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The online store was one of the popular steroid vendors on the web, as it gained several good buyer comments during its lengthy run. It’s a good thing that the store is still accessible via web archive, so even if the store is now inaccessible, we can still evaluate the past performance of Fitness Pharma based on its salvaged information.

Fitness Pharma began operating in 2005 and claimed that it only sold drugs approved by the FDA and the World Health Organization. The main focus of the store was steroids but the shop also stocked products for various drug needs such as products for weight loss, pain relief, skin care, nicotine withdrawal, men’s health, meds for sexually transmitted diseases, and more. It is notable, though, that Fitness Pharma only sold products which may also be useful for bodybuilding as well. Although steroid sales are generally restricted online, Fitness Pharma was able to vend the products to thousands of buyers, and even without the need for prescriptions.

Fitness Pharma also had stocks for male health medications such as impotence meds and meds for androgenetic alopecia. Available meds for erectile dysfunction on Fitness Pharma are alprostadil (Caverject), generic Cialis (Tadalafil), brand Viagra, and generic Viagra products. The generic Viagra from Asia Pharma costs $60 for 20 tabs, while the generic Cialis from the store costs $45. Options for erectile dysfunction meds here are limited, primarily due to the fact that the store had its focus on the sale of steroids and not really impotence treatment.

It is easily seen that Fitness Pharma accepted various payment methods from their clients (Western Union, several credit cards, and MoneyGram), as the logos of these methods were located at the top right part of the store. Because the shop did not have its own policy page for refunds or reshipments, there was no information regarding the concern of lost orders, customs seizures, and other anomalies in shipping.

Fitness Pharma closed down in 2015, ending a decade of its service. No valuable information exists online concerning the end of this store’s service, which is usually the case of disappearing virtual drug dispensaries. Today, there is also no clue regarding the store’s return or change of domain, which may be an indication that Fitness Pharma may be closed for good. Reviews

It was surprising that Fitness Pharma e-shop was able to have reviews posted for it by buyers on forum websites like (considering the nature of the products sold byFitness Pharma). One example of the comments about the level of services of Fitness Pharma from the forum platform was this: Reviews

There were several comments for Fitness Pharma from and most of these buyer comments were all about praising Fitness Pharma for its good service. The user’s comment above (no date posted but 5 years prior to this review, to date) indicated that he had a success receiving his order from Fitness Pharma in a period of 12 days. Testimonial

Like most online stores, there were also user feedbacks posted on the Fitness Pharma site. One example of the available buyer comments for the store’s service was from Leon Rey. According to him, the service from Fitness Pharma was “the best service” he’s experienced. He commended the shop for delivering his order for a max of 5 days and not the weeks he’s anticipated. Leon also commented on how well the store responded to his inquiries. Because of these, Leon mentioned that he will definitely reorder from Fitness Pharma. Reviews 2016

The operations of Fitness Pharma stopped in 2015 so there were no buyer reviews accessible for the store beyond the said year. Buyer comments for the shop from online platforms were dated 5-6 years ago and beyond those comments, there were none else accessible. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Australia or the United States were the two assumed locations of Fitness Pharma. Since the store was offline, Scam Adviser gave the store a rating of 22/100% and also gave Fitness Pharma an unknown popularity rating as well as a high-risk advisory. It is amusing, though, that is still online despite its disappearance, and we don’t know why the store is still detected as active by Scam Adviser. Coupon Codes

Buyer coupons were accessible on the website of Fitness Pharma but they were generally for buyers with a set amount of purchases. Besides the discount offers for the clients (discount vouchers were giving an option for up to 20% off the buyers’ orders), Fitness Pharma also gave away free testosterone vials on all orders with $800 totals.


It is rare that online shops are reviewed on third party platforms; since Fitness Pharma was given good comments by some buyers, we can say that the shop was popular for a time. However, further information for the shop (more recent than 5-6 years ago) was still unavailable, so we did not get a full view of the Fitness Pharma operations. is a store with a score of 1 star out of 5.