Review – Suspicious Pharmacy with Vaguely-Presented Credentials Main Page was first operated in the area of San Francisco. The drug store has been operating since 1994 and is meant for all the customers whether they belong to the United States or not. All the drugs are approved by the FDA and require a prescription for some drugs based on the rules of the area to which they are being ordered. Different drugs are available at this pharmacy store that includes antibiotics, hormonal therapies, anti-viral drugs, antidepressants, NSAIDS, drugs for allergies, anti-fungal medications, and medicines related to men’s health and a lot more. Nothing can be said whether International Pharmacy is expensive or cheap because the pricing information is not available on the website. For knowing about the unit price of Viagra, the customer needs to contact the customer care service which is quite odd.

Payment methods approved for International Pharmacy include international wire transfer, online money transfer, and direct payment to its different bank accounts in different regions such as Australia, Japan, Poland and the United Kingdom. Various shipping methods are provided by the company that includes First Class Airmail charging 15.75 US Dollars and taking 7 to 10 days to deliver. The US Priority Mail takes 46.50 USD and delivers within 7 to 10 days as well. Express Main costs 76.50 USD and takes 5 to 7 days while International Priority Mail takes 2 to 3 days to get the job done and charges 112 USD. The service of refrigerated shipping can be availed at a high price of 215 USD. For contacting the customer help center, the clients can make a paid call to (650) 573-6200. They can also use (650) 573-6400 to fax their queries and prescriptions to the company. No live chat facility is available at the drug store’s website. The company does not provide a refund once the products have been shipped. Moreover, International Pharmacy does not have an exchange or returns policy for its products. Reviews

Customer reviews serve as a prime source for finding out about the status of an e-pharmacy in questions regarding its legitimacy. Why these reviews can be trusted is because they are based on real experiences of other people who had tried out this pharmacy before. Hence, they can judge the store in a better way and also share their views whether or not the store should be tried.

No responses of any kind were found regarding International Pharmacy anywhere on the internet. The vendor itself had not bothered to make a separate testimonials section on its official website. This might be so because the pharmacy had failed to receive any reviews, but it is not possible since it has been successfully running online for over a decade now. The situation is quite complex, and it is better not to waste time and money on researching more about this drug store. The customers should instead look out for better alternatives for buying drugs online. Reviews 2016

No reviews could be retrieved for this drug store even in the most recent year. This is suspicious because it has been so long for International Pharmacy to work without receiving any user reviews. In such situations, the drug store is either fake or not customer friendly at all. It is better to get a clear picture about the position of this kind of pharmacies by checking what Scamadvisor has to say about them. is in Threat List is in Threat List

Scamadvisor has not termed it completely as a fake website; however, it does not approve it. The drug store has been given a trust rating of 65 percent which is considered safe but only by a very small margin.  It was further mentioned that the website does not usually entertain a lot of customers. It is based in the United States and has been operating for over 19 years. Why it was not marked as a completely safe drug store is because Scamadvisor has detected a malware report for this website. Moreover, it has also been termed as a rogue website by Scamadvisor. International Pharmacy does seem to face trouble and it is better not to get involved with such drug stores. Rather, clients should prefer a store that is popular, approved by Scamadvisor and free of all kinds of suspicions. Website Summary Website Summary

As per LegitScript, this pharmacy has not been able to prove its legitimacy. The drug store does not comply with the rules for proving itself as a legit and a fully functioning pharmacy. Therefore, it has been termed as a rogue one and customers have been advised to stay away from it. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are of sheer importance from the perspective of a customer. The presence of these offers allows a customer to save his hard-earned money. Therefore, clients also tend to prefer such drug stores which offer a lot of discount deals and coupon codes for them to avail. Unfortunately, International Pharmacy had no coupon codes mentioned on its website. The drug store seems to be completely unaware about the marketing strategies to attract customers and to make them a permanent client. is hence, going to disappoint all of those people who were looking forward to getting some quality medication at a discounted rate.


The official website of International Pharmacy has practically nothing in it. Even the pricing details of different medications are being kept a secret, and the customers need to make a paid call or send an email to know more about them. No customer reviews exist for this website although it has been working for over two decades now. No discounts are given by the vendor as well. It can be said that this drug store has nothing attractive to offer. I would give 1 out of 5 for lacking so much essential information and not meeting the requirements of a legit e-drugstore. Also, I would never buy ED drugs from this store and would urge others to do the same.