Kamagratheshop.com Review – The Fake Shop You Should Never Consider When Buying ED Pills

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Kamagratheshop.com was an online drug store that stocked a variety of drugs. The name of the pharmacy in itself gives the impression that it dealt in Kamagra pills. They claimed to sell only generic medication because brand pills were so expensive. They had a toll free line to the US at +1 800 532 4808, a regular line at +1 718 313 1498 and a UK line at +44 203 011 0241. They most likely opened the lines during business hours to deal with customer complaints and order logistics. They did not disclose their location. There was no information on the period during which they were formed.

Kamagratheshop.com sold a wide range of drugs. Among the categories of drugs sold included Antivirals, Antibiotics, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Alcoholism, Muscle relaxants, Obesity, Hypertension, skin care, women’s health, men’s health, erectile dysfunction and many others. They claimed that the meds they sold were manufactured in India by an Indian company. The Indian company was approved by the Indian FDA. Among the main bestsellers, ED pills featured heavily. The ED pills included: Generic Viagra sold at $0.69 per pill, Generic Levitra at $1.50 per pill, Generic Cialis super force at $2.22 per pill, Kamagra at $1.50 per pill, Generic Propecia at $0.60 per pill and Generic Viagra Soft at $0.90 per pill.

Kamagratheshop.com accepted payments made via MasterCard and Visa. They shipped their products to almost all the countries in the world with the exception of some Asian countries. The orders were shipped from India. They used two main shipping methods:

  • Express International mail that charged $30 and took 5-9 days to be delivered. It had the tracking capability. The tracking option is not obligatory for deliveries sent to European countries and Canada.
  • Standard International mail that was charged $10. The delivery time as 10-21 days. This shipping method had no tracking capability.

The shipping cost levied on the customer depended on a number of factors including the shipping option chosen, the country of residence and the size of the order. If you got a damaged package or something was missing from your order, all you had to do was to contact the support team and notify them of the problem. The package was either re-sent or the payment was refunded. If the product was reshipped, you were not charged any money.

Kamagratheshop.com Reviews

A customer called Mike, whose location remained anonymous, said that he had received his order. The order had been delivered in time as well. He was “very impressed with the time of delivery”. He was a happy customer. Another customer, going by the initials DN, was also pleased with the services rendered by Kamagratheshop.com. He went on to say that he had an issue that had been followed up. He had received the pills and had already had the opportunity to try them. It seems they were effective as he said that “I am very happy, so is my girlfriend.”

Kamagratheshop.com Customer Experience

Another order was placed by Brian. He had received the order in 7 days, “a most impressive service”. He went on to say that he would remain loyal to Kamagratheshop.com. He promised to inform his friends of Kamagratheshop.com and its services.

As much as these reviews lavish Kamagratheshop.com with praise, I found them wanting. They were clearly biased. I set on a mission to look for reviews from other consumer websites. I found out that the same reviews were plastered on other websites that are probably affiliated. Therefore Kamagratheshop.com was a fraud website that posted fake reviews to cheat prospective customers.

Kamagratheshop.com Reviews 2017

I went on to check whether Kamagratheshop.com was a legit pharmacy by using scam analyzing websites. I revealed some shocking findings. These scam detectors use some parameters to gauge the authenticity of a website. They use yardsticks such as visitation volume, location, and user ratings. They recommend whether a site is safe or unsafe to use.

Kamagratheshop.com Trust Rating
Kamagratheshop.com Trust Rating

Scamadviser.com gave Kamagratheshop.com a low trust rating. They went on to say that the site may not be safe to use. They determined that the site was not based in the United Kingdom as purported and was most likely from the US. Kamagratheshop.com is not a safe place to buy your drugs as indicated by this survey.

Kamagratheshop.com Safety Level
Kamagratheshop.com Safety Level

Scamner.com checked the volume of visits on Kamagratheshop.com. It determined that Kamagratheshop.com is not popular, with very low numbers of visitors. Buying and browsing on the website were not recommended. In addition to that, they gave Kamagratheshop.com 0% rating. One of the most important things the online pharmacy should have done would have been to instill trust in their customers. I felt they lost it instead.

Kamagratheshop.com Coupon Codes

Whenever I buy goods from an online shop, besides the convenience of buying with the click of a button, I am looking for a bargain. A vendor who offers discounts and juicy offers carry the day. I realized that there two discount offers. I do not know whether the discounts expired after a certain period of time.

Kamagratheshop.com Free Pills and Free Shipping Offers
Kamagratheshop.com Free Pills and Free Shipping Offers

Kamagratheshop.com offered complimentary shipping. It is not specified to whom this discount applies. It is probably for international orders. It is a very good discount because it saves the customer some money and hence they buy more. In addition to that, there are 20 free Viagra pills. They have not specified when they handed these pills to their customers. I can definitely be swayed by the enthusiasm of saving a few dollars, bar the limiting factors.


Kamagratheshop.com was an online pharmacy that was shut down. I have no idea as to whether it will resurface soon. However, I know that it was not the best place to do business at. They had no reputation on the internet and they were red flagged by scam analyzing websites. I give Kamagratheshop.com a minimum rating of 1 out of 5.