Review – Now Closed: It’s Time to Look for New Web Pharmacies with Ample Consumer Feedbacks Main Page is an online store which claimed to be a trusted “offshore pharmacy” and offered good shipping rates to its consumers. This store, today, stands closed, for some unknown reason. Magic Pharma ( is not to be confused with another Magic Pharma store,—these are different websites selling similar medications for consumers worldwide.

This Magic Pharma store offered affordable choices for various medications which it arranged by their medical condition served. offered both brand and generic medications from various suppliers—the store even mentioned big names such as Pfizer, Novartis, Bayer, Aventis, Merck, GSK, AstraZeneca and more. According to the shop’s information, all the medications available on the website were approved by the WHO and are guaranteed high-quality products.

The store offered medications for a wide range of health concerns—the shop had medications for hypertension, cholesterol, heart disease, impotence, allergies, and various others. Consumers were not required by the shop to provide medical prescriptions in acquiring these products, unlike the local drugstores which obliged buyers to present valid prescriptions before they are dispensed the medications.

Since the data on the archives for were extremely limited, I was unable to identify more details for the shop. Despite the store offering impotence medications, I failed to check the prices for the commonly bought products such as generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Due to the broken records for, I was also unable to identify the credited payment methods by this web pharmacy. Shipping, though, was advertised as only $5 per transaction, which was one of the lowest rates for shipping by any online store (excluding those offering free shipping for their products).

I was also unable to check the store’s guarantees for its buyers in case of lost orders or damages to their orders due to the insufficient information available on the web archives for Reviews

it was hard searching for reviews for the web store Magic Pharma UK, as the shop did not have reviews for its service from several web review platforms, and even from forum and discussion platforms. The record from illustrated the no-review status of the store perfectly in the table below: Testimonial Testimonial

According to this data from for Magic Pharma, the shop had insufficient information about its service and its online reputation. Magic Pharma did not have reviews from various sources and the store did not have ratings (good or bad) from various internet sources.

It is hard to evaluate the store due to its lack of reviews for its performance. It is not apparent why the shop did not have references to it during the past, but it may be because the store was unpopular with consumers.

Good online pharmacies (or at least the ones which are able to fulfill consumer orders) tend to have valuable reviews for its service from one or two web review platforms. Shops with no reviews are usually suspicious, as clients do not have the assurance of getting their orders from these kinds of stores. Reviews 2017

Limited data were available for for the present year. I was unable to gather information for this domain from several trustworthy domain assessing platforms such as Scam Adviser and other similar websites: Website is Not Active Website is Not Active

According to the Scam Adviser result for, the store is now an inactive website and offered no further discussions for the website Despite Scam Adviser having one of the largest databases when it comes to online pharmacies, it did not have any Magic Pharma records on it. I was expecting to find out concrete details for this shop but ended up having no records pertaining to this web pharmacy. Customers Rating Customers Rating

I tried searching for records on regarding from other sources such as the site Unfortunately, did not fare well on the platform—the store only had a poor score of 1.71 out of 5 stars, the average of 641 reviews for the online pharmacy. Coupon Codes did not have coupon codes and other discount offers available as I checked its web archive records. I was expecting at least loyalty discounts for its consumers and conditional free shipping, but the store did not have anything listed on its retrieved files on the web archive site.

Usually, online drugstores are generous with their promotional offers, as these online stores strive to draw consumers in. These online pharmacies compete largely with local drug stores but also are made to compete with their fellow online drugstores too. Because of this, web pharmacies usually offer conditional free shipping, freebie pills, and bulk discount offers for their consumers. Some more generous web pharmacies, though, offer coupon codes and unconditional discounts, especially during special celebrations and holidays.

Conclusion is another online pharmacy which went out of service without leaving traces of its service behind. The shop did not have reviews from past consumers and the store also had no mentions for its service from forum platforms.

It is hard to evaluate due to its lack of reviews and because of this (and its closed status), I am rendering a score of 1 out of 5 for this web pharmacy.