Review – Had Good Blogger Reviews but then Disappeared Main Page

Online pharmacies are gaining popularity on the internet due to the accessibility and the convenience they are marketing to their clients. One of the previously used drugstores by clients is this store, which was known to operate since the year 2006 until 2015. The shop sold generic products to help buyers have access to lower-priced medications in place of the expensively-priced medications at local drugstores. Lifestyle e-Drugstore had products for almost all medical conditions such as psychological disorders, endocrine diseases, men and women’s health, and general health conditions. Pharmacies such as Lifestyle e-Drugstore were patronized by clients from all over the world, as they were able to provide exceedingly discounted prices for otherwise very expensive drug products.

Typical online pharmacies are like mushrooms—they appear all of a sudden but also disappear without any warning. The same is the case with Lifestyle e-Drugstore, as the shop just vanished without being able to inform buyers online. Buyers may have mourned the loss of this online store, but since there was no news of this shop’s eventual disappearance, we can’t say whether the buyers were indeed affected by the loss of this shop or were unaffected by this store’s business desertion.

Lifestyle Drugstore was known for its products for erectile dysfunction, which I can say is cliché for most online stores. Almost all of the online pharmacies I came to visit all stocked generic impotence medications, and this may primarily be due to the fact that buyers were too eager to purchase products for erectile dysfunction but were conscious about the cost of the products. Viagra and similar PDE5 medications such as Cialis and Levitra from brand-name manufacturers are too expensive for some buyers. Lifestyle e-Drugstore only charged a little more than a dollar per pill for Viagra, while Cialis costs only $2.50 for each pill, which clearly are low prices for the products. Not only were the products of Lifestyle Drugstore inexpensive—they are also deemed innocuous to use by agencies such as the food and drug administration of the respective countries where the drugs were from.

The website is now gone and the data for Lifestyle e-Drugstore are scanty, which means that we can’t discuss much about the store’s details. Reviews for the store were also not available, which even limits our capacity to expound on minutiae concerning the vendor. Reviews

It is puzzling that online shops typically do not have client testimonials for their service despite their length of operations online. Even if the e-shop operated for some time on the internet, there were no concrete buyer feedbacks intended for the web store.

There were blog reviews for Lifestyle e-Drugstore, but none of them contained any definite feedback from those clients who were indeed able to transact with the store. Although the actual buyer reviews were not available, the e-shop had client testimonials posted on the store testimonial page: Reviews Reviews

Based on Kevin’s statement, he was able to order from the e-shop before. By the time of his comment, it was already his second experience with the store. Kevin stated that his order reached him a little more than a week, which is fast for an international shipment. As for the quality of the product, Kevin said that the quality of the products he got from the e-pharmacy was better than his local pharmacy. Testimonials Testimonials

The client Charles B said that he was able to try out other online pharmacies, but so far, Lifestyle Drugstore was the most reliable online store on the internet. He’s from the United Kingdom, and so far, his orders were able to reach him with no hassles. He announced on the culmination of his comment that he’s going to continue using Lifestyle e-Drugstore for his medical needs. Reviews 2016

Lifestyle e-drugstore was given a 79 percent rating by Scam Adviser and was identified to have an age of 3 years online. The store was also traced to the United States or the United Kingdom, but part of the result from Scam Adviser analysis showed that Lifestyle e-drugstore was located in Lithuania. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Even though Lifestyle e-drugstore site is now offline and generally inaccessible, the store is not still reported as offline or inactive. Scam Adviser mentioned that Lifestyle e-drugstore is connected with a high-risk country and warned buyers of the potential risk associated with using the store. This concern from the e-drugstore, however, is now insignificant, since the shop is now closed and can’t be used by any buyer for any medical need. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes may have existed for Lifestyle e-drugstore during the past, but no data for Lifestyle Drugstore suggested that the store was able to give patients coupon codes for extra savings from the store. Since the store today is non-functional, we’re sure that even if buyer codes did exist for Lifestyle Drugstore, they are not going to be of much use.


It is significant to note that previous blog articles pertaining to had good feedback for the store. However, we’re actually not too keen on giving the e-drugstore a good review due to its present offline status. We don’t have any reports on the disappearance of or at least its merger with any online shop. Due to this, we’re adding Lifestyle Drugstore to the list of non-functional online stores and give it a mere 1 out of a 5-point scale rating.