Review – Closed Vendor with High Risk of being a Scam was a drug store that did not specify its date of origin but according to the data, it was closed during the year 2013. It served as an online platform that worked with a goal to provide both branded and generic drugs to the customers. There was platitude exhibited in the products displayed on its website because I could see a lot of routine drugs that are normally present in a typical online drug store. The products included ED drugs, antibiotics, women health drugs, anti-depressants, pain relief medicine and more. All of these medicines were said to be manufactured by companies licensed by the US as well as India. However, it was not specifically mentioned in the FDA approved of these drugs. 100 mg Viagra used to be sold at a price of 2.99 US Dollars per pill which was not the cheapest cost that I had heard of.

For paying, customers had an option to choose from Visa card or E-checks. Airmail delivery was present for international order while courier service was limited to the customers of the United States. Information regarding their prices was not to be found. There was no phone number offered by the store and was no way to contact the company upon encountering any problem. Reviews

Like many other pharmacies, too had customer reviews but only on its own website. None of these reviews were found on any other independent reviewing website on the internet.

The first comment was made by a 65-year-old customer named George Winterborne. George belonged to New Zealand and had ordered Viagra from MedicStar. The client specifically mentioned in his comment that he loved the “high service standard” provided by this company in particular. He mentioned how convenient it was to order medicine from Medic Star as he just had to go to its website and choose the desired product. George received his ordered product only two days after ordering it.

Adma Sandler had given his short but important review on Viagra that said that “it just works”. He later thanked the store as well. Customer Experience

6-year-old Mark Williams from the United States said that he was a busy guy who did not even have time to go to his nearby pharmacy store for ordering pills. This was the reason why Mark was so “grateful” to MedicStar for helping him save time and the effort to go buy drugs all by himself.

J. McMillan from Canada ordered some Cialis from this e-store and did not regret it. He said in his review how people think online drug shopping as “buying a pig in a poke”. The customer was, however, quite happy and satisfied with MedicStar and was quite sure about the quality and efficacy of drugs offered here.

Because these reviews are nowhere else to be found, I decided not to trust them and check Scamadviser for further advice. Reviews 2017 had not received any reviews lately so it had to be analyzed as per the report presented by Scamadviser. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scamadviser had indicated that this website belonged to the United States and did not have another hidden location which was a good thing. However, it had still given a very poor trust rating to Medic Star which put it in a red zone and rendered it as highly dangerous for ordering drugs. This was because the store had been associated with some threats and viruses in the past and was not safe to be used. Coupon Codes

Now it was time to check the discount offers that used to offer to its customers. After searching the whole website thoroughly, I established that they did not exist. The company had the audacity to work all the time without offering any discounts and thought that it would be able to survive in the market where the competition is increasing every single minute. I can only call the owner of this company as foolish who did not bother to offer at least something which might have worked in favour of Medic Star and may have made it a popular and renowned drug store.


I can say that did not seem like an attractive website of its time. The customer reviews were extremely positive but the fact that they were only limited to the official domain made them useless in the eyes of many, including me. Moreover, I found a general deficiency of discount offers on this store which was also said to be going against its reputation. It was a high-risk website according to Scamadviser with a history of being associated with malware reports. For all these reasons, the company manages to get 1 out of 5 from my side.