Good Pills Review – A Good Pharmacy Network to Deal with

Good Pills just like its name suggests is a good online med store network that has been around since the year 2001. The store network has been operating for 17 years. This tells you that Canadian pharmacy limited which runs this pharmacy network is experienced in offering online pharmacy services. The store network has already managed to serve more than one million shoppers from around the globe. Given that the medications they sell are over 90% cheaper than what local pharmacies sell the same meds, we can only assume they have managed to save millions of dollars for these people.

It is simple to find a pharmacy that claims it is one of the websites under the Good Pills drugstore network. However, locating a real pharmacy that will not rip you off is the hard part. Make sure that you don’t trust random web addresses since you may end up in a scammers trap while you think you are dealing with a genuine online pharmacy. When you use a real Good Pills network store, you will receive genuine services. The network has already received approval from the top regulatory bodies with MIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and CIPA being among them.

Good Pills Reviews

There is enough evidence in the reviews left behind by previous customers who have shopped at Good Pills network med stores to prove that this network is 100% genuine. Instead of letting you waste time trying to figure out where these reviews are, we have already gathered a couple of these reviews here:

Good Pills Reviews
Good Pills Reviews

One thing is common in all the testimonials we have above. The medications were not late. Another thing is that the drugs had the quality the buyers were looking for. Alex made his order while living in France. He says that he likes the company that runs the Good Pills drugstore network. The team kept him updated and the drugs were sent very fast. The selection of drugs he received was great.

Mark has already ordered two times while he was also in France. The meds always arrived after 10 days. He never experienced any trouble with the customs. The products always satisfied him since they had the quality that he had been looking for. Andy says that everything was handled very quickly. The meds were not delayed since they arrive in Ireland where he lives fast.

Good Pills Online

Good Pills network websites all have a simple look. They are very easy to navigate and you can place your order quite easily even if it is your first time ordering meds on the web. To locate your medications, you will only need to use the search bar or the alphabet search. The search bar will provide you with a list of suggested meds available in the catalog as you continue to type. The following is what you should expect when you use any domain address that is owned by the Good Pills pharmacy network:

Good Pills Website Look
Good Pills Website Look

The pills are sorted into categories. For example, if you are a man and your bedroom life is becoming unbearable because of erectile dysfunction, you will locate all the ED meds in the erectile dysfunction category. Drugs sold on any of the Good Pills websites are approved by the Food and Drug administration. This should let you know that the drugs will be both safe and effective when you take them.

Good Pills network pharmacies do not demand a prescription in order to dispense your medications. However, it is always recommended that you as the patient take care of your health by only buying drugs that you will help you and you know how to use them. The pharmacy network will ask you to pay a $9.95 fee for the Airmail shipping. You also get to pay another mandatory $4.95 fee which is for package insurance. This is usually for guaranteed reshipments and refunds. The pharmacy has a more expensive method of shipping known as EMS. This costs $19.95. It is faster than the Airmail which is the reason as to why it becomes expensive.

Good Pills Coupon Codes

There is no need to search for the Good Pills network pharmacy coupon or promo codes on the web because you will just waste your time and still come up empty-handed. The offers you get are all available on the websites. For example, the more the pills you buy, the lesser the price per pill gets.

Good Pills Free Shipping
Good Pills Free Shipping

If your pills are worth more than 200 dollars, the Good Pills team will cover the shipping costs. The pharmacy network always throws in some extra pills that you will not have to pay for as a bonus. The more pills you buy, the more bonus pills you get.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

Reaching the Good Pills support agents is very easy. You can achieve it using the following phone numbers:

  • +1-718-487-9792 – United States.
  • +4420-3239-7092 – United Kingdom.

If you don’t reach them using the phone numbers, you can send them an email. To send the email, you will need to visit the contact page and fill out the form with your details and message.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

We have spent a significant amount of time looking online for evidence that someone was spammed by the Good Pills team. We have concluded that this pharmacy network does not spam their customers since there is no one claiming that he or she received spam calls or spam emails.


You will get the cheapest brand and generic drugs when you visit any of the pharmacies operating under the Good Pills network. The team that runs these pharmacies will always be available to listen to your queries and provide a solution as quickly as they can. Although the network lacks an online chat function, clients can rely on the quick reply that the support team provides to email communications. For all this, the Good Pills network should get a 5-star rating.