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There are a lot of pharmacies on the internet which aims to become the top solution in their fields, but one especially claims that top seat for itself. Going by the name, this internet vendor has been in the business for a while now. It even promises to be a certified supplier of both generic and brand medicine.

The information on the vendor’s website is sparse. Sparse because there was neither a mention of where they were operating out of, or how long they have been in the business for. These are two things which an internet pharmacy, or any other legit business on the internet for that matter, should have made provision for. However, they did have quite the number of pills on board.

With a name that suggests that they sell medications for men, it is not strange to see that they do have a stunning amount of ED pills for sale. In fact, everything on the website is a pill/ alternative medication that is aimed towards the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Being the main assortment, the vendor has some good prices on its ED offerings. On Viagra, for example, the vendor has a price of $0.92 per pill listed. Other suitable options such as Levitra and Cialis were also on display, retailing for just $1.88 and $1.31 per pop respectively. From the FAQ page, it was expressly stated that all of the goods sold had been approved by the FDA for sale.

One of the things that don’t sit well with me regarding this vendor is their will to fill any order without a prescription. A customer could even order prescription pills as much as they like and not have a prescription to back it up.

Anyway, orders were processed with the use of credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diner’s Club are all issuers who found favor with this vendor. Shipping takes the form of Regular Airmail Service (takes 2-3 weeks for delivery) and EMS Courier service (takes 5 -9 days for delivery). Of course, it is expected that the latter option is more expensive than the former. Without a fixed shipping cost, the website charges every customer a variable cost according to their location.

To get in touch with the customer care agents there is the generic email form and options of calling in via toll-free numbers. To sweeten the deal, the vendor has a LiveChat support integrated, promised to be online at 24 hours on every day of the week. Testing out the live chat support button, there was an agent on hand to help me almost as immediately as I sent my message. This kind of fast support is a big plus for any business.

The customer is given a chance to cancel their order if it hasn’t exceeded 24 hours after which such orders were made. There is a refund policy in place for those that feel the medications they got doesn’t have the required effect. For this, such a client would have to make their complaint within a 30-day window, return the product and set off the refund process. Reviews

Get-Men-Meds have a testimonial page on the website. It goes without saying that there is not a single speck of bad comment to be found in there. Reviews

First on the list that I saw was left by one Stephen Smith and he lauds the vendor for working tirelessly in a bid to ‘avoid credit card fraud.’ To cap off his nice review, Smith reported that he would ‘order from them again because they are very honest.’

Another commenter, Suzan, doesn’t really speak of the service of the website. What she does talk about is the product she got from them which worked quite well for her weight loss problem. Reviews 2016

Looking for the vendor on and, I was not amazed to see that they had an entry on both platforms. Safety Information Safety Information

From the first independent analysis website, the first verdict that caught my eye was the 0% rating that the vendor has managed to earn and maintain during its (undisclosed) time on the internet. This is not to mention the fact that the website is said to be untrustworthy, and has been marked as spam. is a Rogue Pharmacy is a Rogue Pharmacy

Without further ado, goes all out to label the internet pharmacy a Rogue. This is no doubt because the business might have failed to adhere to some certain guidelines which the platform has set down for the determination of an approved or Rogue pharmacy. Coupon Codes

There is no coupon code, per se, offered by this vendor. That, however, they have made up for with some nice discounts on pills ordered. Discount Offers Discount Offers

Like is common with internet vendors, the discount is better with increasing number of pills ordered by the client. This points to a progressive savings plan on the pills offered for sale.


There is the great set of user comments (which cannot even be admitted since they are on the vendor’s website), a poor run of results from analysis websites and the fact that both location and number of year in the business are hidden. For me, there are no other criteria needed to make a judgment on this platform.

A business that hides its location is not to be trusted. Personally, I wouldn’t want to buy anything from this vendor that takes 2 out of 5 stars.