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I had a chance to visit Healthcare-24× recently to determine whether it is a good source for generic medicines or a scam one.

One thing you can notice right away about Healthcare-24× is the name European Pharmacy in the header and the European Union flag, which give the impression that this is where Healthcare-24× is working from. Curiously enough, you cannot locate this information anywhere in writing on the site. So, I could very well see that Healthcare-24× is not very forthcoming about its real location. But I decided to go on and see what else Healthcare-24×7 store was sharing (or hiding). One thing I did learn was that HealthCare 24×7 store has been functional for 7 years or so.

An assortment of medicines can be found under sections like Heart, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Asthma, Depression, Anti-Allergy, Pain Relief, and many others. You can find erectile dysfunction medicines in its relative category. The Best Sellers also contains ED medicines.

I checked out the prices of Viagra and Cialis in the erectile dysfunction category and was able to assess that a customer can buy 10 tablets of Viagra for $36.57 (each tablet costs $3.66). But if you are a fan of Cialis, its 10 tablets can be bought for $37.46 (each tablet costs $3.75). All these generic medicines have an FDA authorization for export from India, where these medications are being manufactured.

Furthermore, you can pay for your purchased products through any of the following methods: Visa, American Express cards, and e-checks. One method that is not mentioned in the FAQs but the icon of which I could see on the site was Bitcoin, most probably a recently added method. Your purchased products will be delivered through either of these methods: Registered Airmail ($14.95) or EMS ($24.95). The order delivered through Registered mail will reach the destination in 2-3 weeks approximately. But those delivered through EMS will reach the customer in 5-7 days. Customers can track their orders if they choose the EMS method. You can also pay an additional $6.95 for guaranteed delivery insurance.

I decided to get in touch with the customer care department and discovered that I could initiate contact through calling on +1-800-7155341 (USA) or +44-203-3185981 (UK). I could see a physical address also given for a firm called Europharm based in the Czech Republic. Since I could also send an email, so I decided to send one through the site and got the following acknowledgment receipt: Feedback Form
Healthcare-24× Feedback Form

I came to know that Healthcare-24x7store offers to issue a refund to customers who receive a defective product or whose order loses its way in the mail. But in case someone is not satisfied with the product then he is advised to get in touch with the customer care team at Healthcare-24× and it would find a suitable way to help the customer.

Healthcare-24× Reviews

I needed to check the review of buyers availing HealthCare 24×7 store’s services, so I decided to browse the testimonial section. I saw a few customer reviews there which were positive: Customer Experience

A customer by the name Tristan Corring wrote to HealthCare 24×7 on 21st July 2015 that she received her ordered products and she feels “pleased” with the speedy service. Likewise, Paul Geasley, another customer, had written on 10th July 2015 to confirm receiving his package. Mohammad Farooq who also bought some medicines from here got in touch with the customer care department on 27th May 2015 to say that he is thankful to this “Canadian pharmacy” for its “continuous coordination and support” and hopes that it continues to serve its customers with the same fervor. Kevin Logan was also a customer who pledged his resolve to be a permanent customer here by saying that he looks “forward to doing business” here again.

Oddly enough, all reviews were submitted in 2015, though the store has been in existence for the past 7 years. All of them were positive and had 4 or 5 stars rating and nothing less than that. I have seen most of these reviews elsewhere on at least two other pharmacy reviewing sites, so most content has been apparently lifted or reproduced from other sites mindlessly, as a customer is thanking a “Canadian pharmacy” instead of healthcare-24× This is the biggest giveaway that HealthCare 24×7 is nothing but a fake site pretending to be a European online pharmacy.

Healthcare-24× Reviews 2016

Scam Advisor helped me confirm this suspicion: Trust Rating
Healthcare-24× Trust Rating

Scam Advisor’s research reveals that healthcare-24× is not a European medicine store. It might be working from the USA but since its real location has been hidden deliberately by the owner, so this is only a speculation. Nobody visits HealthCare 24×7 let alone buys from here. Thus, it’s natural that Scam Advisor doesn’t consider healthcare-24× to be a trustworthy site or one safe for transactions. Website Summary
Healthcare-24× Website Summary

LegitScript too has found healthcare-24× to be defiant of internet pharmacy standard codes, so it has been branded as yet another rogue medicine store.

Healthcare-24× Coupon Codes Free Pills Offer
Healthcare-24× Free Pills Offer

In order to give customers a sense of coming across a real bargain, healthcare-24× is offering customers 2 free generic Viagra, Cialis or Levitra pills with each order. Yet another offer found here is free of cost shipment on large orders (over $200 and $300).


Healthcare-24× is a medicine store dealing in generics. It has been designed in such a manner that it gives its customer an impression of being based in some EU country. Then there is an address on the site which places it in the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, one of the made-up testimonials Healthcare-24× mentions it as a Canadian Pharmacy. But when you look at Scam Advisor’s report, you get to know that the real location of Healthcare-24× is hidden. This out rightly means deception. Healthcare-24× is guilty of something that’s why it is trying to hide its whereabouts and giving a false impression. Therefore, my rating for Healthcare-24× is 1 (poor) obviously. My recommendation to potential buyers is to avoid this deceptive e- store and go for those ones which are honest and transparent and have proven reputation.