Ezshoppillshere.com Review – No Longer Existing e-Pharmacy!

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Besides the online archive from Web.archive.org, there is really not much information to share concerning Ezshoppillshere.com and its unimpressive 1-year run. This shop started in 2015 but then closed during ’16 without any clear intent. As it can be observed from the shop’s former home page, it was capable of offering products for various concerns typically offered by online stores, although EZ Shop Pills Here was known for its main assortment of generic drugs.

Users were able to source their allergy meds, heart disease meds, cholesterol management drugs, meds for men’s health, infectious diseases and others. According to EZ Shop Pills Here data, its products had the approval from the drug regulating agency FDA; but though this is the case, the patients were not required to provide the prescriptions for these drugs, as implied by the shop’s “no doctor’s visits” policy. The store was able to sell its products to buyers with ease, providing them a no-Rx policy for hassle free service. Like most of the online shops, EZ Shop Pills Here marketed its erectile dysfunction meds more than its other items (don’t know why, but it seems that the shops love selling ED medicines) and maybe offered good deals for them. The archives for EZ Shop Pills Here had information that EZ Shop Pills Here sold its Cialis daily (generic) for a low price of $0.90, while it also sold its Viagra generic for $0.92 per pill (both prices were for bulk purchases, though).

There were no buyer comments or user reviews available for EZ Shop Pills Here so I am unable to gauge how buyers tolerated the shop’s service. Since no buyer comments exist for EZ Shop Pills Here online (probably due to the e-shop’s limited online appearance), I can’t say whether the shop functioned well or served its buyers well. On a lighter note, the shop did not have complaints of fraud or fake product receipts, which can be good. However, this lack of good or bad comments for this store may also indicate that the shop was totally unpopular since it did not get much online exposure during its existence.

Ezshoppillshere.com Reviews

Since buyer feedback was inaccessible for EZ Shop Pills Here, I am thinking that this shop is unpopular amongst clients. The short term of EZ Shop Pills Here on the web might have contributed to this apparent lack of reviews; the shop only had more or less a year online.

It’s really unclear why the store shut down. Probable reasons include the domain being seized by the authorities due to illegal operations or the website being shut down because of buyer complaints concerning the dubious activity of the store. The shop may have also lacked the funding to maintain its domain, leading to an eventual closure without warning. These, however, are mere speculations regarding the store’s disappearance.

Ezshoppillshere.com Reviews 2016

2016 feedbacks for EZ Shop Pills Here were also not present anywhere on the web. According to one blogger insight on EZ Shop Pills Here, the store had good reviews posted on its pages, but since the shop does not exist any longer, I can’t really view these buyer comments. Besides, buyer comments inherent on a website are not really credible, since these testimonials may just be fabrications to benefit the store.

Ezshoppillshere.com is in Thread List
Ezshoppillshere.com is in Thread List

A report by Scam Adviser was available even if buyer comments on third party platforms do not exist. Although the shop is currently offline, Scam Adviser still has a status report on EZ Shop Pills Here (but it’s not good). EZ Shop Pills Here was labeled as an offline store and Scamadviser.com blatantly states that it is simply not working. Albeit EZ Shop Pills Here is now non-functional, the shop was still detected with a malware reports and has link associations with “high-risk” websites and countries. China is also the identified source of the shop and was also said to be listed as a “threat” site during its brief lifetime (according to Scam Adviser).

Ezshoppillshere.com Coupon Codes

Buyer coupons are now unavailable on EZ Shop Pills Here since the e-shop is now dead. The store may have had buyer coupons before, but since there was no mention of these buyer codes on the web, I was also unable to discuss the previous deals existing for this former drugstore.


Ezshoppillshere.com is yet another store scratched off our list of online shops. There is really nothing much to discuss concerning this shop due to the lack of information available for it. The store functioned for more or less a year and disappeared without warning. Buyer comments from either good or bad side of things were not available, so I can’t tell whether EZ Shop Pills Here did great during its brief online life. I am rating EZ Shop Pills Here 1out of 5 today and won’t be promoting this store’s use because it is now inaccessible.