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One of those online pharmacies that have always been on my list for a review is Undeterred by the fact that they were not in existence anymore, I quickly used the closest Internet Wayback machine tool closest to me, and safe to say, I found out just what I would have loved to. The first thing I searched for was, of course, the location of this store. The shop has been in existence since the 24th of February, 2010, meaning the store operated longer than most of its online pharmacy counterparts. However, despite the impressive long run, the store Indian Pharma Online is now closed

They offered quite many medication types. If you were looking for something on the line of alcoholism, some antibiotics, asthma and even, diabetes as well as erectile dysfunction drugs, they have just the thing for you. On the average, they sold a pill of the generic Viagra for $0.81, a very hard bargain if you ask me. The generic female Cialis was also listed alongside it, selling at a slightly higher $0.99 per cop. Cheap to the core, I admit. I was even the merrier with them when I saw that their pills have been deemed approved by the Indian FDA. A big step in the right direction.

For customers who are interested in placing an order, they had three main payment methods in place – payment via credit card, electronic checks, and bank wire transfer. One thing that could be lauded about them is the broad spectrum of credit cards that they supported. After order placement and confirmation, shipping would take some 7 – 9 business days, and the shipping costs can amount can be as less as just $10 (per package) or a much as $50. The latter fee applies only when a customer opts for the trackable courier service instead. Since there could be issues not addressed in the FAQ that I would have liked to know more about, I decided to test the provision the website made for contacting its customer care agent. The store catered to buyer inquiries through email or phone support—but since this online drugstore’s now closed, there’s no contacting this online pharmacy anymore.

Refund and reshipments for lost or damaged parcels were available, although buyers had not much use for them since the buyers were mostly able to receive their orders from this online pharmacy. Reviews

Reviews are a good gauge of any shop’s performance and they are the ones I typically look for whenever evaluating an online platform. Here are some of the customer reviews available for the shop Indian Pharma Online: Reviews Reviews

According to the user KW, the pills he got from Indian Pharma Online were “fantastic” and lived up to his expectations. The meds also had no side effects, according to this user.

Steven also thanked the store Indian Pharma Online for its service and stated that he “appreciated” how the store catered to him and delivered his order.

Carl, like the others, also thanked the store for its service, but also commended the products he bought from the shop. In his own words, Carl said that the pills he took worked “great beyond expectation”. Reviews 2016

Before it closed down, the shop Indian Pharma Online was able to gain several more reviews from clients in 2016. It was not surprising that the reviews were also positive about the shop’s service—it was somehow expected since its former reviews already set the stage for this store’s positive feedback. Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016

According to Goran, he was able to receive the goods he ordered from Indian Pharma Online and mentioned that the store shipped his orders faster than he anticipated.

Muddy Rudder, on the other hand, thanked the store for its “outstanding” customer service; whilst the buyer Santos confirmed that his Cialis order already reached him. All in all, buyer reviews for this closed store were positive even before it closed. Coupon Codes

During its lifetime, the online pharmacy also ran some promotions to get people to bring their business to them. Aside from the notice on the homepage which promised continuous discounts with as many orders made, there was also a deal package that allowed customers to get a pill as sample order when the order was up to 60 pills of ED medicine. I don’t know where that kind of offer package got them, but it must have worked wonders back in the day. Free Sample Pills Free Sample Pills


Forming an opinion about was not thought hard. This shop had their drugs certified by the Indian FDA, had good prices, and had excellent reviews—the store, despite the closed status, deserves an easy 4 out of 5 score. Buyers were pleased with their order turnout—customers still reviewed the store even before it closed down in 2016 and had no complaints whatsoever from buyers online. However, now that Indian Pharma Online is now closed, buyers should now consider the use of other web drugstores, like the ones encompassed in our list of Best Online Pharmacies for the current year.