Review – Suspended Vendor with No Data Available Main Page used to be an online spot or buying different kinds of drugs. The tagline of gold-pharmacy said that it was a single platform that was determined to fulfill all kinds of health needs of different customers. All types of medicines used to be present on this drug store including those for different infections, diabetes, eye care, depression, hypertension, cardiovascular health and a lot more. However, the company claimed that it specialized in the medicines for the sexual health of men, mental health as well as weight loss.

The drug store took pride that it offered the best quality medications to its customers across the globe. Moreover, the company also offered a service of shipping worldwide to every area. Gold Pharmacy also claimed that it had an SSL security to make the transactions of the customers safe and secure. A 30-day money back guarantee was also offered at gold-pharmacy where the customers used to get a refund within a month of ordering a specific product if they were not happy with it. The prices of all the products were mentioned in US Dollars that made it easier for the people of United States to navigate and buy drugs easily. The prices seemed to be quite cheap and were affordable for many of the customers. The top selling product list of gold-pharmacy included Cialis, Viagra, and ED packs.

Gold-pharmacy claimed that it was a broker of drugs that served as a connection between the pharmacies manufacturing licensed drugs and the patients who needed them. A tracking service used to be provided by the company so it was easier for the clients to know the progress of their parcels. had a specialized team of licensed physicians whose job was to review every order before approving it and forwarding it to the pharmacy for further processing.

Because the website was no longer working, specific information regarding shipping charges or customer care service could not be found. Reviews seemed like a website worthy enough to order from. In order to make sure if I was right about my instinct or not, I made a decision to find out what the users have to say about the functioning and quality of products delivered by this online pharmacy. To my dismay, I found no reviews as the searched the whole internet. Further, I checked various other independent review websites, in case any customer was satisfied with their performance. Neither of those third party websites had any reviews particularly given in reference to this pharmacy. In short, this store had bitterly disappointed me as an interested customer because the absence of user reviews is nothing but a noticeable stain on the name of a store. I would have highly suggested the owners of this company to take strict action against this issue if the pharmacy was still accessible. Reviews 2016

Because there were no reviews found for gold-pharmacy at all, it was time to check its status report on Scammer. Safety Information Safety Information

Proving my viewpoint, scamner had given a 0% rating to this website and gave a clear caution that browsing and buying on this website were not recommended and that the buyers should abstain from this website at any cost. Scamner also indicated that the website did not have many visitors proving the fact that the owner of this pharmacy was just another scammer. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Just like Scamner, Scamadviser had also given a low trust rating to the website and said that the website was a rogue pharmacy. It had also said that the users must prohibit themselves from making any kind of financial transactions as the owners were able to easily leak or sell the credit card information to any third party. Scamadviser also mentioned that the website was Germany based but was running from Israel which high-risk country. Coupon Codes

There were not many coupon codes to discuss on this website. After a great research, I was able to find some of the coupon codes which were applicable to Viagra only. Discount Offers Discount Offers

The pharmacy claimed that the users could save money by ordering Viagra in a bulk amount. This was not a good discount offer as not every customer wants to buy his medicines in bulk, especially when he is trying out a particular drug store for the first time.


Nothing definitive could be said about since the website is shut down and there is no other source of complete and authentic information regarding it. The drug store was claimed to be a cheap one but since I could not find a proof of it, there is nothing I can say about this claim. Moreover, there was also no information regarding the shipping services used to provide and the additional charges for it. There were no customer reviews regarding this drug store possibly because it was relatively newer. Scamadviser had its suspicions about it whereas Scamner had declared it a store that was unfit to use. In the light of whatever I could find about gold-pharmacy, I will give it 1 out of 5 and would not call it as a reliable store for buying ED drugs.