Review: Who is Going to Replace This Shut Down e-Pharmacy?

Some of you may have encountered on your search for an online pharmacy, or you were actual clients of this store. This store, also known as Health-World among certain consumers, was shut down some time ago. offered a range of medicines for multiple purposes and very cheap prices. doesn’t exist anymore and very little information about the store remains online as of today. The store simply evaporated just like many other stores.


Our most appreciated online stores can run out of business abruptly and without any warning, leaving returning customers without another option to buy their medications from. The sudden disappearing happens more frequently than we would like, thanks to leading pharmaceutical companies’ actions. These bigger companies wish to ensure that the monopoly of generics remains theirs, thus eventually shutting down more affordable stores like Companies which sell quality meds at much lower rates are a target for these pharmaceuticals since the consumers, most of the times, prefer to go to the lower-cost option. These pharmaceuticals put these stores out of business by accusing them of selling illegal products or using other methods to seize their domain. Reviews entered the pharmacy business fairly recently. With an online store operating for a bit more than 3 years, acclaimed to only provided FDA-approved drugs, or meds approved by other related health institutions. All of its affordable generics were shipped from India to all over the world. shipped its orders via fast airmail and provided a tracking number to every single customer. The store used to have a great refund policy in case the order wasn’t delivered within specified time. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Several men were relying on to obtain their erectile dysfunction drugs at reasonable prices. had plentiful feedbacks on the internet where many consumers attested their satisfaction towards the store. However, most of these positive reviews were found on website alone. According to several WOTs, the store was actually considered to be unsafe and identified as untrustworthy when it comes to handling sensitive data. Scam Adviser states that was based in the UK and had very low safety. is a proud holder of a poor reputation award, and advised against by some pharmacy review bloggers. The potential for the store to be a rogue was quite high, even though no evidence was found. Alternatives

Luckily or unluckily, the truth is that is already gone and is no longer an option. The store’s history was also a bit shaky so perhaps wasn’t the best shopping destination to begin with. Nevertheless, the same problem remains: what pharmacies are the sources of high-quality generic medicines that are affordable and safe? You don’t have to lose hours researching because we did that homework for you! Our website is filled with reviews of different vendors, each one concluding if such vendor is worth it or not. Everything from pricing, type of meds, medical categories, delivery options, fees and time, discounts, etc, is highlighted in each review. Besides, we only recommend stores that sell medications manufactured under the regulation of the highest health standards. We are here for you!