Local-pharm.com Review – Claimed to Operate Since 1999 but did not have Proof of its Long Service

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Local-pharm.com now belongs to the list of online pharmacies which closed down in the recent years. Unlike the seized online drug stores, this shop did not leave clues to its disappearance—there were no records of this store being a seized domain or being shut down by the government. The shop also did not leave a trail of bad comments from consumers but did not leave trails of good reports from its former buyers as well.

According to the available data for this closed online pharmacy, this shop, Local Pharm, claimed to be one of the “global leaders” in the health and beauty industry. The store started its service since 1999, but the only records (snapshots) for the website existed in the year 2012 alone. This web pharmacy stated that it only vended products which were approved by the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Administration and offered these products at the lowest and “competitive” prices.

Local Pharm offered products belonging to a wide range of product categories, but since information on the web archives was broken and incomplete, I was unable to determine the product categories which Local-pharm.com had products for. However, the store offered a list of its most popular products, so I was able to get a sneak peek at some of the offered products on the web pharmacy. Local-pharm.com shipped products such as Kamagra, Propecia, Xenical, Zyban, Norplant, and brand Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra products. According to Local Pharm, its products were all approved by the Indian FDA and were shipped out of India. There was no mention of the need for prescriptions on every order.

Local-pharm.com offered the generic versions of the famed impotence products at low prices. Local Pharm’s price for the generic Viagra started from $0.78 per pill, its generic Cialis’ price started from $0.94 per pill, and its generic Levitra’s price started from $1.33 per pill. The store also offered the brand item; brand Viagra was sold for at least $7.25 per pill, brand Cialis for at least $7.39 per pill, and brand Levitra for at least $6.99 per pill. Local-pharm.com accepted MasterCard, VISA, American Express, JCB, and E-check payments for its products and sent orders via Trackable Courier Service and International Airmail. I was unable to determine how much the store charged for the orders, though, due to the incomplete information available on the web pharmacy. However, the store mentioned shipping all products for free, although there was insufficient information for this on the website.

In the case of lost orders, Local-pharm.com offered refunds or replacements but the store advised the consumers to contact the store first for the proper resolution.

Local-pharm.com Reviews

Although online pharmacies usually garner reviews from their consumers, there were no consumer reviews which can be imputed to Local Pharm. The store only had on-site reviews which did not have dates and which were not posted by consumer profiles. Here are some of the reviews posted by consumers on the Local-pharm.com website:

Local-pharm.com Reviews

One of the comments for the store, from Alex Friedman (NY), mentioned that he received his order and they worked similar to the brand version of the pills. The consumer stated that he will reorder from the shop.

Alisa Meggitt (Iowa) also thanked the store for its “wonderful and punctual service” and also mentioned that she would be happy to recommend Local-pharm.com to other consumers.

Aside from these client testimonials, there were actually more and were mostly praises for the web pharmacy for its excellent service and swift delivery. However, because these so-called reviews were only found on-site, we can’t trust these reviews to be true. Most drugstores use on-site comments to trick consumers into buying products in their store—the only reliable reviews are those from external web platforms and not from the site in question.

Local-pharm.com Reviews 2017

Although the store Local-pharm.com claimed to have a long history when it came to online selling, I had trouble finding reviews for the store from third party review platforms and also from domain assessing websites.

Local-pharm.com Website is Not Active
Local-pharm.com Website is Not Active

I thought that the prolific review site Scam Adviser would have Local-pharm.com in its database—I was wrong. The only information given by Scam Adviser for Local-pharm.com was that the shop was inactive and provided no further elaborations on the domain’s details.

Scamner and Legit Script, two other online platforms, also did not have records of this selling platform. This indicates that the store Local-pharm.com may have functioned shorter than it claimed—brief enough to evade other web platform evaluations for its service.

Local-pharm.com Coupon Codes

There were no discount offers for consumers on Local-pharm.com, as well as coupon codes. However, Local-pharm.com advertised a free worldwide shipping promo for its consumers:

Local-pharm.com Free Shipping Offer
Local-pharm.com Free Shipping Offer

There were no details for this offer, but the store gave free shipping on all its items. Free pills were also given on every order, although consumers with larger purchases were entitled to more free pills.


I thought that since Local-pharm.com claimed to operate since 1999 it would have an extensive pool of reviews—I was wrong. The shop did not have mentions from its former consumers and did not also have its domain included in several domain assessing platforms’ databases. Overall, my grade for this shop is a meager 1 out of 5 due to its current closed status and for its lack of available reviews and other details for its past service.