Review – FDA Regulated Drug Store Lacking Customer Approval Main Page has been working since 2004 and providing people prescription medications of high quality. The company acquires the medications from the pharmacies located in India, Europe, and Singapore. Global Pharmacy Plus claims to process up to 300000 orders every year and provide medications to even more than 200000 customers. The main assortments of this drug store include anti-diabetic drugs, anti-fungal drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, drugs for men’s health, drugs for depression, women’s health and much more. The medications offered here are expensive. A single tablet of Viagra 25 mg costs 2.25 US Dollars. Each one of these drugs has been approved by the FDA and requires a valid prescription for making a purchase.

Shipping service is provided to all the areas where the drugs are legalized. The customers can pay for their orders by using MasterCard, personal checks or by International Money Order. A flat shipping rate is set for every order irrespective of the area where it is to be delivered. Every delivery charges 12 US Dollars. Orders can take 12 to 16 days to reach the desired destination. A tracking number is also provided for customers to locate their order. For contacting the company, the clients can make a free call at 1-855-475-7782. They can also fax their messages at 1-855-475-7787 for free. An email address is also given in this regard to mail all the queries to the support center. No live chat is available. No information about refund policy has been mentioned anywhere on the internet. Reviews

Reviews are an important constituent of an online web store. This is because it is the only way of finding out the functioning of a particular drug store as well as the quality of products available there. These reviews are given by other customers; therefore, it is a high possibility that they are accurate, especially when they are present on some third-party website. Therefore, without wasting any more time, the search for retrieval of reviews for Global Pharmacy Plus was started. After thoroughly searching the internet, not a single review was found. This is a very strange and confusing situation for an online business that has been operating for some time now. It either means that the company is a scam website or it is reckless and does not care about the customers. Whatever the reason might be, the absence of customer feedback always goes against the particular drug store. Such pharmacies are unable to provide a proof of authentication and cannot be trusted. It is advised to all those customers who are considering to buy products from GlobalPharmacyPlus to reconsider as the drug store might prove risky for them. Reviews 2016

It is usually expected of a pharmacy to improve itself over the time in order to survive in the market. This was not the case with Global Pharmacy Plus as the pharmacy failed to show any improvement in the most recent years. It still did not have any reviews given by the customers till now. Therefore, it became necessary to check the status of this drug store as analyzed by different software and reviewing programs.

Is a Fake Site?
Is a Fake Site?

When the website was looked up at Scamadvisor, it was found that it has been associated with a potential threat. The trust rating of this store was 74 percent which barely made it reach the safe zone. Also, it was mentioned that the company claims to be based in Canada, but it was somehow linked to the Czech Republic. Scamadvisor said that it is important to evaluate the countries associated with a pharmacy in order to process the risks it might bring along. Although Global Pharmacy Plus has a lot of customers, it is not a safe choice as per Scamadvisor. Website Summary Website Summary

LegitScript also seemed to be disappointed by this store and said that it did not comply with the rules and regulations set for pharmacy practice. It also suspected that this store is involved in the fraudulent business. It has been termed as a rogue pharmacy, and LegitScript has advised the customers not to try it.

According to both LegitScript and Scamadvisor, Global Pharmacy Plus is a bad option for ordering drugs online so a customer should stay away from this drug store. Coupon Codes

In addition to lacking in customer feedbacks, Global Pharmacy Plus also did not have any discount offers to make its customers happy. Discounts are one of the main reasons why client are attracted to a pharmacy in questions because everyone wants to buy their medicines at the best possible rates. In such a situation, Global Pharmacy Plus will definitely fail to lure in more customers when they have a lot of other options to get discounts. The company should take radical measures to eradicate this issue as soon as possible for sustaining in the online pharmacy world.

Conclusion has a potential to become a better pharmacy if it works hard on its flaws. The company is strictly regulated by the FDA regulations. It also demands a valid prescription for placing orders, which is appreciable. However, there are absolutely no discounts and the prices of the medications are already quite high. Moreover, the pharmacy does not have a single review whether positive or negative despite working online for more than a decade. Global Pharmacy Plus needs to do something about it as soon as possible if it wants to be counted among the good pharmacies working online. With this, I would award 1 out of 5 to Global Pharmacy Plus and would not recommend it to anyone for buying ED drugs for now.