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Visiting, I instantly recognized that the shop is nothing like its online counterparts. Although this store is also selling medications, most of the products presented on the shop are over-the-counter and prescription medications from “big pharma” companies. Usually when shopping online for meds, I am presented by online shops with innumerable generic drug options; however, for, you can notice that the shop seems to mostly have products from big pharmaceutical names in the industry.

There is not much information concerning its operations, but the disclaimer on the terms and conditions section of this online shop mentioned that is not a real pharmacy, but rather a “brokerage” service, which connects buyers to ground pharmacies for good prices. It is notable, though, that there is no information page allotted to; there is no mention regarding the start of the store’s operations or where it conducts its business from. offers several types of medications from various areas of concern. has medicines intended for erectile dysfunction (listed under men’s health), sleep disorders, skin care, weight management, rheumatic diseases, withdrawal meds, and so much more. Buyers can order meds without prescriptions; although the store offers telemedical consultations ($16.61) with actual doctors, the shop does not provide prescriptions for its clients.

As for meds for erectile dysfunction (ED), has stocks of Viagra and other generic items. Since is a brokerage, there is a mishmash of prices available for every single product. Prices for the brand-name ED drug, Viagra, the price for 4 tablets of the Pfizer-made product in 100 mg costs $109.81. It is confusing where to buy the product, though, because there are similar price listings for the product. As for Cialis (from Eli Lilly), the cost for 4 pills of the 10 mg product is $121.71. These are not too cheap prices for erectile dysfunction meds from big pharma names, but these prices are relatively cheaper than the common ground pharmacy pricing still.

Besides the drug charges, asks for a brokerage commission ($0.13), prescription fee ($6.64), and shipping charges ($11.97 for priority mail). The store does not allow returns and because the sale of the items takes place in a licensed ground pharmacy, all the sales of the products are final. There was no information concerning the refund and reshipment policies of, as well as the contact information of the store, which was rather odd. Reviews

Reviews were available for from third party websites such as The shop had varying comments from users; one buyer attested to having received his order from the store, while another shared his qualms about the store. Feedback

MeSci (posted on December 2013) mentioned that he’s used the store successfully, although he has one complaint about the shop; according to the buyer, is a good store but its shipping was really slow. He also added that the store might have a scammer doppelganger so buyers should beware.

On the one hand, Legm82, another member of the forum store, shared how he was double-minded about the shop’s integrity. The member questioned the fact that did not ask for prescriptions and even contemplated whether the store is selling fake drugs or not.

There was no conclusion to the buyers’ comments, so it’s time to check more present reviews for the product online. Fortunately, there were other user comments available for for more recent years. Reviews 2016

The 2016 reviews for were great, as the shop had 5 out of 5-star comments from review websites: Feedback in 2016 comments for from buyers were stellar; one member “safetyshuttle” (posted October 2016) mentioned that the store was a trustworthy store since he was able to order from for several times and was able to get the products every single time. The buyer, though, confirmed that the shipping was really slow as the company ships out the products from a location out of the United States.

Is a Fake Site?
Is a Fake Site?

The store, though, had a low rating from Scam Adviser. only had a 10/100 score for its trustworthiness (according to the result from although the shop was very popular and had lots of visitors during the past. This shop was also identified to have a 12-year age, but the store was given a “rogue” rating, which means that may have had a history of complaints from the web. Coupon Codes

Browsing, I was unable to find coupon codes or other discount offers from this online store. Buyers reel for coupon codes or discount vouchers, so having none may have deterred a few buyers from purchasing from this online shop.

Personally, I would have preferred seeing coupon codes from this store as its prices were not really too friendly for all of the buyers. Most were brand-name meds, though, so the pricing was justifiable, but it would have helped if the generic stocks from were a bit cheaper than its existing prices.


Though had good reviews from clients for the more recent year, we can just confer a score of 3 out of 5 to this online shop, as there is still much trepidation surrounding it. There were no phone numbers on the store and there was little information presented on the shop. Well, if you are brave enough to spend about a hundred dollars plus fees, then you can order from But if you want to stay safe, then it’s better to consider other options when it comes to erectile dysfunction purchases.