Review – The Store You Can Resort without a Prescription

One of my latest stops on the worldwide web of online pharmacies was, a store located in Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean. The website was merely ok, nothing fancy or classy. Just a mere white background with a small illustration explaining how the purchasing usually works.

Established in 1996, the pharmacy clearly states it only supplies non-restricted medicines from FDA-approved manufacturers. I was blown away by the products provisions, starting from contraceptives, drugs for transgender, breastfeeding, HIV, etc. Clearly, I went to check the prices for erectile dysfunction meds. offers 13 different treatment drugs for erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil-based generics cost from $1.39 per tablet, whereas Levitra Vardenafil has a pricing of $25.88 per pill. Moreover, the website also provides a small explanation about the disorder and its causes, which I believe makes a nice touch to these extremely affordable prices.

The orders can be paid with eChecks, bitcoins, wire transfer, Visa debit and credit cards, American Express cards, and Mastercard upon request. The goods are shipped within 24 hours after placing the order, and packages can have a tracking number. Depending on the destination’s country, the package can take between 7-28 days to arrive. Most countries have free standard shipping, or, if the customer prefers, premium shipping for an extra fee. However, will not take responsibility for any customs fee.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The drugs can be purchased without a prescription. can refund for the products, as long as the package returns to the store unused and unopened. If contacted within 8 weeks from the ship date, the store also reships or refunds any lost order.

I wish I could say the customer service was simple and resourceful all the time. The store only talks with customers during its operating hours which are incredibly late for someone who lives in the US. can be reached via phone (877-271-6591) or by filling the contact form on the website. Reviews Testimonials

I can’t say the internet is swimming on reviews for this particular store. does have a facebook page and a small button asking to leave a review. However, I wasn’t able to find any reviews on the website itself. is very popular among transgenders apparently. Many people are inquiring about the store on the subreddit dedicated to transgenders. Without a prescription, it is fairly easy for these people to purchase the hormone replacement therapy drugs.

Reddit user kojef, for example, appears to have ordered something from the store and the package didn’t arrive after 5 weeks. The complaint extends to the customer service that didn’t provide a fast reply.

Another user carefully notices that was similar to another legit store, concluding they are probably the same. Reviews 2016

My opinion so far of is still a bit mixed. Giving the lack of a plausible number of reviews, I decided to analyze the website’s trustworthiness with Scam Adviser and Legit Script. I can’t count the number of times these tools saved me from making a huge mistake.

According to the almighty Scam Adviser, has only 10% rating score, making it a very risky website. Nevertheless, the store has a lot of visitors so I am assuming it is very popular. I just wished I could have more reviews if is indeed that popular. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The store is also using a different domain. Scam Adviser believes the website is located either in Bahamas or US, but according to, the store is situated in Vanuatu.

Legit Scrip analyzed the website as a Rogue. Ouch. It looked like such an amazing website. Selling prescription drugs without a doctor’s receipt is illegal, and allows uncontrolled meds to circulate worldwide. It is not a good policy and I don’t believe is doing everything entirely legal. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website Coupon Codes Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer throws out a few discounts together with its already economical products. One of the discounts (that I simply adore) is the free shipping, especially for US orders. On the shipping page, the store actually mentions free shipping for a lot of countries. If the customer prefers to have a trace number, then an extra fee is applied for the shipping. Bitcoin 10% Offer Bitcoin 10% Offer

Bitcoin payments are becoming very popular so is willing to give a customer 10% off if the payment is done by bitcoin. Maybe it is easier for the pharmacy to handle these payments, or maybe the store has a partnership with bitcoin. The truth is that having an extra discount is always welcomed.


Let me be straight and clear with you: I still have my doubts about this store. I wouldn’t go all crazy and spend a fortune here without having dealt with in the past. Moreover, my radar is always on when I see a pharmacy that doesn’t require a prescription. But I will assume that most people will use their judgement and only buy meds that their doctor advised.

I would also like to know the exact origin of the drugs. In other words, the country where the drugs are manufactured. Maybe the reason why the meds are so cheap is because they aren’t controlled. Buying drugs like this is always a leap of faith, honestly. And not being able to find reviews, is not helping either. And, of course, those immensely low scores on Scam Adviser and Legit Script.

If you are willing to take a small risk, I’d say that could help you get the erectile dysfunction drugs you need. But there are more nice alternatives. I’m rating as 2 out of 5.