were dispatched within 24 hours. Standard Airmail was used for this process that used to charge 10 USD and took9 to 12 business days to deliver the parcel. No information was available about the refunds. The only way of contacting the company was through the contact form. Reviews

Checking for customer reviews is the first step in my routine when finding of the authenticity of a particular drug store. This is because these reviews are said to be the most reliable evidence to get the most accurate information. The reason for this accuracy is that these are customer-generated views and are totally unbiased. If found on an independent reviewing website, these reviews are not influenced by the pharmacy at all and mostly provide accurate information about an e-store. Therefore, I checked reviews for on various reviewing websites but did not find anything. In such situations, the best way is to leave the store and look for a better alternative that has a lot of customer support. However, if the customer still wants to search more about a particular store, he has an option to check Scamadviser or Scamner to get more information. Therefore, I promptly headed towards Scamadviser to know more about Med Personal. Reviews 2017 had not been able to get any customer reviews so I directed myself to check this store by reports provided by different websites. However, I later came to know that even Scamadviser had not produced any report about this pharmacy as yet. This took me by surprise and got me more suspicious regarding Med Personal. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website

The only report that I could find regarding Med Personal was given by the LegitScript. By now, I had it in mind that Med Personal was not going to turn out as a good pharmacy and I was right. LegitScript had regarded it as a fake store that had no record of verification or validation by any means. This means that it had been running and existing since the very beginning without any evidence and all the claims that it had made were baseless and without any proof. Coupon Codes

After being completely disappointed in Med Personal regarding the authenticity, I still had to check its discount section. As soon as I searched the website for finding any discount offer, I was disappointed again. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

There was only one offer that this store used to provide to its customers and that too was not very attractive. Like many other online pharmacies, it had offered a free shipping to all the people who ordered from Med Personal. The offer sound very appealing as the customer hears it for the first time but he does not know that it comes with a price. To avail this only offer, the customer needed to buy medicines worth at least 75.01 US Dollars. As a customer, I would never risk so much money on an e-store that had no evidence or proof of its authenticity just to avail free shipping. Hence, it was quite a silly offer to make.


As far as the rating is concerned, I would give 1 out of 5. This low rating is completely justified keeping in mind the facts that have been stated above. The company had completely failed to provide a proof of its legitimacy and all the claims that it had made blindly. The only report that it received was from LegitScript which was quite poor and called it as a rogue store. I was utterly disappointed when I came to know about its poor discount section. So, I can say that it does not really matter if Med Personal got shut down, in fact, it went in the favor of the customers who can now head towards finding better options.